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(2000 yen) Patent application (1, name of the invention 3 patent applicant) · 1 Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city Ogata Kamon 100 name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Osha Kamon 1006 [phase Japanese Patent Office 0 JP-A-51-9720,
published in Japan. (1976) 1.7 * Patent Application No.-/ '/// 2. 49-07110' Akira Akira # 1, the
title of the invention 1, the title of the invention Electret life evaluation method is made 1ily 8 at
each @ pole蓄積 Accumulate BX direction in the condenser for January, and then increase the
water temperature around the earth 1 electret-Hi U? Elm, lower the resistance value of the gullet
On the 11th & 11th load of 'on the capacitor! ! e Measure the voltage across the capacitor C of
1'1 that leaks through the electret? Electret life evaluation method that evaluates the life of
electret and so on.
One Shikutore, De Part 2
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of evaluating
the life of an electret. In the past, the life of the Lectore, G was 1 minute, and the electret was left
in a sacrum, and the decay of the surface potential of the electret was measured in real time.
Because the company at 1 測, measure in real time, the loss '1' i? The drawback is that Fil $ i1
takes a long time. The present invention will be introduced in order to eliminate the abovementioned disadvantages of the prior art, and the principle of the evaluation method of the
present invention and its implementation will be described below. [Principle] In the evaluation
method of the present invention, it is possible to determine the load surface 1f load density 6111
C pulling 75 method? It is the side 51i "7i method that has been countered. As shown in FIG. 1, f
split between electret 1,1′′f box 'JFy 2.2' and put in thermostatic chamber 3 and put in the
upper gold, m; Let As a result, a t 'load is generated on the gold pole 1 pole 2 and this charge is
charged on the mark + V-capacitor 4 4 ". -F; If the petition of 3 is raised, the 2nd circuit 7's 1
circuit C 'electret 1.1'σ resistance Re C function value becomes smaller, and the fold of the ring)
lof continues the eleutre,)) The charges of 1 and 1 '111 狗 and product capacitor 4.4' flow. For
this reason, one pressure outside both grader capacitors is borrowed. The voltage of Jin? With
the electrometer 6, σ, if 8IllF, then the electret (7′′F) life length C 命 EndPage 1 tendency can
be determined. See Fig. 1 and go to 6? l'ii 楯 317 J is detected at 8 degrees (effectiveness, 1
degree of scale in oven 7) condenser 4, dtv dual voltage voltage '/ Ut' Vf, bl-Y record f-T 凌, '), I *!
(In the 2 ° diagram, Ce is each of the electret C 9. Re is the resistance value of the electret, co is
each of the capacitors C1 if, R, V! Electrometer internal desk Th sen, c. 1 狛 狛 狛 狛 狛. In the
busy U 伜 3, the electret complete-̶ 6 仲 σ) double-2 · was brought close to the electret to
make the electric paper 4, 4 ′ have one charge. If a capacitor Cp vs. j, tτ 庄 is generated at the
time of vO volts, then Q (1 = (Co + Ci) Vo only CoVo (1) C) e =: CeVo good
== Go ten. )
(Qe + Qo) K) Q = Qe + Qo as ■ Q (t) = Qoe "t (5) where U constant, one pair of JA key velocity β
as follows?
For example, β 2 dT / dt b) (7) is divided by 2 o tTT. 7 (8) He = RoooXp (V / kT) (9) U two active
energy (eV) k: hol 7? '' E) 嬰 I (= 8.625 x 10 eV lok);-f = (Ce x Co) 'R0 R' 11 [Fπτ-exp (-V / kT)
(12) Q.
Ce、、+Coexp(t/l))i。 (1+ face exp (-V / kT)) (1a) (Example) 7
/ + 1: The electric turtle electrified t (, phase FEP film (25 μ) A, B gold case) shown in the turtle C
fixed tank % KLTr-F, Co = 10000 Pr-mRo = 10 Ω2 + m, ff 1 p? 1 J ! Ascension was
performed at β = 3.3 × 10 deg / Sea at n °. The result of one pair of trees is as shown in FIG.
73 (d). It can be seen that the constant flow, which is r, as compared with the conventional
method (FIG. 3B), is 1.5 degrees, 114 degrees compared to the conventional method (FIG. 3B). It
is understood that it corresponds to the conventional method and the present method I regular
method, and 1) the invention evaluation and method electret according to the present invention)
9T life time ヲ it ) in a short time. According to the present invention, an effect shown by + j or
more 1v: is obtained as a result of the present invention being freely released like an upper part.
(A) The life of the electret can be evaluated. (B) Description that can be easily carried out in an
intelligent time (2 hours / 1 4 cycles) 4, ν plane II = I j 1) FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the
installation for carrying out the evaluation method of the present invention The valley 12 Figure
回 61 · circuit diagram of the pilgrimage system, but 3 Figure A, A is blaring in a graph
comparing the results of this α agency (J 揖 · A and the result of the Horai method B,
respectively. 1.1′・・・・・−エレクトレット、2.! ·············. 3 ········· constant tVm% 4F 4
′ − ········ capacitor, 5.6 ′ ··········································································· X -Y recorder. Name of the
agent Attorney's patent attorney 'cPl Toshio other 1 / EndPage: 2 醤 1 Figure 2' 45 \ Figure 2 L
'70-CJjfA to ten "7 PJC follow law Acting agent other than the above EndPage: 3