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The present invention relates to the processing of speaker back tones. In general, when
reproducing sound with a speaker, it strikes against the back wall of the box (3) in FIG. 1 and
reflects it to generate coarse modulation distortion. In addition, standing waves have a major
drawback, such as causing the resonance of the speaker box (3) to deteriorate and deteriorating
the sound quality. The present invention solves this drawback. 2 and 3 are front and crosssectional views of a diffuser according to the present invention. The speaker (1) collides with FIG.
4 and the fifth diffuser (2) to be reflected and changed in direction, and shows that a standing
wave is not generated inside the speaker box (3). FIG. 7 shows a diffuser (2) attached by a fixture
(8), which can cope with a deep speaker box (3). As described above, if the speaker according to
the present invention reproduces sound using the speaker, resonance of the speaker box due to
standing waves can be eliminated, cross modulation distortion can be reduced, and the speaker
box can be made thin. It has an enormous feature. The material of the diffuser is metal 9 paper,
plastic, etc. If it is made of plastic by molding, cost is low and adhesion to the speaker is easy.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 shows a typical speaker playback system.
2 and 3 show the diffuser of the present invention. 4 and 5 show the diffuser of the present
invention attached to the speaker. FIG. 6 shows the diffusion of sound by the diffuser of the
present invention inside the speaker box. FIG. 7 shows the diffuser of the present invention
attached to a fixture. l ···································· Diffuser 3 ··········································· Screw mounting hole 5
··············································) -7 Paper 8 ······························································································ Yamazaki 4TII]