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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
game apparatus which is installed in an amusement park or the like to provide a player with a
three-dimensional sound type entertainment game.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, there has been a Japanese Patent Application
No. 6-124766 filed by the applicant of the present invention, entitled "Stereoacoustic Type
Entertainment Device," which is a stereophonic sound produced by this player. Create a
preparatory room of the pseudo-space that matches the story according to the composition, store
this preparatory room in the audiovisual of the player in advance, and image the scene to be
expanded to the story, and then develop the performance of the story Thus, the pseudo-space by
the stereophonic sound causes an illusion as if it were a substantive phenomenon.
However, in such a play apparatus, it is necessary to provide a preparatory room for the illusion
that the simulated space in the story, which is constituted by three-dimensional sound, is a real
space, and this preparatory room If you do not form the scene appearing in the story developed
in this game device, that is, the appearance of the spare room, features of the room, figurines,
and figurative objects such as letters, pictures and cupboards as faithfully as possible, There is
also a problem that the illusion effect is halved.
In addition, the preparation of the above-mentioned spare room requires a lot of cost, time or
technology, and even if the spare room is set up or moved, it will also require a great deal of
expense for the work such as assembling and dismantling on site. During these operations, it was
not possible to operate with the above-mentioned play apparatus, and it was necessary to
refurbish the above-mentioned spare room for every story to be staged.
[Means for Solving the Problems] In order to achieve the above object, the invention according to
claim 1 is characterized in that the main body of the three-dimensional acoustic play apparatus
places passengers on a general roadway etc. according to the provisions of domestic law. A
vehicle capable of traveling or a vehicle capable of operating a predetermined runway according
to the above, comprising at least one set of speaker devices for listening to a sound image
composed of various three-dimensional pseudo-sounds, and the above-mentioned threedimensional sound The player can listen to the sound source of the game apparatus, the
reproduction means for reproducing the three-dimensional sound, and the reproduced sound by
processing and controlling the sound source and distributing the sound. And vibration means for
applying vibration to at least one set of speaker devices, a seat or floor of the passenger seat of
the vehicle, and the like, and allowing appropriate dimming of the appropriate amount of light in
a freely variable manner for the passenger compartment. Do It consists of a bright means and a
light blocking means for preventing external light from entering the vision of the player in the
guest room, and the player in the guest room is as if it were a pseudo phenomenon expressed by
the sound image. It is a stereo-acoustic type playing method and its device that is illusion with
the real phenomenon currently occurring in the surroundings.
Furthermore, the invention according to claim 2 replaces the spare room set up by the abovementioned conventional example in order to enhance the illusion that the pseudo-spatial
phenomenon due to the three-dimensional sound is perceived as a real event, and the present
invention Since the actual vehicle to be used is the main body of the game apparatus, the gamer
who rides this vehicle enters the interior in the mood of the passenger, and in the consciousness
of being a passenger, although it is an event of a pseudo-space, an incident involving the
passenger The illusion of the game is doubled.
And, since the above-mentioned actual vehicle is the main body of the play apparatus, even when
the main body is moved to an amusement park or a port in another place, there is no extra work
such as disassembly or assembly.
According to the configuration of the present invention, the stage of the story which occurs in
the pseudo-space by the above-mentioned three-dimensional sound as a vehicle capable of
traveling on the general road recognized by this law according to the law defined by the country.
By setting the incident that occurred inside and setting the vehicle to the content of this incident,
the player will be ill-understood as a psychologically more realistic incident from the image
captured by the player's audiovisual .
present invention shown in FIGS. 1 to 5 will be described below.
FIG. 1 is a side view showing an appearance of a sightseeing bus as a main body of the threedimensional acoustic play apparatus of the present embodiment, and FIG. 2 is a front view of the
sightseeing bus.
This is a certified bus that can carry a passenger and travel on a general roadway.
FIG. 3 is a schematic perspective view showing the appearance of the arrangement inside the
sightseeing bus which is the main body 1 of the above-mentioned three-dimensional acoustic
play apparatus.
The front of the car is the cab 2, and the steering wheel 5 and the driver's seat 6 are provided,
and all the necessary equipment for this type of vehicle is deployed, including accelerators,
brakes and other instruments (not shown). There is.
A control box 7 is installed on the left side of the driver's seat 6, and as shown in FIG. 4, a control
panel 8 in which five switch buttons are arranged in parallel is accommodated in the control box
Adjacent to the control box 7, a speaker 9 is fixed toward the outside of the vehicle, and a staff
member introduces the three-dimensional acoustic game to the players in the vicinity and makes
a call to the inside of the vehicle.
An openable accordion curtain 11 is formed between the driver's cab 2 and the passenger
compartment 3 and this accordion curtain 11 has a structure that does not allow external light to
pass through the passenger compartment at this position during the play of the game. It has
In the cabin 3, seats 13 for two are arranged vertically in four rows, and on the inner wall of the
vehicle on the right side of the seats 13, headphones 12 for the player are suspended by the
same number as the seats 13 described above. The player can be worn on the ear and listen to
the story of the above-mentioned three-dimensional sound game.
The headphone 12 has a sound source input to the CD player 20 reproduced, processed, and
controlled, and a story by a stereophonic sound combined with different localization and sound
quality on each of the left and right sides, each ear of the player's left and right It is supposed to
be communicated to
In addition, on the ceiling of the guest room 3, there are attached two broadcast speakers 10 for
players by the attendants, and illumination 15 which can be used to control the above-mentioned
guest room via light control means (not shown). .
This lighting 15 is adapted to perform appropriate light control according to the contents of the
game according to the present embodiment. Further, an air conditioner 16 for cleaning the air in
the vehicle is fixed on the left floor of the seat 13, and the interior of the passenger compartment
3 which is a closed room is made comfortable.
On the rear left side of the cabin 3, an electronic device storage section 4 partitioned by a
partition plate 19 is provided, and a switchboard 17 involved in the play of the present
embodiment and a system rack 18 are juxtaposed. A CD player 20 to which the sound source of
the game system in the above embodiment is input, an I / O material sampler 21 for controlling
the functions of the entire game system, and a pre-main amplifier 22 for amplifying the sound
source of the CD player 20. The signal junction 23 as means for distributing the sound source
input through the pre-main amplifier 22 to predetermined functions and the sound source
reproduced by the CD player 20 and controlled by the I / O material sampler 21 A vibration
amplifier 24 for vibrating the seat 13 is incorporated.
FIG. 4 is a layout view of the switch button {circle over (1)} attached to the control panel 8.
The control panel 8 is housed in a control box 7 provided in the driver's cab 2. Of the above
switch buttons, the start button of the game system according to the present embodiment is
used, and the other four are play buttons for selectively selecting the four types of sound sources
input to the CD player 20. By pressing one, it is possible to stage any story.
FIG. 5 shows a circuit for reproducing, processing, and controlling the sound source input to the
CD player 20 as a story of a game according to the present embodiment, and for listening to the
three-dimensional sound of the three-dimensional acoustic play system through the headphones
12. And a flowchart showing a circuit that causes a plurality of vibration devices (not shown)
fixed under the seat 13 to function as a sound source of the CD player 20 via the control means
of the I / O material sampler 21. is there.
One of the stories in the pseudo-spatial phenomenon configured as a three-dimensional acoustic
play according to the present embodiment is that the actual sightseeing bus 1 on which the
player got on gets in line with the bus jack on the way to the destination and the passengers are
threatened As it happens, the driver leaves the bus and leaves the robbery at a chance that the
perpetrator suffered a severe stomachache in the middle of the case, and he was suspended and
stopped getting off. Because of that, it is a setting that the passenger got a good thing.
Below, the outline of the play by the said pseudo ¦ simulation space is demonstrated.
The players get on the sightseeing bus and arrive at the seat 13 while their interest and anxiety
are mixed with the game which has not been seen and heard conventionally in the introduction
and attraction of the above-mentioned simulated space phenomenon by the above-mentioned
three-dimensional sound flowing from the outward speaker 9. Then, according to the instruction
of the attendant, the headphones 12 suspended from the inner wall of the passenger
compartment 3 on the right side of the seat 13 are worn as determined for the left and right ears.
Soon the lights 15 of the cabin 3 will go out and it will be dark. It is the start of the story
performance. The scenes appearing below are not real entities, but virtual images in a pseudospace with stereophonic sound. In the noise, the engine noise is heard, the seat 13 starts to
vibrate little by little, and the bus leaves. After running for a while, at the back of the seat 13 of
the game player, a conversation with the grandmother or the little boy begins. Little boy breaks
the bag and starts to eat snacks inside. "Don't spill this much," the image of a naughty boy comes
to mind. The story goes on but some are abbreviated. A little boy takes out the can of cola and
shakes the can around the player's head. Cola blows out of the swayed can at the player's left ear
with "shuffle". "Wow, I had a balloon." "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I squeezed Cola to the next person
(in fact the player). A lady who will carefully wipe around the shoulder with a handkerchief. The
sound of the cloth and the feeling of rubbing are transmitted to the player's body as a feeling.
The sound of drinking "surjure" cola. "Don't do it, I have to do it now," said the lady. However, it
seems that a boy can not stay still. This time we start playing with "Panburn" and a toy pistol. "A
real robber will come if you are swinging that way." Soon, the "Kikiki" bus stopped suddenly.
Passenger's luggage falls off the shelf. "Basabasadosutsu" followed by "Wow aa" voice of the
passenger. Suddenly, the sound of "Dosha" sounds the door open to force. The sound of "Phan"
gunfire. A thug jumped in with a mighty footstep. Intimidate and threaten passengers in vulgar
language. For the bustling passengers, one shot "Pan" and one shot, "Pan" toward the ceiling. I
feel like I'm feeling. The rooms calm down. "Well, you're right, Oops," the robber's face comes
close, blowing a nose into the player's face and peeking from below. Although the headphones
12 should be speakers, it is a feeling that a real nose breathes on the player's face.
"I like it, I'm sorry," and another weird nose breathe. When the robber releases a lonesome face,
"Yo-chan. The car will come out quickly, the "Brobron" engine noise will be on hold, the seat will
shake and the bus will depart again. There is no one passenger speaking. The robber says. "Don't
you know what Russian Russian roulette is about?" Put a bullet in the gun and turn the revolver
and "prick". "Crisp" spooky rotating sound. "Fufudja-First shot", hit the muzzle of the passenger's
temple and pull the trigger. The "Katchaka Keen" gun was dead. "I'm going to make one more
shot." I talk as if to lick my face again. The sound of "Crisp" and Revolvea. Suddenly, a disgusting
sound like a belly down dives from the right ear. It seems that the robbery suddenly turned into
diarrhea. [Alive, I'll stop here at this moment, stop the car, and the bus will stop. "The child will
take care of it." The robber took the child as a hostage and got off the bus and jumped into the
grass on the roadside, but noticed that there was no paper and was forced to bring it to a hostage
boy. The bus left when the boy returned to the bus on the order of robbery. The robbers were left
behind and a little help was saved, and all the passengers got away. "Oh, I was saved. But what
happened to the robber's paper? " The bus keeps running towards the destination. The light 10
in the room 3 is lit, and the player removes the headphones 12 from the face, and suspends
again on the inner wall of the original room 3 to sink the chest. The play of the pseudo space by
3D sound ends with this.
The present invention is not limited to the configuration of the above embodiment. That is, in the
case of the above embodiment, the main body 1 of the play apparatus is a tourist bus, but for
example, it is a vehicle that ships and other daily gamers often see and listen with ears. It may be
any one capable of operating a general roadway or route. Moreover, although the said Example
provided the accommodating part 4 of the electronic device in the passenger compartment 3 of
the said tourist bus in the side of the seat 13, the rear in the said vehicle was partitioned by a
partition plate, and the interior of a normal passenger compartment is maximized By preserving
it and showing it to the player, it is also possible to increase the effect of getting on a real vehicle.
Furthermore, the interior of the bus of the above bus can be used to change the lighting of the
interior of the car without changing the state of the general sightseeing bus, and the storage unit
4 of the above-mentioned electric device can If the storage section is used, the player becomes a
person of the bus with more realism, so the play experience of the above-mentioned simulated
space will be more illusion with a sense of reality.
As described above, according to the present invention, as the main body of the above-mentioned
three-dimensional sound game apparatus, a vehicle which the player sees regularly and listens
with ears, and a large number of them in the vehicle main body Since people can be
accommodated and the runways according to the domestic law can be operated, for example,
even when moving from the A amusement park to the B free space, the business place with this
amusement machine, disassembly and assembly There is no work. Moreover, it is sufficient if
there is a place for the game apparatus body 1 and a power source in the business place.
Furthermore, since the game apparatus body is a vehicle familiar to the player itself as described
above, and the vehicle itself is used as a stage of the story of the game, the player is also an
incident in the pseudo space of the game The illusion of the reality that is happening in reality
can be buried in the world of play. Then, before the applicant of the present invention filed
Japanese Patent Application No. 6-124766, the preparatory room was prepared for obtaining
preliminary knowledge in the pseudo space before entering into play, but this is not necessary in
the present invention, so The cost is low, there is no need for a spare room, and it can be a target
for efficient investment.
Brief description of the drawings
1 shows an embodiment of the present invention, a side view of the external appearance of the
main body of the three-dimensional acoustic play apparatus
2 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
Front view of Figure 1
3 shows an embodiment of the present invention, an external perspective view showing the
arrangement of the game apparatus body in the car
4 is a layout diagram of the switch button and the select button arranged on the control panel
according to the present invention.
5 is a flow chart diagram showing the circuit of the stereophonic sound system according to one
embodiment of the present invention
Explanation of sign
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Game apparatus main body 2 ... Driving room 3 ... Guest room 4
... Electronic equipment storage part 7 ... Control box 9 ... Speaker 10 for outside-speaker 11:
Speaker for car interior 11 ... Accordion curtain 15 ... Room-lighting