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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external oblique view of the device of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view of the device of the present invention showing in
cross section only the enclosure and the insulating plate backed to the inner bottom thereof. The
figure is an exploded oblique view of the parts that make up the above apparatus. DESCRIPTION
OF SYMBOLS 1 ..., Through meshing gear, 6 ... One operation axis ¦ shaft, 8a and 8b ..... Rack, 10a
and 10b ..... Brush. Fig. 1-Fig. 2-97-15, 忙 5 busy = :::: ゴ 井 j 3 j 1, 1 s' 5. 1 table
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the output 111I of the balancing circuit-balancing of the resistor r. If you go to record
phonograph record uncle recorded the sound and the like in a stereo system on the tape
recorder's magnetic element, etc. in the stereo system and adjust the balance 1 path of
reproduction dye Hy which is dyed to electrically increase St and reproduce this It is well known
in the art that it is well known to adjust the balance of reproduced sound from both sound
sources and adjust it, and also with knobs to simplify the operation of performing two types of
volume control. Adjust and balance the playback sound from the left and right sound source by
manually turning one operation handle manually, I! In addition, when the handle is moved in
parallel in parallel, the combined sound volume can be divided by K so that K can be proposed
vertically. The device according to the invention of the 45-year utility model registration
application No. 75357 filed by the present applicant earlier is one example. However, since this
type of device is incorporated in a narrow place as a part of an amplification combination device
in, for example, a gramophone or a prerecorder, as in the case of the tiger mentioned above 41,
the volume control device itself is also configured In order to meet the above-mentioned cost, it is
necessary to assemble the device into the fovea as much as possible, and in response to the
above-mentioned demand, the use of the operability) Waga I% 1 convex 焚 y τ 焚 WL-J 1 r r III [
It has been improved to one bone. Above, we will clarify the composition and cost of the cost of
the proposal with regard to the illustrated implementation 弓 bow. The strip shown at the bottom
of Figure 1'3? The upper surface of the edge substrate 1 is a metal wire 2 with good conductivity
in the longitudinal direction. L, a resistive strip 2, a good conducting metal strip 3a, and a
resistive strip 3 are attached in parallel. これらはプリントされていても9い。 The electric
resistance dense layers in each unit length of the stripe members 2 and 3 are equal to each other.
The two ends of each of these four strips are drawn out to the back of the curtain plate 1 in
consideration of the convenience of wiring, and the soldering is used for the chip for the purpose.
1) indicated at the L position of the above-mentioned group III is a flat substantially H-shaped
insulating member supporting member equal to the inner rectangle of the outer box 15
described later (see FIG. 122), in the center of the middle shelf. An operating shaft 6 having a
gear fixed on its base is supported rotatably. Father, in the middle of the E record shelf, a long
square (8) facing kc front &: One set of slot 7: +, 7b straddling the tooth umbrella 5 are arranged
side by side. II (t, commonly used in the above -15, respectively), staying in the gushing of the
middle shelf: each pair of racks 8h, 8h is 2 ° · h. These racks are arranged in pairs 1), 5), 1) in
pairs (1 1 II '), 1 pair of 1's & 1's, 1', 1 ', 1', 1 ', 1', 1 ', 1', 1 ', 1', and 1 ' It is connected to the body
by 'WJ @ C' (not shown) which loosely contributes 7 ?, respectively.
11) 8 racks 8a, 9th boards and racks 81 and v 9b are respectively [in one thing, as one thing,
when 8 moves 5 moves 101 moves, it moves horizontally to the opposite time] Do. 1) ZA piboard 9a1gb or 1.1 for each direction, instead of its full length, a lead-compatible metal sheet
10F! , 10b are attached respectively, 1d; brush pieces xoa ′ cut and raised from a thin metal
plate 10 m and other bullets cut and raised from the same metal base plate 10 a on the substrate
1) second metal layer 2 K The + 11-1 piece 10 / is f + 11 to the resistor strip 2 of the printed
circuit board, and similarly an illusion occurs from the other 4F-thin plate 10b (4t public utility
Showa 47 ′ ′ 2445). Elastic phase fIj] O "1. T # nN, substrate), C / J metal strip 5 red. The
father, Kim IIA / 'h soft 10b or r, and a single di l ヂ i H fi 10 bit of the raised and raised pond are
in contact with the other resistance 体 body 3 of the + lne Al core. The 1-plane & 771 ··· of the Hshaped part 4 to the insulating m-root 11 with an axial hole drilled in the center, and the fourth
machine 1 · 2 and 8-shaped? Edge de 1 押 13 is! In the second market, the insulating plate 14 is
attached to the inner side of the f-in-the box [1. From the same box, the i% of the box is
protrusively installed on the rim of the box 9A = 15 l, JlL: 1 board · · ν, cut 1a provided on the
rim One set is completed by being folded. A slot is bored in the winding direction of the
recording box 15 and the voice machine 14 so that the projection of the operation teI 6 and the
co-axial line hrl 4 & the movement K (do not bring obstacles) 6 1st row; the device of the
present invention shown has a structure of to , so now, the substrate 10 [the contestants 2
and 3 like the stecy 4M sound reproduction 8]. The valley P: is filled with the (5) antibody, and
when the angular axis 6 is set to 6.1 °, the racks 8q and 8b together with 1f10-L ′ and 10 selfrestraints 1 142.3摺 + + + + + 會 反 対 反 対 反 対 反 対 反 対! Therefore, Toru: # 1 right back-He
can control the endogenous volume from the source to an arbitrary ratio, and the above
operating shaft 6 can be controlled without using it. If the longitudinal direction e is stored and
moved tl, it is also possible to starve the entire combined sound axis by 6 or more to keep the
endogenous volume from left and right * h- at an arbitrary ratio according to the method of r. In
this way, the operation control of the above 2 sets of 7 above by one operation @ + V) was first
mentioned in 7 points. It is similar to that of the proposal, but in the proposal, there are l pairs of
sliding racks that mesh commonly with the teeth of the operating shaft H?
A brush that is kllk-shaped and f4 moves 1 substantially integrally with the rack is provided on
the substrate of the Ill '/ box in parallel with the rack (6). )so,! 記 6− e 6 容積 volume! F> lh, 伶-/
I +, +74 even thin type] can be used, and as mentioned at first glance, if ・ j, 蓄-ノ-装 父 青 父 父:
テ ー プ i tape recorder QI 'It is a light tlF demand that the output frequency stele incorporated in
the fj 装 装 方式 方式 方式 方式 与 方式 与 与 F F F F F −1 −1 −1 −1 j- It is convenient.
Furthermore, for convenience of explanation, with regard to the construction <yellow of the
proposal jk yellow, with regard to the assembly position of the parts O, the top F father used a
word to force it according to the figure 3 but the assembly was completed] · 1 The product is
mounted on the other nine frames of iron frame sideways to take this and it is a shame that Na
′ ′ ′ c. ある。