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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an optoelectronic
cartridge according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an exchange needle
knob used in the present optoelectronic car} IJ It is a front view from the front of a knob. In the
drawings, 1 is an optoelectronic cartridge main body, 2 is an exchange needle knob, 4 is a
cantilever 5, a shirter, and 9 is a mask. 1 1 1 47-81 (2) Fig. 6
[Detailed description of the invention] Home & is concerned with the photoelectric cartridge in
the Bikara 7 for playing reproduction of the desk record Kt · rs @ h method in the above pick-up,
recently 赦 Bic 7 Tatsu me The shutter is placed on the cantilever so that it is located in the
middle M of a light-emitting device such as a lens, such as a cape-me-lang, a thick-tome, a
medium photo, a transistor #, etc., and the amount of light The location of the electrical injury Klan optoelectronic cartridge or a wl is inserted. In the case of stereo, in the case of stereo, the auto
ridges are rounded to reproduce the left and right plasters, and they are independent and each
has a good light receiving element, but if the amount of light received by the 6 g receiver is
uniformed Since 1 kvS, the regulation of the light position of the rung around the light source is 1. Before, there is an important point I1m in the movement of the party dispersed in the lightreceiving element, so there is a mass corresponding to the shirt. By setting the evening, the party
dispersed in the light receiving element 1 is changed to the prefecture 1 and the wl 當 壽 of the
record 忠 実 is faithfully changed to the party E, this is electrically converted, 9 air days,
frequency physical properties and Educate the student. 1 /) Stabilize once. 1B, 'Is- as mentioned
above umbrella ll rice photoelectric cartridge K Kame also, the sound of the record 擲 # 1 − −
巾 巾 巾 党 党 党 党 変 換 丸 め 丸 め 丸 め 鉱 軟, 豐 豐 パ ー soft ILILsIl Yatu and T party
elements are properly positioned, and the umbrellas & f umbrellas are over V%, so that the * 1
needle * is a harmful bird wl-a bird-a j-a j l on a ri station In order to eliminate the drawbacks of
the conventional photoelectronic car> V-Tussi, let the shutter tIltj large cantilever be a knob Kk *
L via a damper, and a mask corresponding to a shutter be a '5 knob Kk I will be at one. IIII: A
shutter is a good place-a photocoupe of an electronic cover □ which is made up of several
companies together with a master as well as a conversion needle. The following: Photoelectric
carts by home S, both homes. Place the cartridge, and the cartridge with the cartridge 111. * WS
needle knob 2 to be attached to the eyebrow body l and the eyebrow body 1 1- for being
threatened, on f! As you can see in the replacement needle knob gas bulk-as well as the needle 3
attached to the tip of the center of the 9 ★ vz <-6-impervious substantially perpendicular to the
center-- Wear the KM, and secure the first m / of the chisel / chirepa + 415 via the exchange
needle knob IIKf through (Illl not shown). Opposite to the tip of the hook exchange needle knob
1, 駿 is a Jigong Gang tatami mat, a ', the chevron of the above-mentioned shirt # b, 如' Master
1118 and master m m 3 m at S stop 91 10 10 ′ ′.
The price on the father's-needle knob 2 was fixed on the father's needle 9, so that the noodle
bowl of the shirt a 6 as in the case of FIG. 1-1-width slit by 1 and 1 @ 1 lill 11 of the mask 9.
Torture IsI. Above the slit) 1s +, 1 $ 1 inward mKu & l! Receptive light reception 1s, 13 fish,
deceived m slit l 黛. The outer side 11 Ka of 111 ′ ′, 1 stump lamp 14 is recorded as central
11 Cjllll so as to be symmetrical to slit 1 company 13. 1 boat-W, crane 1i! ! This is a single city
where the needle knob 8 is combined with the main body 1 in 1I. Since it is K11llk's and ゝ 'trA's
like the main party turtle-child Kartrizno Hanbok, it is considered ms in the Liaoning party
electronic cartridge i *, the father's pleasure of the needle can be made into the offending bird 1
to 15 In addition to the one-party element ... one-seventh-seventh turtle pressure is large Ktll ss
ss ss ss 巾 受 光 受 光 受 光 受 光 受 光 受 光 で き る で き る で き る で き る で き る で き る
で き る で き る で き る で き る ms ms ms The purpose is fixed. 4- Simple Easy tkll L @ 4 Open
Practical Use Showa 47. 51 CIJ 1111 ai + F1 Home 11 with a perspective view of an
optoelectronic cartridge -1 纂 8- # i Replacement needle knob used for this party electronic
cartridge -1 Turtle S- ax 8- One-to-one positive and negative one-to-one adjustment. In the abovementioned ceramic, 1 is a party electronic cartridge main body, 5615 e needle-knob knob, 4 is a
punch line 4-, 6 # i shirt 19 is a mass I. Person-person lP 1 clerk photo, f pa °) 18 (T 1 :! 6a。
A、。、bり ヤ/II4. '0', ''-'. 2 1 1 f 2 4 Applicants Serg 1 ^ 1 "-+ w----, jLtl-jt-□ j da 171
/ ', '11' / 2 y '' l 12 12 \ 12. Two claws '\ 81.7' ^ gu '') 74 '7' three flash