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<Industrial field of application> The present invention is a soft dome diaphragm mainly made of
cloth fiber or synthetic resin fiber used by attaching to a speaker, strengthening adhesion
between III & fiber, and enhancing specific modulus, The present invention relates to a soft dome
diaphragm in which a reproduction range is expanded by raising a high-range reproduction limit
frequency (rh). <Conventional Art> Conventionally, this kind of soft dome diaphragm for a
speaker is made of cloth or synthetic resin material w1. The fiber is used as a substrate and
impregnated with 7-air resin to form a shape-retaining material, and a rubber-based synthetic
resin is applied thereon to form a filler. Therefore, the conventional soft dome diaphragm of this
type has a small stiffness and therefore has a specific elastic modulus of only about 1, 2 × 10
dyne / cm . Therefore, there is a drawback that the reproduction high frequency band limit
frequency (f l +) is low and the reproduction frequency band is narrow. On the other hand, there
is a metal dome diaphragm as a diaphragm having a high high limit frequency fi (fh), but there is
a drawback that the resonance taste at the high limit frequency (rh) is high because the metal
Lan δ is small. Therefore, in order to solve such conventional problems, the present invention
increases the specific elastic modulus + E / ρ (E: Young's modulus, :: density)) to expand the
expansion of the reproduction range of the high range, and It is an object of the present
invention to provide a soft dome diaphragm which lowers the height of resonance taste of the
area limit frequency (rh) and has flat sound pressure frequency characteristics. The groove
bottom of the present invention for achieving the object will be described according to an
example, and the present invention comprises coating an emulsion of an acrylic resin on a
polyester sheet JI fabric, After drying, a solution containing an alkoxysilane as the main
component and containing a solvent, a catalyst (hardening agent) and the like is attached to the
back surface and then treated at normal temperature to 150 ° C. to form a silicon dioxide layer
Soft dome diaphragm. <Operation> Since the present invention is such a soft dome diaphragm
having a #f structure, an emulsion of an acrylic resin is formed into a polyester fiber fabric, dried,
heat-formed, and cooled in the shape of the shape. As it is solidified, it can retain its shape. Then,
a silicon dioxide layer can be formed on the back surface by adhering a solution containing an
alkoxysilane as the main component on the back surface, and the elastic modulus can be
improved. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below. In the present
invention, an emulsion of an acrylic resin is formed into a polyester fiber fabric and dried, and a
cloth material obtained by drying is heated and pressed to form a soft dome substrate, and an
alkoxysilane as a main component is formed on the back surface thereof. The metal alkoxide
solution obtained by the reaction containing the catalyst (hardening agent) and the like is
attached by spraying or the like by spraying and the solvent etc. is volatilized.
This operation is repeated until the desired weight and IIl thickness are obtained, and the process
is performed at 60 ° C. for 5 hours to form a silicon dioxide layer formed soft dome diaphragm.
The physical properties of the above examples are shown for comparison. The solution may be
sprayed and dried, and then this sheet may be heated and pressed to form a soft dome
diaphragm. Although the embodiments considered to be representative of the present invention
have been described above, the present invention is not necessarily limited to only the structure
of these embodiments, and includes the WR critical requirements referred to in the present
invention, and the object said in the present invention And can be modified as appropriate within
the scope of the effects described below. Effect of the Invention As already apparent from the
above description, according to the present invention, since the surface of # 1 fibers for groovebottoming the substrate and the layer of fibers are covered and filled with the layer of ceramic /
resist, the fibers The adhesion between them is strengthened, the specific elastic modulus is
increased, and the M reliability as well as the physical properties of the material is improved as
described above. Then, the extension of the reproduction threshold frequency (f h) in the highfrequency range is expanded, and a frequency characteristic with small resonance bees of fh can
be obtained, and the nearness at the time of large input of the speaker is remarkably improved It
is now possible to expect the obvious effect of eliminating