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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
cover suitable for use in a so-called easy-to-detach, microphone which is shared by many people
in restaurants, karaoke shops, etc.
2. Description of the Related Art Recently, so-called karaoke is prosperous, and many people
enjoy snacks and other restaurants and karaoke shops, but most customers have microphones
installed at the shops. The current situation is sharing.
[0003] However, many of these microphones are preferably used as handy microphones, and
saliva is attached or sprayed to use the head part close to the mouth. It is easy to become filthy
and disinfected, but nervous customers may or may not use or use handkerchiefs.
Therefore, an object of the present invention is to provide a microphone cover which can solve
such a problem.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a bag-like body having a shape that can
be attached to the head of a microphone by a material such as a mesh that does not impede the
propagation of sound is provided with an opening at one end. Further, the present invention
provides a microphone cover in which the opening can be expanded and contracted by a rubber
string or the like. In addition, a packaging body in which the microphone cover is disinfected and
sealed in a packaging bag is provided.
In the microphone cover of the present invention, the opening of the bag-like body is expanded
to cover the head of the microphone, and when the expansion of the opening is released, it is
fixed and stabilized. Also, the one that has been applied to the head in this way can be easily
managed by expanding the opening and removing it, and the microphone cover can be
hygienically managed by disinfecting it into a sealed package housed in a packaging bag, It can
be safely stocked at karaoke stores etc., and it gives hygienic satisfaction to customers.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the microphone cover of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
perspective view of its use state. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a microphone cover
which is in a substantially spherical hollow shape in an expanded state, and the microphone
cover 1 is provided with an opening 2 at one end by a flexible material such as a mesh type nonwoven It is formed into a bag-like body, and further, the elastic cord 2 'and the like are circulated
around the opening 2 so as to be stretchable.
The microphone cover 1 formed in this manner expands the opening 2 to cover the head 4 of the
microphone 3 and expands it, and when the expansion of the opening 2 is opened, the head 4 is
fixed to the head 4 as shown in FIG. It is applied. Therefore, even if the handgrip 5 of the
microphone 3 is held by hand and used as a hand microphone, the microphone cover 1 can be
used without a sense of discomfort and the microphone cover 1 is formed of a material that does
not interfere with the sound propagation. Does not degrade the performance of the microphone.
Further, the microphone cover 1 thus attached to the microphone 3 can be easily removed by
expanding the opening 2 and removing it. Furthermore, it is possible to display the store name,
the sponsor, etc. at an appropriate place on the surface of the microphone cover 1 and to
effectively utilize it as a advertising medium.
EXAMPLE 2 FIG. 3 shows a packaging body P sealed and packaged in a transparent packaging
bag 6 after the microphone cover 1 described in Example 1 is disinfected. As long as the package
P is not opened, the stored microphone cover 1 maintains the efficacy of disinfection, and can be
stacked and stocked, making it easy to manage. And the customer who opens and uses this can
be provided with hygienic security. In addition, the packaging bag 6 can be used effectively as a
advertising medium, such as displaying the name of the store and the tagline of the store, and
further displaying advertisements by soliciting sponsors.
As described above, the microphone cover of the present invention is suitable for use in
microphones used by many people in a karaoke shop, etc., and it is easy to use and disposable. It
is extremely hygienic to use. Furthermore, disposal after use can be easily carried out by
incineration or the like. And since this microphone cover can be provided at very low cost, for
example, it can be favored by many customers by providing it as a free service product of a
karaoke shop.