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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of parts used in
the embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 is a side view of the embodiment of the present
invention assembled from the parts shown in FIG. 1 ...... support CE · · · signal line, 6r-62 .........
power line, T ...... metal springs, 8 ..... image genus connector, a, BICIlc2 ·····································
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
sephone l /) support mechanism with earth ground. Privately, the ground of the microphone was
based on soldering the shield wire together, putting it in the bottom of the battery case of the
support stand, pressing it with a spring etc and connecting it with the battery case etc. There is a
disadvantage that the white side soldering operation is required. Uninvented, eliminate the
above-mentioned shortcomings and make sure earth 2 page Q, '! It is a microphone support # i #
1 for the purpose of making it possible to continue. Next, the example of the present invention
will be described with reference to FIG. In the exploded perspective view shown in FIG. 1, a
battery (not shown in the figure) is inserted into a hole of a support base l forming the battery
case l /, and an electrode fixing plate 2 connected to one pole of the meter battery. Mount the
output code 31,3. And insert molded plastic core 4 with groove "+1) gC3gO @ on the outer side,
and lead from left and right mitarophone body (omitted in the frame)" l + 51 "and% powder from
t pole internal plate 2 6 □, 6. And bundle the grooves C1 + C! So that the tip crosses the grooves.
Next, fit the metal spring 溝 into the groove and set the upper surface lead to 5 □, 59 and
moisture resistance 6. , 6. A cap-like metal connector 8 having a rail a 'in the restraining direction
from above, and the rail a' being engaged with the groove a so that the metal spring 7 And the
lower end portion of the metal connector 8 is fitted to the support l as shown in FIG. According
to the above-described papermaking invention, since the end portions of the lead wires and the
power supply lines on the page 3 from the microphone are held by the conductive spring without
looseness, it is not necessary to bundle the end portions by troublesome soldering. The required
length of the lead wire can also be short, and the conductive solder can be connected to gold for
connection to the ground 1 to the support base; It is a disassembled perspective view of a part
used for the simple and clear 1st IL main consideration actual rental example of 4M surface. Il, a
side view of a real case 1 # example assembled with parts at 1 p, t ′ ′ ′, 1-one support, 1′one reservoir case, 2-one electrode 1 fixed plate, 3 □, 3 g-1 output cord, 4-1 dry, 51.5. -1 signal
line, 61, 6 lightning-1 power supply line, w metal i = ne, 8-1 gold wire connector, a, b, C0, 1sgroove, IL '-rail utility model升 坤 男 男 '男 男 ゝ + + + − 斗 1 − 1 L-図 (LL),' ,, /. Go 03, q "name ·
5 'αcl 岑 · 5, 3 ° 3, 3 · 6, turtle, ¥ plant-leg 100 million X 才 1, ..., 9Q 7 \ address change
notification February 16, 1949 Patent Director General Saito Hideo 1 case display 1972 utility
model registration application name y / 71 & No. 2 name of the device My 炒 LN lack p ˜ '譚
13 Person who changed the address case Address Tokyo Metropolitan Ota-ku Omori-ku 4-15-5
New Address 153 Tokyo Meguro-ku Meguro-ku 1-chome 4-1 (50) Pioneer Corp. Representative
Ryozo Ishizuka, <-, -i> \