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An object of the present invention is to provide a speaker moving device capable of enjoying the
presence of a large size by rotating a speaker position to the left and right even in a small main
body. SOLUTION: A rotary shaft is provided at lower end portions on both sides of a radio
cassette player main body so that a speaker interval is expanded by rotationally moving a
speaker portion to the left and right. [Selected figure] Figure 2
Speaker mover of radio cassette player
The present invention is intended to increase the sense of presence by rotating and expanding
the speaker portion of an audio apparatus radio cassette player in which a speaker and an
amplifier are integrated.
The speaker part of the conventional radio cassette was fixed to the left and right of the radio
cassette body.
There were the following problems for that.
(A) There is a sense of lack of presence because the left and right speakers are fixed in a narrow
(B) The main body becomes large to give a sense of reality by fixing the state where the left and
right speakers are spread on both sides.
A rotary shaft is provided at the lower end of both sides of the radio cassette player main body,
so that the speaker interval is expanded by rotating the speaker portion left and right.
Even with a small main unit, you can enjoy the sense of realism by expanding the speaker
position to the maximum.
Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described.
(A) Rotate the speaker (2) of the radio cassette player (1) by 90 degrees to the left and right with
the rotation shaft (3) provided at the left and right outer lower part.
(B) The distance between the speakers (2) is expanded by rotating. The present invention enjoys
realistic sounds with the above configuration.
The front view of this invention The top view which shows the use condition of this invention
Cross section of this invention
Explanation of sign
1 Boombox main body 2 Speaker 3 rotation axis