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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an ultrasonic transducer
showing an appearance structure, FIG. 2 is a side view, and FIG. It is sectional drawing of a part.
U child, n housing, 7 ··· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · bolt holes, 9, 9 / · · · · · · · · · lead wire. 2 years 1 159-
[Detailed description of the invention] This 4 @, from the shallow place in the water relatively at
the iVh, · · · · Ic used around the quality of II 鴫 4 j に on both sides of the auricle. Oh, e-Killing
Langevin @ 膏 4 咄 子 (Since FS. It is called a baby. The oscillator that is used for the past 10
years at a relative depth of 10, which is related to the improvement of the c). Water from sputum
+: 1 with no change in crushability with respect to change is desirable, and 2. Leak sound to
obtain 1 Ha acoustic sensitivity. Rumors of radiation aggravated loss (ha is over). 放 41 41 41 41
41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 -4i. , Even the king 4hA 戊 A 咄 碌 咄 碌 51. 51. Sounds irresistible,
4 lost, etc. (Because,-role □ Ta ,,,. 49-2265-0211ji-P-1 housing etc. acoustic radiation surface!
(Tell the water. + HL, the housing and the camera mover in various ways. It is held, but 1 'of the
shooting mover! There is a 1 ° suppression of 喧 S 喧, which is sufficient for external paddy
fields and pregnancy [s etc. In addition to strength, it is necessary to have a simple and compact
structure, and to have a performance of an image pickup motor. In the past, various kinds of
means for holding this kind of photographing force '6C have been used 4 @@, but it is said that
the above point is not necessarily stated. It is a holding structure of Ha-Wudzing of the
photographing movement made, and four cities of the balance between the balance and the
housing, the stiffness, the rigidity and the shape were properly applied. It is decided to use the
urethane rubber to make 4 decisions. And in the following, we will explain an example of this
invention as shown in the figure below. 0, g1 to 3 in Fig. 4, an effective plate of electrostrictive 1
quality 咀 1fIL-a child 11) and 4 groups (2), the photographing movement consisting of the gold
(1) gold resonator (3) has a pressure which is less than that of the lead wire + gl, +91. '0 child ill
is printed, and 00 of pressure 0 child (1), the wave of the arrow is emitted from the disastrous
attack ・ neck of the board made of gold N4) 12) made of gold N4. For example, "Iu 1 \ ji,-) 49-
2265" "o 311-Retan gum kh1 and kh5) 5) are molded to be 事 + j jl, and the 喝@ The holding
plate 141i5 via the holding body 151, the bolt hole 1B + 1 C 'of the above-mentioned 呆 east 14)
by the rubber squealing 91 J ung (7) by the king while squeezing the king into the housing (6)振
動 振動 扇 振動 扇 振動 扇 扇)) な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な
く な く と ど め と ど め と ど め と ど め と ど め と ど めTogether with the outside j from 7 to
king, io, to resist shock and the like.
As this shooting @ absorber · 5) · 11 natural rubber and general rubber such as synthetic rubber!
Because of the low modulus of elasticity of the rubber itself, it becomes a rubber body of one
householder, and the inside of the plastic is also compared. Low non-sticky Teflon etc. (when
used, the holding surface will be smaller but the elastic modulus is higher than rubber, so f's T '!, ·
blue plate 14) vibration transmission to the top All of them are + H, fl] F-The # loss of the dog is
great. The rubber and plastic of the rubber and the rubber, with a birch 41 birth rate, the general
rubber and the eye of Idawa & Sawa of the dust is dust, and nL + vertical surface (the strength of
dust; because in that, volume l is,]-fence can be the performance of the 憑幼Ko to hold the tanks ·
φ child. 「49−2265−04ノ。 Go □ j) 11 M 1 environmental stain and residence C
according to urethane rubber '41 stool. : 1: :) Bi-Cite-like full-stitching 1 fC-If you set 曖 良 良 良
要 要 要 → → → よ っ て よ っ て I-ヒ ヒ よ っ て よ っ て よ っ て 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案
斤 41 Since the child 's 1 ° 1, to play the role of rubber urethane rubber 2 auxiliary to the 持 = =
9, so I 禍 ハ 禍 比較 的 ら 1 比較 的 比較 的 比較 的 隈 1 1 用 振 振 振子 の 4, に 対 す る 少 少 少
少 少 少 少 少 少 h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h 圧 h h h h 得 得;・ I hear the effect
of enjoyment that those with enough IiY can easily control.