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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a speaker provided with a magnet using
superconductivity. 2. Prior Art Conventional speakers use speaker or alnico permanent magnets
to obtain strong magnetic force, and move the speaker cone by attaching a voice coil to the
speaker cone. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION However, in such a system, the magne 7) is largescaled to obtain a strong magnetic field. In addition, it is necessary to draw out a signal line to be
added to the voice coil from cone paper, which causes a problem of reliability due to
disconnection of this portion, and generation of sound distortion such as chatter due to tension
of the signal line, Furthermore, it is necessary to make the diameter of the winding smaller in
order to reduce the weight of the voice coil, which causes a problem that heat generation and
disconnection occur due to the input signal of the voice coil. The present invention solves such
conventional problems, and provides a speaker which realizes improvement of the reliability of
the voice coil, reduction of the distortion of sound, and reduction of the total weight with a
simple configuration. It is Means for Solving the Problems In order to solve the above problems,
the speaker of the present invention generates a strong magnetic force with a magnet made of a
superconducting material, and attaches the magnet to speaker cone paper, thereby fixing the
voice coil. It is characterized by the fact that Operation According to the present invention, with
the above-described configuration, the voice coil is fixed, whereby disconnection of the lead-out
portion and heat generation and disconnection of the voice coil itself are eliminated, the
influence on the cone paper is also eliminated, and the distortion of sound is reduced. In addition,
the overall weight can be reduced by reducing the weight of the magnet portion. Embodiment
Hereinafter, a speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. The figure shows a speaker according to an embodiment of the
present invention. In FIG. 1, a permanent magnet 5 using a superconducting material is attached
to a cone paper 1. Also, a voice coil 6 is fixed to the frame 4 and is connected to the signal source
8 by a lead 7. The voice signal emitted from the signal source 8 is transmitted to the voice coil 6
and generates a magnetic field proportional to the voice signal around it. A physical force is
generated between the voice coil θ and the permanent magnet 5 using the superconducting
material by the magnetic field and the fixed magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet 5
using the superconducting material. Since the voice coil 6 is fixed by the frame 4, the permanent
magnet 5 utilizing the superconducting material starts to move, and the cone paper 1 vibrates
accordingly to become a sound.
Effect of the Invention As described above, in the speaker of the present invention, since the
voice coil is fixed, the reliability of the voice coil and the like is improved, and the distortion of
sound is also reduced. In addition, the weight of the entire speaker can be reduced because of the
magnet using the superconducting material.
Brief description of the drawings
The figure is a side view showing a speaker according to an embodiment of the present
1 ...... cone paper, 4 ...... frame, magnet using the 5 ...... superconducting material, 6 ...... voice coil,
7 ...... Lead wire, 8 ..... Signal source.