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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm having heat resistance. (Conventional Technique
1 Fi) Conventionally, as a material of a speaker diaphragm, a material using a so-called liquid
crystal polymer is provided, but in this case, it was manufactured by an injection molding
method. (Problems to be solved by the invention) However, according to the injection molding
method, not only the injection molding machine is upsized, but in order to eliminate clogging of
the small diameter holes drilled in the mold, it has to be cleaned frequently There was no
problem. In addition, there are also problems such as large material loss. The present invention
has been made in view of the above problems, and an object thereof is to provide a speaker
diaphragm having improved heat resistance without using an injection molding machine, and a
method of manufacturing the same. (Means for Solving the Problems) In order to achieve the
above object, the diaphragm for a heat-resistant speaker according to the present invention
comprises an inorganic fiber and an organic fiber each having ultra-high heat resistance, ultrahigh strength and ultra-high elastic modulus. Or mixed yarns of these, woven or cross-woven
woven fabric, non-woven fabric (including paper-like fiber matrix), etc., impregnated with
thermosetting resin such as melamine resin, phenol resin or epoxy resin, and heat-formed into a
diaphragm It is a gist that the film-like, wholly aromatic polyester resin and reinforced wholly
aromatic polyester resin, which are thermoplastic liquid crystal polymers formed in the form of a
diaphragm, are heated and melted and bonded. . (Function) The diaphragm for heat resistant
speaker according to the present invention heats and melts a thermoplastic liquid crystal
polymer to a substrate having an ultra high heat resistance, an ultra high strength and an ultra
high elastic modulus like soft soil, Therefore, the injection molding method is not used, the
manufacture is easy, the mechanical properties such as rigidity are improved, and the heat
resistance and the like are also improved. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment in the case of producing
the heat-resistant diaphragm according to the present invention by the so-called lamination
method. Thus, in the figure, 1 is a base material, and this base material l is an inorganic fiber
having ultra-high heat resistance, ultra-high strength and ultra-high elastic modulus, and f4I! A
single fiber, or a blend and cross-woven woven fabric, non-woven fabric (including paper-like
fiber matrinx), etc. Ultra high 5 heat, ultra high strength, ultra high modulus inorganic! As 2i
fibers, for example, it is preferable to use the following. (11 glass fiber (2) alumina fiber Aj! zoi
99% or more (3) ceramic fiber fi, 1.03 /! IIQt-based (4) carbon fiber (5) silica fiber sio □ 99% or
more (6) metal fiber (7) potassium titanate fiber (8) zirconia fiber Also, ultra high heat resistance,
ultra high strength, ultra high elasticity organic fiber As (1) aromatic aramidide fibers such as 1,
polyparaphenylene terephthalamide fibers.
TA λ polymetaphenylene terephthalamide fiber. PIA3, polybenzimidazole fiber. BIM4, polyether
imide fiber. E15, polybalafrene 3.4 diphenyl ether terephthalamide fiber. MPREA6, a
polyparaphenylene henzen bis sialic fiber. BT (2) aromatic polyester fibers such as 1, polyarylate
fibers. AR2 All-aromatic poly-ester-based liquid crystal polymer system. 3, polyether ether ketone
liquid crystal polymer. EEK (3) sulfur-containing organic fiber such as 1, polyphenylene sulfidebased fiber PS2 polysulfone-based fiber S or the like is used. Then, the base material l is
impregnated with a thermosetting 4 M fat (melamine resin, phenol resin, epoxy resin), and is
heat-formed into the shape of a diaphragm, which is disposed between the upper mold 2 and the
lower mold 3 Do. In addition, a film-shaped diaphragm 4 made of a thermoplastic liquid crystal
polymer and a film and formed in a diaphragm shape, or formed by heating and pressing or
vacuum forming a liquid crystal polymer film is disposed on the upper and lower sides thereof.
ing. The film-like diaphragm 4 plays a role as a matrinx resin. It is preferable to use a wholly
aromatic polyester resin as the thermoplastic liquid crystal polymer. The wholly aromatic
polyester resin is as follows. It is a polyester resin having a composition of CH300 nn A × B + C
+ D + E + F + G−100% A 冨 B = C = D−E = F = G−0-100%. In addition, a reinforced wholly
aromatic polyester resin is used as another matrix resin. That is, the reinforced wholly aromatic
polyester resin is one obtained by adding 1 to 50% of a reinforcing agent to the resin, and there
are fibrous and inorganic compounds as the 0 reinforcing agent. (A) As a fibrous reinforcing
agent, 1 to 50% of the above inorganic fibers and organic fibers to a fiber length of 0.1 to 5 "" is
attached to the total aromatic polyester resin which is a thermoplastic liquid crystal polymer It is
a thing. (B) As an inorganic compound strengthening agent, quartz mica graphite, potassium
titanate whisker, gypsum metal foil (flake form) talc glass (powder, flake) asbestos etc. is added
by 1 to 50% to the total aromatic polyester resin is there. Thus, such a film diaphragm 4 is
heated and melted, and the upper die 2 is moved downward and pressed as shown by the arrows
in FIG. FIG. 2 (a) shows the heat-resistant diaphragm 5 manufactured in this manner, and FIG. 2)
is an enlarged view of the main part, in which the film-shaped diaphragm 4 is adhered to both
sides of the substrate 1. Show the condition.
FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the present invention. In this embodiment, the film-shaped
diaphragm 4 is disposed only on the upper surface side of the base material 1, and the upper
mold 2, the lower mold 3 etc. It is characterized in that the film-like diaphragm 4 is adhered to
one side. FIG. 4 (a) shows the manufactured diaphragm, and FIG. 4 (b1 shows an enlarged view of
the main part thereof. The fine movement plate 5 manufactured in this manner is superior in
performance to the one in which the matrix resin is simply made of epoxy resin in the following
points. (1) Flexural strength Improving the flexural modulus (2) Tensile strength Improving the
tensile modulus (3) Improving the toughness (4) Improving the creepability The thermal creep
properties are enhanced by fiber reinforcement. (5) Improvement of moisture resistance strength
(4) Improvement of internal loss Improvement by increase in friction of crystalline amount in
liquid crystal polymer (5) Heat distortion temperature HDT 150 ° C. or higher ASTM D-648 (6)
Flame retardant UL-94, V-1 or more (7) Good resistance to solder 260 to 280 ° C-10 seconds
(8) Good insulation resistance ■ Surface resistivity (A S T M D 257) I X 16 "Ω ■ Dielectric
breakdown strength (ASTM D 14) 21 KV / s-or more (excluding carbon, metal fiber and graphite
(especially) In the present invention, heat resistance and flame retardancy are improved, and
high strength, high elastic modulus (tensile, compression), toughness, solder resistance It is
excellent in sex. Table 1 is a list showing diaphragm performance. (Effects of the Invention) As
described above, according to the present invention, the diaphragm is manufactured by heating,
melting and bonding the wholly aromatic polyester resin and the reinforced wholly aromatic
polyester resin to the base material, so injection molding (A) All types are cheaper than those
based on (A) There is no need for a large forming machine. (I) Material efficiency is good, and
material loss is small compared to injection molding. (1) The forming apparatus can be used in a
conventional cone manufacturing apparatus. (E) In addition, the heat resistance is significantly
improved. There are effects such as
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an embodiment showing a manufacturing method of the present invention, FIG. 2 (a) is a
heat-resistant diaphragm manufactured by the above, and (1) is an enlarged explanatory view of
the main part of the same.
FIG. 3 is another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 4 (al is a manufactured heatresistant diaphragm, (+)) is an enlarged explanatory view of the main part thereof. 1 ... base
material, 2 ... top type, 3 ... bottom type 4 ... film shaped diaphragm 5 ... diaphragm Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 3 Fig. 4 ■ procedure nfl positive Letter (Spontaneous) July 20, 1988 Showa Japanese Patent
Application No. 99784 2, Title of Invention Method of manufacturing heat-resistant speaker
diaphragm 3,? Relationship with the 1m positive case Case of patent applicant Name of Foster
Electric Co., Ltd. 4; Representative agent: 160 residence Nishida-Shinjuku 3-chome, No. 3-23rd,
7th, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 7 Mir Nishi-shinban 603 Telephone (03) Name 346-8467 Name Patent
Attorney (8125) Takao Michio 5, subject to correction II [C6 in the detailed description of the
invention J, content of correction (1) light 11] 1 page 10, 1 "Thermal creep property" of the line
is corrected as "heat creep property". (2) Correct r (4) J in the third line of the same page and the
same page as r (6) J. (3) Correct r (5) J of the fifth line on the same page on the same page as r
(7) J. (4) On the same page, page 7, line 7 r (6) J is corrected to r (8 N '. (5) Correct r (7) J in the
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