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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the speaker according
to the present invention, FIG. 1 shows a longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 2 shows a partial plan
view of cone paper, and FIG. 3 shows frequency sound pressure characteristics. , 6 is a voice coil,
7 is a cone paper, 10 is a through hole, and 11 is an elastic material. The same reference
numerals in the drawings indicate the same parts. 嶌 1 mg-real open 51-936 (2) 豫 Z 3 鵞 12 Fig.
12/1 1 1 1 1 1! J J1, '11 .1 ,, / 111 turtle 2 仝 t 102 仝 6106 + 12 仝 C-1-H. One 8-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to speaker cone & jL.
Conventionally, two beakers generally have the inner edge of conical cone paper fixed to the end
of the voice coil? Because the dynamic 0 drive source is small and driving from one point)]-> 甑
1slL, the cone paper shows a rigid body at a low frequency and each part of the cone paper
vibrates integrally, but as the frequency becomes higher The cone paper becomes integral (1)
and does not vibrate and causes a bending movement, and this bending movement causes
divided resonance in each part of the cone paper, and as shown by a dotted line in FIG. In
addition, there is a defect that an abnormality is generated due to the hardness of the corn paper,
which adversely affects the X quality. The present invention seeks to provide a speaker that has
been tampered with such a drawback. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. 1 and 2, il + is a speaker yoke, (2) is a center pole
integrated with the speaker yoke, (31 is the above-mentioned speaker yoke [fixed magnet, (41 is
fixed to this magnet). The first plate, +51 is a frame fixed to the plate, (6) is a voice coil inserted
in the space formed between the center pole and the plate, 17+ is the ridge of the voice coil
How much 7. −カー。 o−7□、。。。 A plurality of 1-through holes 11 [1 are provided in the
夛 □ □ □ paper. (2) (2) an elastic material formed of a non-air-permeable, soft-elastic material
which is pasted or pressed onto the back surface or the front surface or both surfaces of the
above-mentioned cone paper so as to close the through hole of this corn paper; 8) and (121) are
a spider and an edge supporting an imaging unit formed of the voice coil and the cone paper, and
(9) is fixed to the inward a surface of the corn paper l! It is a pi dust cap. Next, the ml of the
speaker thus configured will be described. There is an input to the voice coil 6) of the speaker,
and the vibrating part vibrates. At this time, the corn paper 171 is provided with the through
holes [1 and the elastic material +111 formed of the soft elastic material is attached and layered,
so that the corn paper is formed by the four actions of the through holes! R mechanical loss
occurs, the resonance M8 loss number of the cone paper itself decreases, the Q of resonance
decreases, the transient vibration () is suppressed, the bending movement disappears, and the
division caused by this J 茫 ll I screw The resonance is prevented, and the resonance taste bumpe
occurs in the high frequency range of the 3FA solid line I.
Also, due to the soft elastic action of the elastic material on the corn paper Q-, the occurrence of
the shear is apt. (3) As described above, in the speaker of this invention, the resonance peak due
to the divided resonance of the speaker's cone paper is removed from the dotted line in practice
from the dotted line, and the generation of abnormal sound is prevented, and the sound quality is
improved. It is a good thing. The 11iI vehicle explanatory drawing of 4 drawings shows an
embodiment of the speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view,
FIG. 2 is a partial plan view of cone paper, and FIG. , (6) voice coil, 17) corn paper, oI! Is a
through hole and I is an elastic material. The same reference numerals in the drawings indicate
the same parts. Agent Tono Shin-(4) 嶌 1 m,? l'7121 (5 牟 2 豫 2 O O \ to 700 ゝ \ ゝ 吟 10 吟 a
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