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[Industrial field of application] The present invention is used by a sweat-absorbent cover for
headphones, more specifically, used by pilots and other crew members, ground guidance
personnel, workers of high-noise work places, performers of rock bands, etc. The present
invention relates to a sweat-absorbing cover attached to headphones.
2. Description of the Related Art Although the above pilots and workers keep wearing
headphones for a long time for the purpose of communication etc., they often sweat during that
time. However, the ear pad of the headphone is made of synthetic leather, synthetic rubber, etc.
and not only feels so good but also does not absorb sweat, so it may not be uncomfortable when
As described above, in the case of the conventional headphone, it has a bad feel when worn for a
long time, it is uncomfortable when sweating, and it is also unsanitary. Therefore, the present
invention is detachable to the ear pad portion of the headphone and can be worn in close contact
with it, to improve the feel at the time of wearing the headphone, and to use without feeling
unpleasant even when sweating It is an object of the present invention to provide a sweat-
absorbing cover for headphones that enables the headphones to be kept clean.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a cylindrical cover is formed of a
hygroscopic stretchable material, and a non-metallic fixing ring such as nylon resin is wrapped
on one side of the cover. In addition, the above-mentioned problem is solved with the sweat
absorbent cover for headphones which wraps the rubber ring on the other side.
【Operation】 When the fixing ring is inserted into the ear pad while pressing and contracting
with a finger and then released, the fixing ring is restored to a circular shape and pressed against
the inner wall of the ear pad, so that the cover is attached to the ear As the cover has a sweat
absorption function, the discomfort caused by perspiration is removed while wearing
present invention will be described with reference to the attached drawings.
FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view of an embodiment of the present invention.
In the figure, a cover 1 is excellent in sweat absorption properties such as cotton, and made of a
stretchable material. One side of a finished cover 1 is folded back in a cylindrical shape with both
sides open, and a fixing ring 2 is wrapped there. The fixing ring 2 is made of, for example, a
nonmetal wire such as a nylon resin wire having a diameter of about 2.5 mm in order to avoid
electrical failure. The other side of the hippo-1 is also turned back, and the rubber ring 3 is
wrapped there.
FIGS. 2 to 5 show a method of attaching the cover 1 to the headphone main body 4. First, the
fixing ring 2 of the cover 1 is inserted into the ear pad 5 of the headphone main body 4 while
pressing and contracting with the finger (FIG. 2). Then, when the finger is released, the fixing
ring 2 is restored to a circular shape, and comes into close contact with the inner back wall of the
ear pad 5 so that the cover 1 can not be easily removed from the ear pad 5 (see FIGS. 3 and 6). ).
Next, the cover 1 is turned while spreading the rubber ring side of the cover 1 and the ear pad 5
is applied so as to wrap around (FIGS. 3 to 6). At that time, the rubber ring 3 is compressed and
tightly attached to the outer side of the ear pad 5 so that the entire cover 1 is in close contact
with the ear pad 5 and covers the whole. When removing the cover -1, the reverse operation to
the above may be performed.
[Effects of the Invention] The present invention is as described above and can be easily detached
from the headphone, and can be attached in close contact without loosening to the ear pad of the
headphone, and its good feel and sweat absorption effect Therefore, even if headphones are kept
worn for a long time, there is no unpleasant feeling, and there is an effect that the headphones
can be kept clean, and there is also a cold protection effect when it is cold.