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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of a conventional bimetal
type sensing alarm, FIG. 2 is a principle structural diagram of a piezoelectric speaker used in the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram of an alarm according to the present invention
Indicates E adhesive E bell, B ...... bimetal, R ...... relay, El, E2 ...... power supply. E−167−
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 published practical Showa 47 8 n '3 1 1 1 1 io 4 heat
feeling · · 2, shell for new tatami-claim category-casting and bonding piezoelectric element and
metal plate It has nine complex buildings. O ■ Yes O # 1 point stomach remains-S movement 1
to make a single body, and the pressure-sensitive alarm device consisting of the bandage
electrically connected in series Kll to heat sensation such as bimetal . Tortoise mess 一-one
consideration is the number 40 concerning heat sensation 伽 醤 equipment O 良 good. In
general, the bimetal-type feeling instrument is configured as the first cabinet O, and the
temperature is higher than the temperature of the upper side and the temperature is higher than
the temperature of the lower gate kcI11- # 1. -Work, make a power source (12) 閤 鴫 鴫 鴫 練 練
練 鳴 鳴 鳴 ベ ル 場 (舎 O (1 ((Z, as I I 瞥 70 ˜ 100 11 AO large current flows * ':) without using a
work relay (in the case where a bimetal cage is inserted in series in the m * route, there is a risk
of damage to the 70 to 100 M split metal self # 10 companion bimetal, rounding, paring (1 ) "=
Melk? *すItT4! フKmソ1いる。 The contact attached to this bell also turns on a large
current. 01 ν 丸 め round fm wear m-is small, because it is added to the bed 9 Daley etc,
experience is also a hot summer <1 &-there is a lot of = single crystal dot = = strike height and so
there is a drawback. The weight of the car is considered to solve the above-mentioned
disadvantages. 61 Piezoelectric O Because it is a turtle that separates layers of elastic motion. In
the case of a double-layered piezoelectric element (1) and a metal plate (2) aII-bonded layer, a
horizontal body and an electric-body united together are electrically connected, and this is
continuously connected to a chain by a caus If the same wave number is tuned to 1 es es es * e
鍋 近 近 金属 金属, the metal plate will have a point-m-Kit Kit-like footwear-one-umbrella and st
m st # m 、 Piezoelectric type-An island, an island, an island, an island. The book is on w! O- selftesting type-會 歇 kKX that surpasses the body 會 歇 kKX-existing O 鴎 feeling 11-(showing in 1-) the defect of the scrutiny. 伽 鵡 伽 鵡 · (A image Ik) false and piezoelectric work. In order to
obtain (2), only 7 to 8 ohm O current flows in the first pass in the 9th round, this bounces the
piezoelectric composite for fishing on the spot! & Oscillating rounding, energy conversion of
electricity and blue as high efficiency O "t" l! It is considered to be rounding. Therefore, there is
no problem even if the heat and pressure are inserted in series into the piezoelectric composite.
According to book 11, l! Use east 0VV-etc., And it is possible to reduce the epi-crystal point Ill
with scorching O, and to make the cyst body move down to the device, because piezoelectric O
elastic 5ine is used, wear S min ise <, plaster O 膏Meeting-Long etc. O 番 point turns.
4- 10 Simple 1 @ @ 1st-The conventional bimetal type feeling-1-------, 112-Vehicle volume Kl!
Piezoelectric type to be layered-晋 g # O prime 鳳 Sa ·, and the S garden show this route 1 of the
report 111. (1) ... Piezoelectric insulator, (2) ... Metal plate, (2) ...-Coating layer%-...-Pan ■ dairy,-)... ψ-ド, (1 ) Axis · · · 4--· · Bimetal, both · · · ·-(ml) (k) ・ · · · 標. (4) 呻---愕, 曽 51, リ. 2 old 6---t; !
4'4 3rd. -Psalms! Bu-ku pε '-171 · sa II 31