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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction of headphones.
2. Description of the Related Art As a conventional sound field type headphone (A) As shown in
FIG. 3 as a Stax sound field type headphone, the sounding unit 1 is set obliquely (not shown) or
perpendicular to the ear 2 The sound field is appropriately localized to the front, and the sound
storage unit is appropriately reflected to the ear by making the box containing the sound
generation unit 1 a cage structure 3 and having a certain volume. This produces a sense of sound
near the speakers by delivering a sound with phase difference to the ear.
(B) As shown in FIG. 2 as AKG company sound field type headphones, the sound generation unit
1 itself is slightly separated from the ear 2 to give a feeling of sound field close to the speaker.
At that time, the sounding unit 1 is set obliquely to the ear as in Stax.
However, measures against the feeling of the sound field in the conventional headphones have
been taken individually in the sound generation unit at the left and right of the ear in both Stax
and AKG. The structure has a feature that there is no crosstalk at all compared to listening with a
This is an advantage over a compact disc (CD), or in the case of software that emphasizes sound
field, the speaker has no advantage.
However, on the other hand, since there is no crosstalk at all, the impression that it is ringing
near the ear, that is, the ear is obsessed. The reason for this is that the ear obtains information on
the distance also from the amount of crosstalk on the left and right.
In conventional headphones, since no consideration is given to this crosstalk amount or it is
designed on the premise that there is no crosstalk from the beginning, when listening to music
etc. with headphones excluding special software, the speaker The sense of incongruity comes out
by all means compared with the time of. The situation is completely the same as crosstalk is not
taken into consideration for sound field type headphones of Stax and AKG.
An object of the present invention is to provide a headphone which is improved in the sound field
of the headphone by solving the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art and controlling the
crosstalk amount.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The gist of the present invention resides in that a headphone is
provided with a reflection plate of sound waves to control the amount of crosstalk, thereby
improving the sound field feeling of the headphones.
That is, in the above-described object of the present invention, in the headphone supported by
the headband so that the sound generation unit can be applied to both ears, the open air type is
used as the sound generation unit, and the sound emitted from the sound generation unit of each
ear is reflected between both ears This is achieved by means of headphones characterized in that
a parabolic reflector is attached to the outside of each of the sound producing units via a support
The sound producing unit in the present invention is of the open air type, and its size is
preferably small (30% or less of the usual size).
In the present invention, as a support rod for supporting the reflection plate on the outside of the
sound generation unit, an appropriate distance is taken so that the sound from the sound
generation unit is spread by the reflection plate.
The dimensions of the parabolic reflector are 1 to 20 cm in the vertical direction and 1 to 30 cm
in the horizontal direction, and in particular the size and arrangement of the horizontal direction
are such that sounds emitted from the sound producing units of each ear are reflected between
the two ears. As an example, it is desirable to extend beyond the tangent of the back of the
person wearing the same.
The parabolic shape may be horizontal, and the vertical direction may be linear, but in some
cases the reflector may be parabolic.
This causes the left and right sounds to be reflected to each other.
Also, a reflector having a large number of holes with a radius of 1 μm to 3 cm is used.
One embodiment of the headphone of the present invention will be described with reference to
the drawings.
However, the present invention is not limited to the present embodiment.
FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the structure of a headphone according to the present invention.
The structure is such that an open air type sounding unit 5 having a normal headband 4 is
attached with a reflection plate 7 via a support rod 6.
Of the sound waves emitted from the sound generation unit 5, those emitted directly toward the
ear 2 are recognized as sounds immediately. Next, most of the sound waves emitted toward the
outside of the ear are reflected by the reflector 7 and return to the ear. Since these sounds come
back later than the sound waves radiated toward the ear, the ear recognizes as a phase difference
component and creates a sense of presence. Also, it gives a sense of sound pressure around the
ear, which also contributes to the sense of presence. Further, the sound wave reflected and
diffracted by the end of the reflecting plate 7, especially in this case by the reflecting plate that
has leaked from the back of the head, reaches the opposite ear 2a or 2b, giving crosstalk
components to both ears, and the sound source is separated from the ear I feel like an illusion.
The above-mentioned work creates a sense of realism and distance from the sound source,
creating a sense of sound near the speakers.
According to the headphone of the present invention, the sound can be localized at a relatively
distant natural position in the front by adding a sense of distance closer to the case of listening to
a speaker by controlling the amount of crosstalk by the control of the crosstalk amount. It can.
Also, by reducing the feeling that the sound clings to your ears, you can reduce fatigue and
enable long-time hearing.
Also, even if you listen to soft or monaural software, it prevents the sound from being localized in
your head.