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The present invention relates to a cylindrical acoustic transformer for efficient acoustic
radiation.-In general, in an acoustic system, the primary and secondary voltages of the electrical
transformer in the electrical system are proportional to the number of turns. Similarly, assuming
that the area of the opening of the diaphragm is sl, and the area of the opening at the other end
is is2, the force acting on the cross section of the opening S2 is proportional to the crosssectional area S2 / S1. In order to use this principle to efficiently improve acoustic radiation and
improve frequency characteristics, widely used in general are acoustic transformers called
conical horns or exponential horns. is there. However, because the conical horn or the
exponential horn is designed for cases where it is necessary to produce sound over a wide
frequency range, the shape and size are not necessarily suitable for easy carrying. . The present
invention differs from such conventional acoustic transformers in that it is an acoustic
modification designed to be compact, portable and efficient in acoustic radiation, even with a
limited range of frequencies. It is The details will be described in the embodiment. Inserting a
cutting insert (2) with a certain width into a cylinder (1) made of a hard material such as metal or
plastic, the sounding body (3) is placed at one end of the cylinder insert. The diameter of the
inner surface of the cylinder or the length of each side matches the diameter or the length of
each side of the outer surface of the sounding body, and there is no gap between the inserted
sounding body and the cylinder. Is inserted so as to face the inner surface of the tube. With such
a structure, the sound emission efficiency is not improved by merely attaching a cylinder to the
sounding body (cross-sectional area S1 of sounding section = cross-section 1s2 of opening), while
apparent appearance of opening The cross-sectional area S3 is the cross-sectional area S2 + of
the opening (width W of the cut portion × length L of the cut-in portion), and it has been
experimentally confirmed that the value of the acoustic radiation efficiency is approximately S3 /
S1 times . However, an acoustic transformer of such a construction can not improve the radiation
efficiency over a wide frequency range like a conical horn or an exponential horn, and therefore
the shape, width, length, etc. of the cut portion It should be determined by the band of the
frequency that you want to improve the radiation efficiency most ◇
Brief description of the drawings
The first view is a front view and the left and right side views according to the first claim of the
present invention. The second view is a front view and the left and right side view according to
the second claim of the present invention. The front view and the left and right side views
according to the third claim of the present invention are the front view according to the fourth
claim of the present invention, and the left and right side view 1Δ is the perspective view (1) of
the embodiment of the present invention The tube (2) is the cut part (3) the sounding body