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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing that a
microphone of the present invention is displaced by inertia of a weight to generate a
piezoelectric body. I 65-
Detailed description of the invention: 慣性--------------------------------------------------------- In the field to
indicate that the value of the charcoal is poor [in the case of a column indicating that it is to go to
the body kuraoni 1 黍 考 案 考 案 考 案 讃 @ 考 案 考 案 慣性 変 位 秦 秦 緩 緩 及 ぼ し 111 111
111 J J J J J , Relax the piezoelectric body, 此 O piezoelectric body. The power is generated by
distorting using heavyness O inertia, and if it is explained in detail based on the example
implementation 11 below, the sound is attached to the sound and / or the bis-, the nut 3, And 7
□ 11 connected with% $ A / -j, j '□□ 2 □, 1 電 体 6, and with the heart of charging 11.7 ′ on
both sides 11, 47 ′. Use the relaxation of the appliance directly, while the electric f! The hook is
a 4 g standard with the proper mass, and is to be used as a sex, both figures show a Riet 0 纏, 10
紘 plug. That is, in the generator K1 having a structure to generate electric power using the
displacement between elements or elements, the displacement of the two one-way electrodes 10
necessary for the displacement utilizes the vibration of the electric appliance, while the
displacement of the electricity f17 is 1 轟In this structure, the piezoelectric body 6 can not
always apply a force to the piezoelectric body 6 so that the piezoelectric body 6 can be held at a
constant rate and used for a long time.得 る ・ 貞 貞 書 求 求 求 求 es es es es 発 電 発 電 発 電 夏
夏 発 電 発 電 gem gem gem gem gem gem 変 位 変 位 変 位 変 位 畳 畳 畳. And snow power O in
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