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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a speaker device capable of reproducing sound with
excellent sound quality in a whole range. A speaker diaphragm (1) is provided with a weir (2) and
has an umbrella-like structure, thereby reducing voices of opposite phase generated behind the
speaker. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Speaker diaphragm and speaker device
The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm having an umbrella-like structure, and a
speaker device.
Conventional loudspeaker diaphragms are conically or planarly formed.
Also, in the conventional speaker device, these diaphragms are vibrated back and forth by an
electromagnet or the like to reproduce sound.
A conventional speaker device reproduces voice by back and forth movement of a diaphragm.
As a result, a sound of reverse phase is generated behind the speaker, and cancels out the sound
of the normal phase emitted from the front of the speaker, so that the sound quality is
deteriorated particularly in the reproduction of the bass range.
As a means to compensate for this deterioration in sound quality, a speaker device is put in a
housing called an enclosure to absorb opposite phase sound, or to delay the opposite phase
sound by a half phase time, and output from a hole called a port There is a way to
However, by inserting the speaker device into the housing, resistance occurs in the operation of
the diaphragm and distortion occurs in the sound.
In addition, since the voice output from the port is delayed by a half phase only at a specific
frequency, distortion occurs at other frequencies.
The present invention is intended to solve such a problem, and it is an object of the present
invention to obtain a speaker device capable of reproducing sound with excellent sound quality
in the whole range.
In order to solve this problem, the present invention is characterized by forming a fold on the
diaphragm (1), forming a weir (2), or providing an weir (2) with a material of a speaker edge or
the like to form an umbrella shape. I assume.
By moving the diaphragm so as to open and close the umbrella, the volume of the space
surrounded by the diaphragm changes, and the air vibrates to generate a sound.
Compared to the conventional speaker device, the generation of the sound of the opposite phase
to the rear of the speaker diaphragm is reduced, and the deterioration of the sound quality is
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
A speaker diaphragm (1) is provided with a weir (2) and divided into a plurality of regions, and
the diaphragm is formed into an umbrella shape as shown in FIG.
The tip of the bending and extension portion (5) of the actuator (3) having a pantograph
structure and the speaker diaphragm (1) are joined by a bone (4).
An electromagnet (7) is provided on the two swinging parts (6) of the actuator, and the swinging
part (6) is made to approach / separate by passing a current.
The flexion and extension (5) flexes and stretches, moving the bone (4) joined to the flexion and
extension (5).
The divided portions of the speaker diaphragm (1) operate simultaneously, and the umbrellashaped speaker diaphragm (1) opens and closes.
The volume of the space enclosed by the speaker diaphragm (1) changes, and the air vibrates to
reproduce sound.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The external view of the speaker diaphragm in one
Embodiment of this invention.
The side view of the speaker apparatus which uses the speaker diaphragm shown in FIG.
The external view of the actuator in one embodiment of the present invention.
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