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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
voice output device used together with a display device such as a paper handling device, and
more particularly to a voice guidance output device used together with a transaction processing
display device in an automatic cash handling device. The present invention relates to a suitable
operation guidance system.
2. Description of the Related Art As a conventional paper handling apparatus, for example, in an
automatic teller machine, as shown in Hitachi HT-2806 automatic teller machine outline book
(November 1975 (first edition)) , There is only one speaker used for voice guidance, and the
operation guidance necessary for the transaction selected by the user has been performed with a
flat voice that can be heard from one place in parallel with the image display such as CRT display
etc. .
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The above-mentioned prior art uses a single speaker for voice
guidance performed in conjunction with the display of operation guidance, so the voice becomes
flat and audible from one place. There is.
When the user actually tries to operate according to the image displayed on the transaction
processing display device, although the display content can be confirmed by voice, there arises a
problem such as having to look for the actual operation position with eyes. For this reason, the
user is burdened with visual search for the operation position.
The above object can be achieved by utilizing a stereo effect by using a plurality of speakers as
voice output means for voice guidance performed in combination with image display of operation
By using a plurality of speakers, sound can be converted from planar information to stereoscopic
For example, by applying the present invention to an automatic cash handling apparatus, since
voice guidance can be heard from near the actual operation position, the transaction operation of
the user is smoothly performed.
handling apparatus (ATM) will be described as an example of the present invention, in which four
voice output means are used. FIG. 1 is a system configuration diagram of the present invention. A
control signal related to operation guidance output from the ATM main controller 1 is sent to the
voice guidance controller 2. The voice guidance controller 2 sends a voice guidance signal
corresponding to the signal to the phase control means 3 according to the contents of the sent
signal. The audio signal input to the phase control means 3 and processed in accordance with the
phase to each output part is sent to the volume control means 4 and further processed in
accordance with the volume to each output part. Output to 6, 7, 8 To the individual audio output
means, audio signals having different characteristics with respect to phase and volume are sent.
The voice output means 5, 6, 7, 8 are electronic sounding devices such as speakers.
FIG. 2 shows an embodiment in which the system shown in FIG. 1 is incorporated into an ATM.
Here, the operation guide of the "drawout" will be described as an example. From the menu
displayed on the CRT display 22 of the operation panel, "draw" is selected by pressing the
transaction selection key 21. Next, a message Please insert a card is displayed on the CRT
display 22 and the card / table handling instruction lamp 16 flashes to indicate where to insert
the card, and there is an audio guidance Please insert a card . The voice at this time is
outputted from the voice guidance controller 2 and is outputted from the voice guidance
speakers 10, 14, 15, 20 through the phase control means and the volume control means. Since
signals with characteristics such as volume and phase are changed are sent to the individual
speakers, the sound from the speakers sounds to the user as if it were coming out from near the
card entrance 17. For example, in order to make sound come out from the vicinity of the card
inlet 17, assuming that the volume ratio of each speaker is V10, V14, V15, V20 and the phases
are を 10, 1414, Φ15, Φ20, respectively, V10 = 0 , V14 = 0.4, V15 = 1, V20 = 0.9, 1010 = Φ14
= Φ15 = Φ20 = 0 °. Also, in order to make the sound come out from the vicinity of the
operation panel 22, similarly, the ratio of the volume of each speaker is V10 = 0, V14 = 0.4, V15
= 1, V20 = 0.9, and the phase is It is sufficient to set Φ10 = 0 °, 1414 = 180 °, Φ15 = 180 °,
and 2020 = 0 °. Thereafter, transaction operations are smoothly performed without sense of
incongruity by a passbook or password input, money amount input, cash receipt and voice
guidance emitted from the vicinity of the corresponding operation position in the same
procedure, and a series of transaction processing ends. Moreover, it is possible to provide a
comfortable operation environment by playing music etc. using four speakers in the waiting time
until all the input is completed and the user receives cash.
FIG. 3 shows an embodiment in which the system of FIG. 1 is incorporated into an input device
combining a touch panel and a CRT display. When the display information on the operation panel
unit consisting of a CRT display and a touch panel is plural, for example, when the screen is
divided into four and information is displayed, the speaker closest to each divided screen
becomes the main voice By controlling the voice guidance signal output from the guidance
controller using the phase control means and the volume control means, the user can perform
transaction operation smoothly without being confused by the operation even with the ear.
Thereby, even a visually impaired person can operate the touch panel.
Although the embodiment relating to the automatic cash handling apparatus has been described
above, the present invention can also be applied to other apparatuses using voice guidance, such
as an automatic ticketing machine.
According to the present invention, it is possible for the user to provide position information
suitable for the user's operation by means of voice by spatial localization of the voice obtained
using stereo effects by a plurality of voice output means. It is possible to operate the automatic
machine smoothly without feeling operation mistakes and anxiety.