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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 a ′ * b is a directional characteristic diagram of
a speaker, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an acoustic lens Q according to the present invention,
and FIGS. 3 a and 3 b illustrate the shape of a cutout of the acoustic lens. FIG. 1 欠, 9
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic lens
which is provided on the front surface of a slider and which is easy to change the directivity of Ic.
In general, the directivity characteristic of the car is as shown in tal in FIG. 1. As shown in tal in
FIG. 1, the directivity il + is quite good up to about 100 Hz, but it worsens according to the
frequency Kk as 4000 Hz and 10000 Hz and becomes -C sharp. That is, in FIG. 1 + bl, the
characteristic curve of 0 °) b) shows the response frequency characteristic of the speaker (8P) Q
axis, and similarly, JoiyQ shows the characteristic curve of the position of 30.60 ° respectively.
1 (Especially as seen from the '', particularly high-frequency radiation concentrates forward to
sharpen the directivity ('', as it moves away from the axis of the speaker-(5r, The beauty is
suffocated V (V) against Ayanami. For this reason, it is possible to provide a sound generator on
the front of the speaker (SP) to make the sound wave wider. Depending on the purpose, this
directional angle kfj 14 clause-(otherwise it is desirable. This 'J # draft' is the above-mentioned
point & 'L &', and it can be installed at a fixed interval between the power and force (2) so that
the inclination angle of the force and the force (2) can be changed. The One embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In the lens plate tllFi, this lens
plate ill is rotatably connected by flat plates (2) and (3) and a part number part (4), and is
provided so as to be bendable in a V shape. An arc-shaped notch (5) is provided at the center of
the lens plate l 'from the-side. The shape of this notch (5) will be further described with reference
to FIG. 3 V L '-): lens plate (inclination angle θ of layer, actual speed of sound speed, apparent
speed of sound V', V 'attack vc Ots θ And the refractive index n is n-! It becomes-−-tll 'cos θ.
(3) Here, in order to set a circle centered on a wavehead and a sound source (T), the time for the
sound wave to pass through ABC and the time for FODt-pass may be the same. Therefore, BCt
JDFC----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assuming that -r, 1-n 0 Y X soil J
2-22 This equation is substituted by 1-n gold and rearranged, γ + nr-J (T + x) 2 + y "(S1 both
sides are rearranged by squaring 1) x 2 + 21 (n 1) x-12-0 · · · (Separately considered as I41
formula "" "--n + l, (------y2--2 ... (5 (As apparent from the equation 151, the curve indicated by the
notch 151k is hyperbolic.
(4) However, in practice, the wave front on the speaker open LJ plane is not a perfect plane wave,
but has a slight curvature, so an actual design may not necessarily make a perfect curve. The
proximal end portion, the bending portion, and the side portion e of the distal end portion of the
lens plate fi + formed in this manner. i ′ ′ Implanted, multiple plate lens plate illk, two-piece
machine frame formed with a fixed distance metal (91 (rotation of lR attached to 91 fitting hole
n6 ° and bending of lens plate (1) 2m long thin plate (101 (101 (UL (111 fitting hole VL
rotatably attached to the part and the tip v and the hyphen B + (81 k are also attached. The
machine frame 19119 JVC is integrally provided with a support plate (ii), and the support plate
(ii) is provided with a sliding long hole a31ill1-drilled, and this sliding long hole-) wheel) VC
tightening screw-) 4), and the angle (5) adjustment of the substantially central V-threaded screw
plate (1) of the elongated plate 1 ulin + can be made. In this case, when the support plate 1121 is
provided only on one side of the machine frame (9), the lens plate (a flat plate forming the In (3 +
(one or more connecting rods as shown by the chain line in FIG. Q71 may be provided and
connected. The machine frame 191 (in one piece 91 attached to the mounting piece) is bent and
formed n, and it is a Sweezer. Z) Working as a whole If you explain in full, make the tightening
screw-) loosen and make 1 long hole 131t ′ ′ of 1 swing plate (2)), make it by the lens plate
(1) and the axis of the slider By changing the angle appropriately, it is possible to achieve wide
angle of directionality. 19 and the ij 1 equation holds true, the corner (the cap is thick (the index
of refraction (the index also increases), and widening of the angle is further achieved. 'F The
sound from the speaker axis 7 radiates from the speaker axis (6) (in the case of 0'l from the
notch (5) without being affected by the lens plate (1)), and apparently goes on both sides The
speed of sound is delayed and the directivity is broadened. In the above embodiment, the lens
plate (1) is bent in a V-shape, but may be further bent in a zigzag. Also, the support plate μ) long
hole 03) may be formed additionally in parallel, arc or the like in the direction perpendicular to
the machine frame (9), and may be additionally formed as needed. 8 Furthermore, Lance & t) t ′
′ machine frame 9 (and long plate When attached to the body allall, the vibration part V-rubber
with the pin (6) 171 (8) and the singing hole may be interposed to prevent the vibration due to
the presence of a soft flanthin or other G Nohanokin. The present invention is constructed as
described above, and is attached to the whole surface of the written note n, the subdivision LJ) 4
'% tropism, as appropriate according to the purpose VC, can be adjusted according to the purpose
VC, (7) A sense of reality, 7 ambience and 4D.