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[Industrial field of application] The system of this speaker arrangement can be applied to any
stereo sound reproducing apparatus, but it can be used especially for listening to a large number
of people such as AV theaters, and a system of stereo speakers for automobiles. [Conventional
technology] A conventional 2-channel stereo speaker system mainly arranges speakers on the
left and right, and synthesizes a sound image and a sound field as virtual images between them
through human hearing in the brain and localization It is what gets a stereo image of a sound by
things. There is also a technology that improves the sound image localization in the center by
adding a speaker in the center that receives a monaural signal from the synthesis of the left and
right signals. However, since the optimum listening range is located in the middle of the two
speakers in front of and in a narrow range, it is not possible to give a wide-ranging stereo image
to a listener who is not located in the middle when listening with a large number of people.
[Problems to be solved by the invention] The system of two channel stereo speaker arrangement
with good sound image localization is also the one with the best listening range located in the
middle front between the two speakers until now, and it is clear to leave there The sound field of
the stereo image can not be obtained, especially when the listener is close to one of the left and
right speakers, the positional relationship of the sound image that must be localized respectively
is distorted, or when there are walls on the left and right of the speaker If both walls do not have
the same sound reflectivity, the sound to be localized in the middle will not be localized. Even in
the case of the Pro Logic Dolby Surround system with a center speaker, the above problems are
not solved. [Means for Solving the Problems] Place the speakers on the left and right sides of the
listener so that stereo images can be heard at 7 in front of the listener and on the left and right of
the listener regardless of where you are sitting The speakers on the sides of the left and right
ears, respectively, give out a signal minus the common signal of each channel respectively, and
place the listener's front center speaker, and this center speaker has the common signal of the
left and right signals. I will only give out the signal. As a result, regardless of where you listen,
each listener can get a sense of stereo in front and left and right. The left and right speakers are
placed at a distance where they can hear the center speaker, and the balance between the center
speaker and the left and right speakers is variable, and the audio signals sent to the left and right
speakers are sounded through the delay You may adjust the arrival time of [Operation] When the
center speaker is in front of only a plurality of listeners, it shares a common center position.
When listening to a movie or a large TV, etc., distortion of the stereo image due to the sitting
position is eliminated, so the screen and Because there was no gap between the positions of the
sounds and there were speakers on the left and right sides of the listener, the spread of the left
and right sounds was also obtained.
C Embodiment] In the car, in a theater, etc., one or more center speakers may be disposed in
front of the listeners, or one or more center speakers may be shared as 6 listeners. "Effects of the
Invention When listening to a sound of a sound source of a channel J2 channel, a large-sized TV,
etc. by a large number of people, it is possible to audition a wide stereo image regardless of the
position of each audition. In addition, you can enjoy a wide stereo image regardless of the
position of the seat even in cars.
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