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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a movable coil coupled to a
speaker diaphragm according to the preamble of claim 1 and a magnet system having a ringshaped air gap used to accommodate the movable coil. The present invention relates to a
dynamic speaker having
2. Description of the Related Art In such a speaker, as is known, the movable coil is composed of
a cylindrical winding type in which a multilayer coil made of enameled copper wire is disposed
and fixed on the winding type. Conventional moving coils are very expensive and relatively
expensive. Thus, for example, a winding die is punched out of a sheet as a block section to form a
coil core, and an enameled copper wire is wound. A current pulse is then directed through the
coil whereby the coil is attached. The final baking of the winding takes place in the furnace and is
very time consuming. The winding end of the coil must then be soldered with a flexible litz
copper wire connecting the variable coil to the speaker connection.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a loudspeaker
having a moving coil consisting of easily assembleable parts at a low cost.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the present invention, the movable coil according
to the feature of claim 1 comprises a cylindrical insulating sheet having parallel conductive
paths, and the conductive paths are formed. The problem is solved by connecting the beginning
and the end of the individual conductor tracks together to form a hollow cylindrical coil.
According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain an effect that the dynamic speaker can
be manufactured extremely easily and quickly, and can be manufactured more inexpensively.
According to the features of the other claims, advantageous embodiments of the loudspeaker are
In the embodiment according to claim 2, the installation of particularly expensive flexible
conductors for the supply of current can be omitted.
It is advantageous to connect the individual conductor tracks according to claim 3.
The construction of claim 4 enables significant automation when assembling the individual
Embodiments of the present invention will now be described in detail with reference to the
As is well known in FIG. 1, the dynamic speaker comprises a magnet system 101, a speaker
frame 102, a centering diaphragm 103, a movable coil 104 and a diaphragm 105, and the
illustrated portions are adhered to each other by an adhesive. There is.
However, in this case, the movable coil 104 is not a cylindrical winding type in which a
multilayer coil consisting of enameled leads is disposed on a cylindrical winding type, but is
made of an insulating sheet provided with a conductor path according to the present invention.
The conductor tracks can be provided by known manufacturing methods for printed circuits, for
example by printing of the conductive members or corrosion of the conductive layer previously
mounted on the sheet.
FIG. 2 shows, in a highly simplified manner, the still planar starting state of the insulating sheet
106 formed as a printed circuit. The rectangular insulating sheet 106, shown with a reduced
length, comprises parallel conductor tracks 107 which are spaced apart from one another by a
small distance. In FIG. 3, the end portions on both sides of the insulating sheet 106 are cut away
and enlarged. After the sheet 106 has been rounded and welded to the same numbered 1-24
overlapping faces 108, 109 provided at the beginning and the end of the conductor track 107, a
hollow cylindrical coil, ie a movable coil 104 is formed. The conductor paths 107 are arranged
obliquely. Furthermore, the insulating sheet 106 is formed perpendicular to the traveling
direction of the conductor path 107, and has two connection end portions 112 and 113 formed
in a strip shape including the conductor paths 110 and 111. The parts are electrically connected
to the first conductor track 107 and the last conductor track 107, respectively. The flexible
conductor paths 110, 111 provided for the supply of current to the movable coil 104 are
provided with soldered holes 114, 115 at their ends, so that the conductor paths 110, 111 are
formed by the soldered holes 114, 115. Are fixed to flat pins 116 and 117 disposed in the
speaker frame 102. The connection ends 112 and 113 can be formed in any direction with
respect to the conductor path 107 and can be bent to a desired direction.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is an exploded view of the speaker.
2 is a diagram showing an insulating sheet that can be formed on a movable coil, having a
conductor path.
3 is a plan view showing the end portions on both sides of the insulating sheet forming the
movable coil.
Explanation of sign
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 101 Magnet system 102 Speaker frame 103 Centering diaphragm
104 Moving coil 105 Diaphragm 106 Insulating sheet 107 Conductor path 110 Conductor path
111 Conductor path