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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
high sound radiation reinforced cone speaker in which a voice coil is formed on a dust cap to
enhance radiation of high sound, particularly in a cone speaker. 2. Description of the Related Art
A conventional loudspeaker of this type has a voice coil (5) attached to the end of a cone-shaped
diaphragm (1) and a voice coil (5) in an annular magnetic gap (4) formed in a magnetic circuit. )
Is suspended and supported by a damper (9). [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] In this
type of conventional loudspeaker, another flat ceramic speaker was attached to the tip of the
diaphragm, in the case where the reproduction of the high range is particularly required. Since
the speaker is a separate speaker, the cost is high, and the reproduction efficiency in the high
range is not improved so much. In addition, dust, iron powder, etc. get into the magnetic circuit
in the speaker having a general cone-shaped diaphragm, A dust cap (2) is attached to the base of
the diaphragm (1) so as not to generate a magnetic air gap defect. And, since the diaphragm (1)
radiates the reproduction range of the wide sound range, there is a problem that the
reproduction condition of the high sound range is particularly disadvantageous. Then, in order to
solve the problem which such a conventional speaker had, this invention pays attention to a dust
cap (2), and the acoustic radiation of the whole speaker is made to have the activity which
reproduces a high sound area. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker for the
purpose of improving and improving the radiation efficiency particularly in the high frequency
range. The constitution of the present invention for achieving the object will be described with
reference to FIG. 1 showing a cross section corresponding to the embodiment and FIG. 2 showing
the same plane. In the speaker, the high-frequency radiation coil (3) is attached in a spiral shape
to the dust cap (2) attached to the base of the diaphragm (1) so that an audio current can be
applied. It is a high sound radiation reinforced cone type speaker. Since the present invention is
configured as described above, an electrical input may be applied and used as a normal speaker.
As a result, an audio current flows through the high-pitched coil formed on the dust cap (2), and
the dust cap (2) vibrates to generate sound. That is, the dust cap (2) operates as a tweeter (highpitched dedicated speaker). An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIGS. 1 and 2. FIG. The dust cap (2) of the cone-shaped speaker (10) is usually a thin
spherical shell as shown in FIG. 1, and is attached to the base of the diaphragm (1) to cover the
magnetic gap (4).
Therefore, the dust cap (2) per se vibrates in phase with the longitudinal vibration of the
diaphragm (1) and the voice coil (5), and it is not expected that the dust cap itself (2) itself emits
the vibration noise. In the invention, the function as a sound emission radiator is actively made to
strengthen the reproduction of the high range which is deficient in general speakers. That is, in
the cone-shaped speaker (10), the high-sound radiation coil (3) is formed in a spiral shape by
attaching it to the spherical shell-shaped dust cap (2) attached to the base of the diaphragm (1).
(A means for forming a high sound radiation reinforced cone-shaped speaker (1 high sound coil
(3) having a configuration capable of applying an audio current); a coil formed by winding
separately in a spiral shape; It may be attached to (2), or may be printed on the surface (rear
surface) of the dust cap (2) and molded. A magnet (6) of a magnetic source for forming a
magnetic field is attached to the tip of the center pole (7), is magnetically distributed in an
annular shape, and is induced to be generated by being linked to the coil (3). The lead wire (8)
draws out and connects the flexible wire from both ends of the coil (3). The shape of the
diaphragm may be any of a right conical shape, an elliptical cone shape, a rectangular shape, etc.
It is preferable to combine with a cone-shaped diaphragm. Although the embodiments considered
to be representative of the present invention have been described above, the present invention is
not necessarily limited to only the structure of these embodiments, and includes the abovedescribed components according to the present invention, and In order to achieve the purpose
mentioned above, the present invention can be suitably modified and implemented within the
range having the effects mentioned below. [Effects of the Invention] As already apparent from
the above description, according to the present invention, a coil of high sound radiation (3 in
spiral form) is attached to a spherical shell dust cap (2) attached to the base of the diaphragm (1).
High-contrast radiation-enhanced cone-type speaker (10) configured to attach and form an audio
signal, and expect a remarkable effect in practical use to be able to enhance abundant radiation
in the high-frequency range. It came to be able to do. Further, since the present invention can be
formed by directly attaching printed wiring or separately formed coils to the dust cap (2), it can
be expected that the structure can be simplified and the cost can be reduced. It came to