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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a surround headphone capable of hearing real threedimensional sound in front and rear, left and right. SOLUTION: By incorporating two audio
speakers in each of left and right headphones, it is possible to recognize left and right before and
after sounds, and to hear realistic surround sound. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Surround Headphones Detailed Description of the Invention
The present invention incorporates two audio speakers in the interior of the left and right
headphones. From these four speakers in total, you can hear the real surround sound before and
after the left and right. Since the conventional headphone incorporates one audio speaker on
each of the left and right sides, this is effective only for the left and right stereophonic sound but
not for the front and rear stereophonic sound. The present invention makes it possible to hear
surround sound with even more realism since the left and right front and rear sounds can be
recognized. This will be described below; (a) The two speakers inside the left and right
headphones are connected by the respective three-core speaker cords. One of the three cores is
the ground. (B) Left and right headphones, two sets of three-core speaker cords for the left / right
of the speaker output terminal of AV amplifier for 4.1 / 5.1 / or 6.1ch, left after voice, right
before voice, right after voice or Connect to an AV amplifier with an equivalent output terminal.
The ground is connected to the ground terminal of the AV amplifier.
The front view of the lower part of the speaker attachment part and the case part inside the right
headphone according to the present invention as viewed from the upper side. The lower part of
the speaker attachment part of the right side headphone of the present invention as viewed from
the front Front view of the lower part of the speaker attachment part of the horn
Explanation of sign
1 is audio right rear speaker 2 is audio right front speaker 3 is shielding board 4 is three core
speaker cord 5 is ear cushion 6 is headphone case 7 is audio left rear speaker 8 is audio left front