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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram showing the state of each
amplification system of a 4-channel amplifier, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing a pseudo 4channel circuit according to the present invention. 18 · · · · · · · signal transformation device, 20 · ·
· · · · · input terminal, 21 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · signal transformation device ······ Output terminal, 42 ······· Output terminal. -1
One actual opening 475601 (2), ffZm-2 one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a pseudo 4 (1) in 4channel amplifier is normally equipped with a single amplification system for rounding of a 4channel sound source independently in a 4-channel amplifier. It arranges four speakers on the
left and right and back left and right to generate a three-dimensional sound, but in the case of 4channel amplification like e, in the case of a 2-channel sound source, the left and right Only the
speakers are separated and there is no cane coming out, and there is no 4-channel true sense of
presence from stunned jin and niece. On the other hand, there are overwhelmingly many records,
tapes, etc. for 2 channels at present as Nakundo source, and those for # 4 channel increase. As a
matter of fact, even those for% 2 channels also coexist in large quantities, and even if they are for
umbrella p and amplifier (4 channels), the original function can not be fully exhibited. Therefore,
for the purpose of extracting some of the functions of the four-channel amplifier, it is conceivable
to use it as a pseudo four-channel. That is, the 2-channel sound source Honjo-oki signal is given
to the front left and right speakers to operate normally, and no signal such as 4 is given to the
rear left and right speakers. The signal at the left and right is output at the same time as that of
the other speaker at the rear, and this signal and the signal 1aO7j phase 1 is supplied to the
other speaker II! A similar 4 channel system has been adopted, and in order to obtain such an
effect, the conventional l14m4 channel-consulting technique is based on its guidance using
Tokunnu. Among the 4 being used, the bridge circuit is constructed and the signal arrangement
(31 is taken out, so there is something that is not so good-the expansion impedance of the former
one is low and the increase is sl- There are 4 of Toll, 11 of the Jh 4 which have the drawbacks of
the complex that the path construction is complicated and the adjustment is decoupled. In
addition,% of the conventional quasi 4-channel system F 1%, the signal given to the left and right
speakers is the difference between the front left and right)), right and left)) $ phased and the
front left acid content of the hoar Right handedness is not given to the left and right rear
speakers, its rounding, from one life that is a pseudo 4 channel system to the last, depending on
the birdhouse may be heard from the outrageous of synthetic sound from the outrageous . The
left and right speakers are given to the left and right speakers, leaving some good signal
components) and given to the left and right rears corresponding to them + 4) Car to adjust the
plaster to its directionality Because it is required to be done by 0 in order to get the 11 sense of
nature 11-11 ItLh.
The purpose of this device is to make it possible to obtain a pseudo-four channel all with an
impedance matching with a simple structure and a simple way configuration as well as a natural
presence: each of the ninety-four guns independently In four-channel amplification with an
amplification system, any two systems of amplification systems t * are used as the input field of
two tubes, and the guns of two transistors are used. And the resistance value of each of the two
separate input signals via #kIIt, and the difference between them is determined by leaving the
components of the group of input signals of the two systems, and (5) these are respectively
determined by the above It was given to the amplification system of two lines of two lines and
different lines of work, so as to procure each second line gun at each increase in the line @ line of
S line and to perform amplification of large signals respectively). Than is. One example of this
invention based on both! I hesitate. Jhs preamps @-()) each having input terminals 11) 1m) (3)
(4), is operated by a gun (it is a main gun (9) 饅 1 port 1) and jI thread system independent A
round amplification system is configured, and the preamplifier (5), the main amplifier (11), the
front left speaker, the preamplifier (6), the main amplifier wheel, and the wax front right speaker
-4, 1 # pump (7) and May amp 11 are rear left shoulder speakers-. In the case of the right
amplifier and the main amplifier, the right side for the right-handed sobi ★-one united with it,
the input terminal (1) (d) (from When the If is given, each amplification system amplifies the No.
1 of E and operates the speaker 11. 1 a a は is a changeover switch, and while connecting this
changeover switch are # i the preamp (7) and the main ang scoop, the @ precast is divided into
nine layers and the ** (5) and the signal transformation device 1- are connected to each other, so
that 11 hot water is also the same 1 kll ll switch interlocked with the switching switch sacrifice
η, and this switching switch electric field is the preamplifier (8- In addition to being connected
to the main amplifier 較 and switched, it is configured to bellow the connection to its own and
connect the 19 amp (to connect the と and the No. 1 鋏 鐘 壽 鐘 鐘 鐘) There is. And the predelivery strange change 鋏 鱒 そ れ そ れ そ れ そ れ ** ** メ イ ン メ イ ン メ イ ン said main
amplifier 龜. Therefore, next to the configuration of the signal transformer, l mal l B! The light
switch has nine input terminals connected to the light switch and nine input terminals n
connected to the light switch, and these input terminals are connected to each other via the @@
condenners (2) and (2). And the base of the transistor o4 is connected.
These paces company resistance I8 (goods) are connected to the power supply terminal (d) and%
t is connected through resistance @ (d). The collector resistance% (am) of each transistor (g) is
connected to the power supply terminal (−) via the light source resistance (a), and the emitter is
connected to a power supply terminal (am) to be connected to the emitter. 9. The collector of the
transistor and the emitter of the transistor (c) are aggravated through JIIIlts of different
resistance values, and these resistances (d) are (2) An output terminal connected to the main
amplifier 11 is connected via the. Furthermore, the resistance of the transistor 18) and the
collector of the transistor are respectively ** via resistances of different resistance values, and
the capacitor I is interposed between the solder piles rs- The output terminal-is closely read by
the main ang I. In this case, the resistance (-) and the Fi resistance value are equal, and both the
resistance (-) and the resistance value are strong, and the resistance (-) of the resistance (-) is the
resistance (-) It is set to be bigger than that. In such a configuration, if the Pound North is for 4
channels, a signal is given to each of the input terminals (1) 12 41, and the preamplifier i 57 (67
(78 (8 8 main amplifiers (9) special terminals) Each speaker 0304U41 @ operates independently,
and the synthetic sound by these 1; is different to the listener and greatly enhances the threedimensional presence. However, even if the source is a two-channel (9) input power terminal (1)
and (2), the signal is applied to the input terminal of the signal converter. That is, the signal of
the front left preamplifier (5) is applied to the input terminal (d), the signal of the front spring
preamplifier (6) is applied to λ ladder, and thus each pace of the transistor and (d) When the λ
power is given, the signal of 皺 廖 to be added to the speaker IJs for the front left does not come
out on the same ivy side of the transistor (2) at the same time as 椙, コ レ ク タ by 180 コ レ ク
タ to the collector, I cause The signal to be added to the right-handed layer Sbi crab axis, t * @, is
in phase t 11 in the transistor of the transistor (d), and is generated at 1 · OSS in the 5
channel. If the signal given to this pigeon house, the entrance terminal-(2) is received at 1112-〈
<岡 て 七 七 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 癒 紙 紙 紙 紙 紙It's that)% / J- =
comfortable C and C2 Panonose 雪 凧 対 応 (due to their resistance value to live in, let alt left for
the alt work.
At the output terminal (t) side, the signal component of the input terminal a9 is emitted
corresponding to the value of the resistance (d), and the rear right speaker a @ is operated. Even
when different signals are given to the pre-input terminal ash, the signal generated at the output
terminal @-is affected by the right acid component and the left II component. As a further
extreme case, when the signal is given only to the input terminal (2), the output terminal (III- has
a different phase, and seven strong i5 also cause JIL remarks). In this way, the left and right
signal components are respectively emphasized, and the difference between them is output as an
output-Jl, the amplification system of the II system ;; Especially, the left side-the right side divided
into rhyme-hen vh only 為 舎 # 晋 自 l l l 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単
に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に 単 に* If s * Ia also put out the plaster separately-as well as う-% A
ζ; a series of right and left in order to be in a good state-1h with what can be further enhanced
presence to IIIA1. In this way, Nakundo source is wrapped around two channels 4 and the winter
speakers (111 wheels are given remarks, respectively, and the sound from the four M's gives rise
to a sense of presence. As a result, the sound source for 2 channels is also used by the sound
source for 2 channels, and good and self-like and IIl-like situation and 1k), synthetic sound is
heard from the company behind I speak like that. Depending on the implementation, the
adjustment of output power will be performed by changing the constant of the path) or the
adjustment of the output power will be carried out to a very large extent. 1w replacement switch
叡 匍 譬 匍 譬 匍 譬 壱 壱 壱 壱 壱 用 用 可能 可能 可能 可能 可能 可能. In this case, as described
above, if the source is a two-channel slak for the two channels of the nakundo source, the signal
of the two-system gun among the four amplification systems is given to the base-path of two
transistors. If the input impedance is high enough for practical use ■ suitable for stepping, take
the difference between the signals of the two systems) and emphasize the distribution of the
numbers of the respective systems, and give them these 'voids' (9) by adding two separate
amplification systems), the nine separate signals are increased by the increase in the second
amplification system, and the same natural as when using a four-channel nakundo source. Sound
effects close to a ■ II j-is a system {circle over (4)} indicating the state of each amplification
system of 4-channel amplification-, and # 2 is an enclosure {circle over (4)} showing a pseudo 4channel circuit according to the present invention.
1 $ · · Monk Responsible Device, 20 · · · Input terminal, 21 · · · Input terminal, 24 · 曽 transistor,
25 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 42 · e output terminal @ 1 mA February 4 On the 12th inventor inventor
Shun Tang Applicant t ipanatto est Co., Ltd. 株 式 stock company r · 瑠 相 L-Jlq "6n ,,, 4σ! Ship
1915 Second country eight people-? 7 or 1 ′ ′ to cP, IQ to r−51. 2? ˜-1