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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a small space audio room.
2. Description of the Related Art Headphones are one of the foundations of the invention. You
can listen to the required volume at any time, but there are many differences from the usual
audio room speakers such as wearing feeling and sound characteristics.
Problems to be solved by the invention When worn with headphones, the ear is compressed and
hurts. The acoustic characteristics are also different, so that they are close to the acoustic
characteristics of speakers in a normal audio room, and the size of the installation location is
Means for Solving the Problems The user of this invention seems to be a person who can not do
soundproofing of the room, and the shape is shown in FIG. Place the verbal part on the pillow (2),
and attach four speaker units, two on the left and two on the left and right at the height of the
ears, and a few on the back. Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the AA part, showing the right side,
and the main speaker unit (5) is connected to receive the right channel signal of the stereo
system, and the sub speaker unit (7) is connected with the left channel signal. Connect to change
volume control knob (4), left side up and down reverse connection, sound insulation cover (1) up
and down
[Operation] By attaching several speaker units to improve the acoustic characteristics, sound
quality improvement, inevitable sound effects, and a structure that wraps the head, so there are
few sound leaks and installation is easy.
EXAMPLES Example 1 Example 1 will be described based on FIG.
This figure is a perspective view of the invention and an example of use is shown in FIG. 3, but
FIG. 1 is referred to as the head portion and has such a size so as not to limit the installation
Embodiment 2 Embodiment 2 will be described based on FIG. In the sectional view of FIG. 1A-A,
the speaker units are shown at 5, 7 and 8, the main speaker unit (5) connects the right channel
of the stereo amplifier, and the sub speaker unit (7) the volume of the left channel. There is no
limitation on the connection method for the rear speaker unit (8), so that the adjustment knob (4)
can be variably connected. Also, the sound insulation cover (1) can be raised centering on the
bearing (10).
Third Embodiment A third embodiment will be described based on FIG. This figure shows an
example of use, and the part called the head of FIG. 1 is attached to a seat combination stand (9),
a person is arrange ¦ positioned, and the use condition is shown.
Fourth Embodiment A fourth embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. This figure is
one of the installation examples, and shows the same usage as that of FIG. 3 with the sound
insulation cover (1) raised when not in use in the state of being attached to the rack.
[Effect of the invention] With this device, sound insulation can be enjoyed regardless of the time
zone, easy to hear sound quality, surround sound of movies and sports, it can be installed at a
low price, and substitute for the audio room It is a device to become.