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The present invention relates to an ultrasonic probe used for an ultra- "wave, 5yfT device, an
ultrasonic probe, an underwater sonar, etc., and in particular, an ultrasonic probe used as a
pressure-sensitive scissors molecular film vibrator. The conventional 0 above-mentioned
ultrasonic probe related to the probe will be described with reference to FIG. 1. (1) is a vibrator,
which is made of a pressure-sensitive upper molecular film, and 1 愼 (2) (3) Provided fL, back
load material (4) is fixed on Vc. Polymer film #i brake 1) both ends CI &) is extended to a part of
the back surface of the member (4λ, and the electrode (2) (3J is also extended at the same time)
The extension part (2a) (31L) of the flat sheet 4 & (8a) and base film (6b) where copper foil wL
pole (7a) (70) is provided on base film (6a) of polyimide temple In the case of a flat printed
circuit board (8b) provided with copper ships (100b) (7b), fR pillows n, or when there is no fL on
these flat printed plates, or with a small stress There are 15 unforeseen. In this way [, in the
conventional super-wipe fatigue probe (d, the bondability of the attachment of the dino It was
considered that it was a difficult and long-lasting project with Kki togetherness and public
security. Inventive invention か か る @ 法 部 盆 盆 盆 容易 確 実 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接
続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続 接 続? The purpose is to provide a supersonic wave
probe that can be performed. In the present invention r ま σ 7) 1 fixed on a vibrator Jt
negative face material consisting of a piezoelectric polymer film provided with a material on both
sides, F] rlaC cylindrical molecular film at least on the back surface 11j material While spreading
to the side, 1. The V-shaped part of this structured film V-shaped part 11 (6 to 1 lead metal is
provided continuously, and the external connection terminal is connected to the end of the C glue
rod, and it is continuous with the red piece An external connection terminal is connected to the
'wt et al. Via a lead electrode 7 to provide an ultra-high probe. Referring to FIG. 2 to FIG. 4, one
working sequence of the present invention will be described. Qυ is an oscillator of a pressureresistant 會 and sieving molecular film which strikes on both sides of the polymer film 丞 phase!
IL screaming U mark is formed by steaming. Confessions are placed in the bloodstream of the
area to be used as a support for the back of the polymer film, and the electrode (181 is 0.05 to 0.
5 on the surface of the molecular film). In addition, a large number of tLIs are provided in
parallel, separated by IWI, and other widths of rJl and others ri0.2-2. (J 71 111 is about そ し て
and 1 individual zone 醜 σ mark and the surface of the scream [did not hold.
One molecule film is tfut as one vibrator, @ @ mover (b) is composed of four small movers with a
large number of small movers in one row VCi) OCIla) rim 9 JJ from the movement (b), a longer
molecular film. 11111Vc on the display side is a series of electric leads & 1 billion (one birth)
from the electric value (1 to 1 continuous read-1 (one core) it is provided, the surface from valley
to pole 3) It is provided. A hole (121) is provided at the tip of the lead 'turtle (12a), and a tip rC 9
is provided (13') at the tip of the lead (13a). In this manner, the polariser συ of the molecular
film of IN formed f is divided by Sheng Ming and Arsen and the partial pressure is applied to it
and divided by Ir '. Produces That is, since the rod (I21 and the range are opposed to each other,
the polymer film sandwiched between the other's and the other is polarized and the piezoelectric
film can be made into a peristaltic cage having a piezoelectric shape. On the other hand, in the
extension (11a) of the molecular film, the lead electrode (12a) and the lead electrode (13a) do
not face each other, so that there is no public damage and no piezoelectric scum occurs. The
probe has the above-mentioned extension part (11, a vibrator unit having the whole unit
integrally, as shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4), the part of the vibration prediction is on the upper
surface on the back surface negative 1β material Q3. , Ll (the extension C1l & on the 11th
surface) are fixed and configured. or. Lead (100) (1) (1) hole (12b) (13b) [) i, 4'-B (15 'X 151)) K
provided outside the end of the extension (ll &). After inserting the connection terminals (19a)
and (19k) and fixing the end of the extension portion (116) to the terminal block (1) (151) 7, the
lead? 4 Connect the other (1>) (13a) and this external connection terminal (19aX19b) with a
wicking adhesive (a) L) (a) b). In this case, the external connection terminal (1ζ) is embedded in
the terminal block (1 or 2) and the external connection terminal (19b) in the terminal block (19).
The conductive skin contact agent (C) connecting the lead turtle, Tomi (12 &) and the external S
connection terminal (19 L) is filled in the hole 57 of the terminal block (15 b). リードW! The
conductive X layer agent (201) connecting the L line (13a) and the external connection terminal
(191) is filled in the hole (16) of the terminal block (1). Note that (g) is an fqI lens made of
silicone rubber or the like provided on the front surface of the vibrator, and when an ultrasonic
wave emitted from the vibrator 収束 is converged, it is a FC, a vibration vibrator stock protector.
According to the above configuration, as in the prior art, the S-vibrator (6) does not contact the
vibrator (the weir or its extension (1a) with the 7-lat printed circuit board (8a) (81)) with a
narrow surface. Can be directly connected to the external connection terminal (19a) U9b), and at
this time, the tip end of the trace length portion Cl1a) is pinched from both sides by the terminal
e (15a) (151))-1 '. Upper terminal block (15a × 15 kl) CD hole α6) can be performed by filling
conductive filler in a weir.
Further, since it is firmly embedded in the external connection terminal (19L) (菖 91) ri terminal
block (15a) (151), the connection between the extension part Cl1a) and the external connection
terminal (191) (19b) It is easy to remember, including the connection reliability, yet it has
sufficient mechanical strength to break against external stress. Next, another embodiment will be
described with reference to FIGS. 5 and 6. In this case, the lead electrode (12aX1) is provided on
the tip of the extended portion (lla) of the polymer film (11). . Then, in the terminal block (R) J,
which is built seven times on the 11411 surface of the Rtat load material, a convex portion
□□□ is provided corresponding to the leading end of the valley −-祇 (12 &) (13a) . The
external connection terminal (19aX19t) has its chain portion embedded in the terminal block (B)
at a station whose arrow in the four-parts-no. Incidentally, the six tip portions pl divided by the
grooves (4) of the molecular film extension (11a) for each of the leads 4 葛 (12 &) (13a) are
inserted into the respective depressions 6 and filled in the depressions δ The external
connection terminals (1 or 2) (19b) and the tortoises (12a) (13a) are connected by a conductive
conductive layer b). This arrow is easier to construct than the embodiment of FIG. 2 to FIG. 4, and
the reliability of connection is also distant. In addition, the true sense evening of the above is n!
Also in the case of I, a solder having a relatively low melting point or a cream solder may be used
in place of the conductive and pouring agent. Also, lILm 4 and t ′ ′ may be t′L′ft surface,
and either n may be a layer surface and the back load material Gl ˜ may be defined. Furthermore,
as described above, it is possible to use not only a forest probe consisting of a large number of
transducer groups' k m-an ultrasonic probe but also a single transducer having a single
polarization M on one side. The present invention is also applicable to an ultrasonic probe
configured. For example, it may be fixed in circulation to a case for storing an ultrasonic probe
11, for example, without being fixed to a bamboo material. The ultrasound probe according to
the present invention is nod, as is apparent from the above description, the effect of constituting
the vibrator is that the molecular film is fully extended to this extension part! Since the lead 1
and other f connected to the IIE pole is provided and the end of this lead electrode is directly
connected to the external connection terminal 1c, the connection work between both is easy and
the reliability of the connection is 閤 <, against external stress It is ◎ 破 壊 破 壊 破 壊 破 壊 破 壊
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows a conventional example of FffrrIiJ, FIG. 2 to FIG. 4 show an embodiment of the
invention X, FIG. 2 shows f + view of a piezoelectric polymer film, and FIGS. 3 is a cross-sectional
view taken along the line A-A in FIG. 2 and FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line B-B in FIG. 5 and 6 show another embodiment Il of the present invention, FIG. 5 is a perspective
view of an compressible-splitter film, and FIG. 6 is a perspective view of an ultrasonic probe.
(6) is a piezoelectric polymer film vibrator, C11a) is a spread part, tLIJU81HK pole, (12aX13a) u
lead Km, (121) (1♂) is a hole, a back load material, 1 or X 15 b) terminal block. (19aX19 kl) is an
external connection terminal) (Deposited b) is a conductive adhesive, (4) is a cut-off, a) terminal
block, @II is a four-part 0-7 figure 2 Figure 5