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[Problem] A microphone used in a karaoke shop or the like is unsanitary such that an unspecified
number of people put on lips and smells when it adheres to saliva, and it is likely that some kind
of disease will pass when used next time . There is no microphone cover that can be easily
installed, even if each person can use it exclusively, and the sound can pass through even if it is
attached to the sound collection unit, and the outer shape of the microphone sound collection
unit may vary. SOLUTION: A microphone is provided with an exclusive cover. There is a hole 2 in
the microphone cover, and even if the outer shape of the microphone sound collecting part is
different with the magnet 3, it can be attached by making the cover large, and it can be easily
detached by magnetic force. [Selected figure] Figure 1
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the
shape and attachment of a cover of a microphone sound collecting unit used in a karaoke shop or
the like. [0002] As shown in FIG. 2, the conventional cover utilizes the friction between the outer
diameter of the microphone and the inner diameter of the cover as shown in FIG. 2 and can not
be mounted unless the dimensions match. In addition, it is for protecting the microphone from
external pressure, and it is difficult to pass the sound when attached. It is easy to put on and take
off through voice and there is nothing disposable. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION However,
according to the above-mentioned prior art, the outer diameter of the microphone and the inner
diameter of the cover must be matched, and the sound is difficult to pass. Microphones used in
karaoke shops and the like use a single microphone by many unspecified people, and their lips
are not attached to the microphone, saliva is attached, and hygiene is not good. Furthermore, it is
possible for the next person to use the disease of the previous person. There is also concern that
one's illness will be passed on to the next person using the microphone. Then, this invention
makes it a subject that even if it is covering, an audio ¦ voice reaches a sound collection part, it
can mount ¦ wear with even if the external shape of a microphone sound collection part varies,
and it can remove ¦ desorb easily. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve the above
problems, the invention of claim 1 is a microphone cover characterized in that a magnet is
attached to the microphone cover and a magnetic force is used for attachment and detachment.
The invention according to claim 2 is the microphone cover characterized in that the sound is
transmitted to the sound collecting portion even when the microphone cover is pierced with a
plurality of holes. In the third aspect of the present invention, the cover used by the user
becomes a mark by attaching a color, a pattern, and a picture, and it can be confirmed that the
cover is dedicated to the user. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION An embodiment of
the invention is shown in FIG. The main body 1 of the microphone cover is made of plastic resin,
and a large number of holes 2 are opened in the main body 1, and a magnet 3 is attached inside.
In addition, the surface 4 is colored with a color, a pattern, a picture, etc., and an antibacterial
agent is flowing. [Effects of the Embodiment] According to this embodiment, sound is passed to
the sound collecting portion by the function of the hole 2, and even if the microphone cover is
large even if it is large by the function of the magnet 3, it is easy because the detachment is
magnetic force. . Other Embodiments In the embodiment of FIG. 1, the main body has a large
number of holes 2 and is removed by the force of the magnet 3. In another embodiment, there
are no holes in the surface and the inner diameter of the cover It is attached and detached by the
friction of the outside diameter of the microphone.
As described above, according to the present invention, even if the cover is attached, the sound is
passed, and the magnet is attached and the attachment and detachment becomes easy, and the
external shape of the microphone sound collecting unit becomes Even if it is mixed, the inner
diameter of the cover can be made large and it can be attached with magnetic force, and it can be
confirmed that it is private only by putting colors, patterns and pictures, it is clean by using one
person, and the mouth is covered by covering Because it does not stick to the microphone sound
collection section, it is difficult to spread even if the person used before is sick, and there is no
need to worry that people may be ill even if they are ill. Also, it is hygienic to use inexpensive raw
materials, to use them individually, and to make them disposable. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE
DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an embodiment of the present invention. [Fig. 2] Front
view showing prior art [Description of the code] 1 microphone cover body 2 hole 3 magnet 4
surface 5 microphone