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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment in the
case where a voice apparatus according to the present invention is applied to a speaker, FIG. 1 is
a plan view, FIG. FIG. 4 is a plan view with the cover plate and the diaphragm removed, FIG. 4 is a
cross-sectional view taken along the same line 4 of the same, FIG. 5 is a plan view of the
diaphragm, and FIG. λ · · · · · · · Main body composed of the substrate 1 and the cover plate, · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · A hole made in the cover plate 5 Figure 1 Figure 3-103-48-4345
(2) Figure 5-6-48-4345 (3) Corrected model 46.7.12 Figures 1-2 Is corrected as follows.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a threat actor
11 such as a new speaker or microphone. Generally speaking, speakers are not obliged to use
water-immersed magnets, but their rough stones rely exclusively on imports, so they are very
enjoyable and produce Kl! Once there is a problem, so the reconnaissance 11 # la L i i '' 'Now big.
Apparently-P 而, low-pitched speakers generally have large apertures and large wall thickness,
and permanent magnets are also inevitably important, so there has been a drawback that price
increases are inevitable. The first object of the present invention is to eliminate the disadvantage
of the problem, to be relatively small and flat, to be able to be relatively small, to make the sound
of the bass WIJ sufficiently wide and to be faked, and to substitute permanent magnets for ferrite
magnets. High fidelity 賓 speaker 11: J11 K K あ る 1/1 / a a a a あ る あ る. Also, the other
objective% of the present invention is small! IJIK can be convicted from K to provide an audio
side that can be diverted as an i-phone. The purpose of the present invention is as follows: @ for
the purpose of the present invention of the present invention is a sliding plate for sound
conversion and no flat plate, and the flat, plate-like perturbation @ has a moving coil with flat Kll;
There is a U or a voice machine takm K which is arranged in a desired magnetic circuit and then
wired. Furthermore, the other object of the present invention is to arrange nine diaphragms in a
plane on all planes of the coil and to arrange in the horizontal direction Kn in the magnetic
circuit in the vertical direction formed by the magnets. It is to provide an audio device '9 r which
is designed to speak at whole t-m flat meat thin <me. The purpose on W and the other purposes
described below will be described below with reference to a speaker shown in all drawings of one
embodiment of the present draft. 111 is the base machine of the off-magnetism JllIl 11 formed
on a bowl, (2) is a flat circular bite magnet such as 7 elite magnet having polarity in the vertical
direction disposed at the center of 11 (3) & 骸 magnet + 2) on &! Table Ii1] KFi radial cut-out # 1
114) 會 central part 4632-17 with a set of pole pieces, and the cross-sectional area is 9 so that
the amount of notch gradually becomes large. tel is a cover plate of 1 & leg (1) and voice 1material band iIi gold jl 、, so that it can be electrodeposited on each other by the injector
structure (6) and the casing Yra formation of the speaker main body A It is ff 1 Filllls (s +
recessed portion formed in the center, separated from the brown piece (r 8 of the magnet r 8) of
the pole piece (3) and separated by a small space # gt'll) A magnetic circuit consisting of a n n
piece ζ 8) and a recess 1 [IT 71 is formed with a magnetic circuit of 1 t L · (a) 1 s Film, corn
paper, and its all-in-one materials are included in the composition, but in the illustration it is a
corgauge 1 n II (seasonal tf & striking its edge (seasonal [Jlill 111 (6) (7) -7) -C is maintained.
(IQ is the WIN vibrational body) at the center of the pole piece (3) and the concave "" 43.4632. A
moving coil coiled or printed in a spiral shape or in a planar area of substantially the same size as
the size of the recess (7). Alternatively, it is a book formed by a printing method using a
conductive printing ink. Thus, in the case of the illustrated one K, on both sides of the coil s (10a)
of the -11 ffi (8 m) of the moving coil (8) and the coil part ('10 m) of the other side surface (8 b)
Over the same period of time-I am trying to improve the magnetic efficiency according to the
principle of one-time controlled ampere-turn. In particular, 1 etching method is by tapping
processing method with conductive printing ink! A through hole ant is provided at the center of
the coil when it is formed, and can be t-connected with the coil portion (10a) (lob) on both side
surfaces. Haru Q! The both ends of the 1st coil 祷 are formed by through holes by means of
4632-u and IIR, and they are connected to the substrate (terminals 03 provided on 12 and (至))
by conducting wires. (S) is a lid (5) K 9 hole, so that it can be vibrated by the external sound
generation of the special duty song (8) so that it works in conjunction with the speaker and,
conversely, the diaphragm from the outside sound + SuK @ is reached so that it can be vibrated
as a microphone. As a result, the hole side is drilled radially from the center as shown in the
figure, and the diameter of the pole piece (3) is approximately the same as the size of the cut
groove (4) of the pole piece (3) The magnetic circuit between 31 and the recess 121 (71 can be
effectively formed. In addition, in this case, one job (9 cities out of 11) shielded from the
diaphragm (8) K is cut off from the outside, but the effect of the air damper is vr by the cut off.傳
9-1) 4632-場合 case difference with sealed cane! However, if it is desired to make the
perturbations of the peristaltic plate (8) work effectively, the communication holes may be made
to communicate with the outside air if necessary. Mark -tiCk19 is a position hole. The function
Th11 R of the present invention is based on the configuration on the eyebrow. Between the main
part of the speaker (&) with the substrate (1), W 敬 (5) and K by the magnet II, between the
magnet (2) K ホ ホ 11 ル ruby (3) and the recess (7) of 11F 'III t 61: ( Has a magnetic circuit.
Thus, since the pole piece 13) K has the groove 14; 9 flat, the flat surface 41n with the end 1111
i 41 and the inner surface of the concave portion (7) of the iiI plate 5 without the hole 04 In the
meantime, intensive and miserable magnetic circuits are constructed.
In such a teilK, if an audio current is supplied to the moving coil (G), the moving coil OQ will be
affected by the magnetism 4632-Ut * and the influence of the magnetic circuit t: 5 Therefore, the
diaphragm (8) exhibits vibrational motion according to the magnitude of the audio current, and
the sound becomes a sound and is transmitted to the outside from the hole @ (51). Since the
diaphragm (8) is flat and flat, the sound can be reproduced with a specific width i range even if it
is configured as a special Kf type! Reproduction of% <m1it region is characterized by high fidelity
N :. My father, the speaker main body A of the above-mentioned configuration can be used as a
separate t-microphone, and it can be used as a real mK. The present invention is a plate with a
plate of a thousand printing cans, such as mo binda; il kW & lamp, 皺 ^-ping coil, desired
stomach (dwelling in a breathing circuit, so the whole can be flat and flat Since it is wired in a
member-like manner by moving coils with 84632-U or + S, the magnetic characteristics are