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【Issues】 In the construction industry, there are many serious labor accidents caused by
construction machinery each year. A number of hazard detection systems have been developed,
but the main method is to warn the danger with a warning sound, and there are many cases
where the warning sound is frequently emitted for the purpose of wide area detection and the
operator intentionally turns off as an accident prevention measure Was inadequate. According to
the present invention, since the directivity of an ultrasonic sensor used in a sensing unit installed
in a construction machine can be improved (a malfunction is sharply reduced), a person enters a
blind spot behind the side during work. It can be automatically stopped when it is detected
(turning / retracting). This can be expected to be effective in preventing serious labor accidents.
[Selected figure] Figure 1
Detailed Description of the Invention
The present invention is an ultrasonic control device for enhancing the directivity of an
ultrasonic sensor used for an approach / risk detection automatic stop device for a construction
Since ultrasonic waves are emitted at a semicircle / 180 ° distance of about 10 m and detect a
wide range of people and obstacles and emit a warning sound frequently, there is a tendency for
work efficiency by construction machinery to fall.
Problems that the Invention is to Solve
When a conventional ultrasonic sensor is used in the method of detecting danger of construction
equipment, a warning sound is emitted frequently, and construction equipment operators often
turn off the ultrasonic sensor, which makes it difficult to prevent work-related accidents. By
controlling the ultrasonic sensor in the invention, the directivity can be enhanced and the
effectiveness of the work injury prevention, which is the original purpose, can be enhanced.
Means to solve the problem
Adopt a control method to improve directivity for the ultrasonic wave transmission / reception
sensor (in combination with the transmission distance set on the electronic circuit board) and set
the transmission width.
By being able to control the ultrasonic waves, it is possible to avoid the danger of the rear side
becoming blind spot from the operator when turning and reversing the construction machine.
The present invention can help prevent serious labor accidents in the construction industry.
Embodiments of the invention will be described based on examples with reference to the
1 is a drawing of an ultrasonic control apparatus.
Figure 2
It is a detail view of an ultrasonic control device.
Effect of the invention
The present invention is an "ultrasonic sensor used in an approach / risk detection automatic
stop device" control device capable of preventing serious labor accidents caused by construction
machines in the construction industry.
By improving the directivity, it is possible to dramatically reduce the number of malfunctions
found in conventional ultrasonic sensors, and to achieve improvement in work efficiency and
prevention of labor accidents.
It is drawing of an ultrasonic control apparatus. It is a detail view of an ultrasonic control device.
Explanation of sign
1) Horn section 2) Ultrasonic sensor vibration absorption / waterproof packing 3) Waterproof
ultrasonic sensor 4) Case 5 Horn back L = 10 mm 6 Horn thickness 2.5 mm 7 The back of the
horn o15 超 8 ▼ ultrasonic wave passage hole o 3 to o 6 ▼ 9 隙間 gap between horn and sensor
1 mm to 3 mm 1010 ホ ー ン horn L = 38 mm 11 11 口径 horn diameter o 42 12 12 装置
control device L = 67 mm