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A microphone used by an unspecified number of people is put in the storage container and the
door is closed. The device is intended to irradiate ultraviolet rays for a set time and sterilize and
disinfect. Conventionally, microphones used by a large number of people in karaoke and the like
are often unclean and unsanitary because saliva, foreign matter, and bacteria are attached
because they are often used with lips or close to the mouth. The present invention is made to
eliminate the drawbacks. Explaining the above description with reference to the drawings, the
reflector (3) is attached around the germicidal lamp (2) installed inside the storage container (1),
the door (4) is opened, and the microphone (5) is fixed. If the door (4) is closed, it will be
irradiated with ultraviolet rays for a set time to obtain the effect of sterilization and disinfection.
The microphone storage container has a structure in which direct rays of light do not enter the
eye in consideration of the safety of the actor when the door is closed and ultraviolet light is