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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a perspective view of a conventional fourchannel balancer as viewed from above, FIG. 1B is a perspective view of it as viewed from below,
and FIG. A plan view of a four channel balancer having a plate, FIGS. 3A and 3B are plan views
showing a pattern having a specific acoustic effect used in the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a
first diagram of the four channel balancer to which the present invention is applied. FIG. 5A is a
front view showing a second embodiment of the four-channel balancer to which the present
invention is applied, and FIG. 5B is a cross-sectional view showing only one mounting portion
thereof. Further, in the reference numerals used in the drawings, reference numeral 1 denotes a
polyvinyl box, 4 is a control lever, 5a and 5b are mounting plates, 6 is a pattern box, and 6a is a
pattern opening. Fig. 1A Fig. 1B = Fig. 4A-Fig. 4B Fig. 4A-Fig. 4B-Fig. 4B-Fig. 4B-Fig. 4B Fig. 5A
Fig. 5B Fig. 5B
[Detailed description of the invention] (Su, AnQnn RinQ This invention relates to a 4-channel
balancer configured as Σ to control the balance of the volume of 4-channel by controlling it with
the control lever of the book 4 slow-speed Boriu 5) is there. Find the range that all speakers can
hear with a volume difference of 3da or less in a 4-channel stereo '2 and so on. a <, yxII 71 71.
Nii. . . ゆ、。 The snaking position is very narrow, and an effective four-channel playback tube
requires strict volume-adjustment, even for ordinary stereos on the cabinet. The simplest way is
to use F14 volumes separately, and to fendroll on a journey, but this is very difficult to use. In
order to eliminate this drawback, as shown in FIG. 1A and $ IB, 4 of the castle volume box (1)!
rlIllLlklにボリウム(2a)j′1. )()〕1−12)リ−レー)ユt、。
(2b)(2c)(2d)? Fixed and interlocked volume interlocking fittings (3a) and (3b) t *!
D attached, one control lever 141 shakes back and forth and right and left of this volume
connection bracket (3a) (3b) k there is a 4-sequence volume K to change the volume. この
4J!! The volume is not only used for volume adjustment during playback, but is also used
for mixing since it can be arbitrarily shifted to any position on the sound image of each
instrument recorded for each channel. It is At this time, as shown in FIG. 2 on the surface of the
volume box to indicate the control lever (the 1st lens position of 41, the control lever (to provide
the eye 6m (1 m) combining concentric circle and radiation centering on the fulcrum of 41 If you
use this eye IIIklk (la) f, it is characteristic (31 town effects) that sets 4-volume to a certain value.
However, special sound effects such as electronic singing, etc. For example, the volume t-1I14 of
the four speakers periodically. It is not always sufficient for a lift platform where it is desired to
make the control lever (4) Ip with a trajectory as shown in FIG. In view of the foregoing, the
present invention provides a 4-channel balancer that can operate four Boliw's 1 5 accurately and
easily in a special pattern, and i 5 & j 64 ("" "" 5)會 I, that is, the present invention is 4 of the poly
box. Each volume is fixed to the r @ surface, and the volume series Ill tool containing # is
attached to the rotation axis of the opposite volume, and IplIE!
I The control lever with * D attached automatically changes the volume to the volume laterecessing metal fittings', and changes the volume. 4) 110-Q nn-nt: a pattern member having a
sweeping opening capable of exerting a specific "Q" acoustic effect by the control lever t-turn, for
example, an opening of a pattern as shown in FIG. The pattern member is formed so as to be
removable so as to be able to learn the balance by inserting and rotating it in this opening. For
example, the pattern member It is a four-channel sensor which is formed in a box-like shape so
as to be placed lower in the abraded part and preferably edged so that the paper pattern member
can be moved vertically. If configured in this way, the predicted pattern Ka can be ktgm for
control, and treetop 'W! It is possible to take a balance t to 1 and be effective for mixing and
mixing 0 (5149-60112-06: 1: 1 * 1 **-Jl "" "°" "" on the example of the embodiment " I will
describe the drawings. 1 knee first run 1 Plt-described in conjunction with FIG. However, it is a
component part which is included in 7 drawings and which is the same as the one shown in the
volume box tl +% volume (2a) (2C), & 9 interlock interlock tab, b control lever tgl 1931 and mIB.
Therefore, the explanation 8A is omitted with the same reference numerals as those of the 陪 IA
diagram and the rule lB-. The upper surface K18tTlj (5a) (!) Of F1% ′ Borikum box (1) in this 4
channel Nerva 2 sensor. ib) is added and this mounting @ (5a) (5b) K pattern box (6) is salted 9;
This pattern box (61) is attached to the cover 11 by means of a butterfly (7M) (7b) and a bolt
(8a) (8b). 1′;]・/<p−yyyッ、ユ161ゆ5.、つ、ゆ、ッ、ユ10. Eh (1) L · · · · · ·
· · ·, 1. :, Z (6) L91, +, +49-6002-07 formed so as to fit together, and the upper surface panel is
provided with a pattern opening (6a) t-odor, and from this pattern opening (6a) the control lever
141 It is formed so busy that 'em out. The same pattern port (6a) is formed in the basic pattern
shown in FIGS. 3A and 3B. By rotating the control lever 141 along this pattern, a special sound
effect can be obtained.
In the 4-channel balancer as described above, when special sound effects are obtained by drilling,
etc., for example, when periodically changing sound Il is obtained from four speakers, it has a bin
opening as shown in FIG. The pattern box (6) is attached to the k volume box (1), and the control
lever (4) t-IgJ moves along the pattern of the pattern opening (6a) 0 like this "49-60E) 2. -08 □
"m% You can obtain very specific sound effects repeatedly and precisely ◇ t when it becomes
necessary to obtain a different sound effect tube, the pattern box (61 is drawn with different
patterns It is possible to change the volume of the 81 Ik balance and to obtain the sound effect 1
by preparing the individual channel boxes according to the present invention. Become. Next 1 of
the invention! Two implementations fIl 'will be described in conjunction with FIGS. 5A and 5B.
However, the configuration of the w410 embodiment! ! Configuration I that works the same as
the original I! The code is attached to the same code and its explanation kJA is abbreviated. In the
four-channel balancer of this embodiment, slits αII are provided in the attachment 1 (5a) (sb),
and the slit a1 of this part and the screw hole a2 of the pattern box 16 are removed. , 4Q-60rl) 119 with washer a3t- through screw a41t- screwing in the pattern box (61 attached). According
to this structure, by loosening the screw 04111, the upper and lower transfer of the pattern box
(6) can be freed and can be fixed at a desired position. Since the shift is possible like this, if the
pattern box + 61 is moved up and down, the tilt angle of the control lever (4 :) changes, and the
volume changes. However, it becomes a back ground with a balance of before changing and mratio. As described above in connection with the embodiments of the present invention, the Kf
type is more visible. For example, as shown in FIG. 5B and FIG. 5B, as shown in FIG. 5B and FIG. It
is also possible to fully adjust the pattern box (6 I / O 9 I-An Q nn fl-4 n-positions by changing
the position 11 of the mounting hole. Further, suitable locking means may be provided between
the pattern box +61 and the mounting ill (5m) (5b) so that the pattern box (6) can be moved up
and down continuously or stepwise.
Alternatively, a plurality of patterns may be combined to form one pattern. As described above,
the present invention is such that the control lever is pivoted along the pattern, so that it is
possible to work closely with a previously added balance and mixed the audio signal t of the 1
kub 4 channel. The system is extremely easy to adjust when regenerated, and the practical price
is large.