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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a use mode of the
product of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway front view of the product of the
present invention. 1 ··· Handset. 19
[Detailed description of the invention] Ming # I 11, the name of the invention (cover for four
thousand dogs Yugyu for dogs I # I 磁 4 magnetic layer l-to No · 磐 @ 4 , City hanging, paper, etc.,
by throwing 緘 藏 4 to 70 parts in 440 parts by ordinary materials such as paper hanging t Cag
owner Jt-一 脅 成 に イ る イ な る の 送 4 ケ 用 4 for Detailed explanation of the cover 3, 4th
explanation of the explanation Conventional, ・ ・ 4 ships; ・ Ag / c 七 7- 1- use, 肖 0 (-(1 鴫 る
か か か か か か か 一 、,姑 is covered by the main cover 4 and the cover 内 九 44 No. 44 plate
is inclined by lA ・ O O O O 7 r λ 7 S s s The six items 44 used to be the conventional product
iC′′4′′1⁄4 艙 ・ 艙 醜 醜 醜 醜 易 易 易 易 易 送 (送 乃至 の 乃至 乃至 乃至 乃至 受 受 受 受
受 カ も の も の も の も のIt is. □ 1 、 以 、 114i 膚 示 膚 4 本 例 的 例 4 膚 要 (, (1) 是 本 明
的 44 成 カ バ ー 的)) 、 キ ャ ッ プ, こ の 7 こ の キ ャ ッ キ ャ ッ 1 カ, 1 以, 1i side of the
4i example of the body shown on the side of the main body 4 Materials that have a negative
impact on λ, such as cans, cans, paper, etc., have λ dissatisfaction with λ, 4 live alives 4 jlp) all
d retrofits 4: 3) Also $ 4 / c is integrally molded. (4) The H4 cover dog (1) is a fixed member
opposite to the inside of the F4 tuyere portion 9 and is shown in the four examples shown in the
drawing, rubber band I + 2! In the case of unconventional ones, the above-mentioned crucible 1
member (4) is not subjected to heat if it is not heated, and the cover cap 11) 'F4. The shoulder
and shoulder 4 to 1 stop t 8 け, mosquitoes one song 64 r ・ ・ 1 性 射 射 不 不 不 不 な い 1 説
説 説 る も の. Hair loss is the f4 city where the above-mentioned scum 4 · n 61 abscissed, cloth,
祇 40 nacreous (effect of producing 礪 · 鷹 5 integrally formed with material τ, 1 turf Compared
with the east product, 1 wax for history 1 piece 2 pieces · 4 pieces of wax is expected to be 4
pieces of one on the other hand 1 The dog is feeding L to the head of the shoulder →. Be healthy,
uninvented, 'i! + 1 0 2 0 1 to use 1J2 as a cover of 1 history. -Also, because the value of the
invention is 55.4-14 R Asahiba is covered with the entire cover cab, it has 44 effects and 4
fingers increased and 44 covers cap in advance 3 ways Because it is aJ so that it is not a hit #l, it
is beautiful 4 clothes <r'i bite ・ l! In the case of representing etc., the cover cap itself is used to
increase the amount of rental Fj1 of t livelihood, to save it as an advertising medium, and to take
advantage of it. <4A surface area 1; 2A1 1AFi 1> A.42 threshold value representing the
reworking area of the 4 rows of the reed.
··········································································································································································· 1 L, i1 '<1 ·,
2i +, J71) to 11-′ ′ 12-7 ′ destination y, IE-) \ 4'i illt' J "-441--jj-j, 513 Saku Se 14g-4 large 8
units! ÷ N ′ ′ ′ ^ 1 ★ 7 Fig. 2 Par 1 υ 10 馳 4 鷺 ^ 罵 鴫-鴫 − − − 四 衾 衾 9 久 A A 大