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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
sterilizing apparatus for microphones which can easily sterilize and deodorize microphones such
as karaoke.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, in a karaoke studio or the like, a large number
of people (many of whom are drunk) take turns, use the same microphone, and make a loud
voice toward the microphone. A large amount of spit and spit are splattered, the microphone is
very filthy, odorous, bacteria and mold are often generated, and some cases of sickness infection
from the microphone can be seen.
However, conventional karaoke microphones do not take any protective measures against these
spit spit and exhalation, but are personally covering the microphone with a handkerchief, and
appropriate control measures are taken. It was not.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the abovedescribed conventional problems, and is a novel microphone sterilization that makes it possible
to clean up the unclean state of microphones such as karaoke described above. It aims at
providing an apparatus.
In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, in the sterilizer for microphones of the present
invention, the microphone mounting portion and the sterilizing means are incorporated.
As the above-mentioned sterilization means, ultraviolet light generation means and / or ozone
generation means are used.
Of course, it is preferable to configure the generated ultraviolet light and / or ozone so as to be
uniformly distributed to the entire microphone.
The above-mentioned microphone sterilizing apparatus is constituted by a box-like body having
an openable / closable door, and a microphone mounting portion and a sterilizing means are
provided inside the box-like body.
An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the attached
In the figure, 2 is a sterilizer for microphones concerning the present invention.
The microphone sterilizer 2 has a box-like sterilizer body 4 and an openable / closable door 6
provided on the front of the sterilizer body 4.
Inside the sterilizing apparatus main body 4, a microphone placement unit 8 for placing a
microphone M is provided.
The shape of the microphone mounting portion 8 is not particularly limited, as long as the
microphone M can be mounted. For example, as illustrated, the microphone M may be attached
to the locking rod 12 having the locking portion 10 at the tip. It is configured to be detachably
Numeral 14 denotes an ultraviolet sterilizing lamp serving as a sterilizing means, and a suitable
number (three in the illustrated example) is installed in the sterilizing apparatus main body 4
corresponding to the mounting position of the microphone M.
Of course, the generated ultraviolet light and / or ozone is uniformly distributed to the entire
As the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp 14, it is preferable to use a lamp which generates a large
amount of 253.7 nm ultraviolet light having a very strong bactericidal action.
The sterilization by ultraviolet light is effective for most bacterial species such as bacteria,
viruses, molds, etc., and is effective for sterilization of bacteria, molds and the like attached to the
microphone M.
In addition to this, if a lamp emitting ultraviolet rays 185 nm having an ozone generating action
simultaneously with the germicidal ultraviolet rays 253.7 nm is used, air sterilization and
deodorization can also be performed by utilizing generation of appropriate ozone.
With the above-described configuration, the microphone M is completely disinfected and
deodorized by placing the microphone M in the microphone sterilizer 2 for a predetermined time.
For example, in the case where an unspecified number of people sequentially use, such as a
karaoke microphone, even if spit or breath is spit on the microphone M, the microphone M is
placed for a predetermined time in the microphone sterilizer 2 of the present invention. Thus,
since the microphone is sterilized and deodorized, the microphone used is extremely hygienic
and can enjoy karaoke at ease.
Furthermore, by placing the microphone M in the sterilizer 2 for a microphone for a
predetermined time, the grip portion of the microphone is similarly sterilized and deodorized, so
that the grip portion gripped by many people's hands is hygienic Has the advantage of being kept
As described above, according to the present invention, the microphone can be used in a hygienic
and clean state by cleaning up the microphone in a dirty state such as karaoke.