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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a multi-functional remote control
intended to control the operation of peripheral devices of a karaoke apparatus and various
external devices of other facilities with a microphone, and is mounted on the microphone by the
user of the microphone. The various switches can be operated to operate various peripheral
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, individual remote controls and combined
intelligent remote controls for each device are commercially available. However, when
performing unique operations for each device or when it is necessary to perform complicated
operations for each model, it has been necessary to manually operate or use a plurality of remote
controls. Furthermore, some devices can not be operated by remote control, and they need to be
operated individually.
In addition, computerization of each device is progressing, and the operation of each device is
complicated. Therefore, in an amusement facility that uses multiple audio devices and lighting
devices, and in stores with karaoke facilities such as karaoke boxes, settings for each device are
fixed and settings that do not use certain functions are provided. The operator operates the
device or sets up an operation program on an individual computer or sequencer to perform
various automatic effects.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An entertainment environment is enhanced by providing an
operation environment easy to be understood by a microphone user by enabling peripheral
devices and external devices having complicated functions to be operated by simple remote
control operation, and conventionally Peripheral devices and external devices that can not be
operated while using the microphone can also be operated at the same time.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention incorporates a switch, a mouse, etc., which
is a general remote control operation method, into a microphone, and utilizes a visual operation
interface to enable bi-directional communication between the remote control unit and the control
unit. By combining the functions, the operator can perform relatively easy operation and operate
various peripheral devices and external devices, and through the computer control and the
computer, other devices and other plural devices can be operated. The main feature is controlling
the computer.
Furthermore, although the microphone and the external device controller are connected by a
composite cable, by incorporating a switch or a mouse into a wireless microphone by radio
waves or infrared rays, it is possible to use the microphone and control the remote control
without being restricted by movement.
plurality of switches on the main body of a microphone, converts switch signals serially, and
enables remote control of an external device by a dedicated interface and an external device
controller by wire or wireless. It is.
EXAMPLES The present invention will be described based on the examples of the present
In this embodiment, the audio device, special effect device and lighting device according to the
present invention are operated, and the main subject of the present invention is the switch
incorporated in the microphone and the operation method relating to the operation. Descriptions
of electronic and electrical systems related to peripheral devices, external devices and light
control will be omitted.
FIG. 1 is a system diagram for explaining an embodiment of the present invention, which is a
method of operating a device by relatively simple switch operation.
1 is a switch, 2 is an encoder circuit, 3 is a serial conversion circuit, F is a composite cable, B is
an external device controller, 6 is a binary conversion circuit, 7 is an external device control
circuit, 8 is an external device, 9 is an expansion circuit , 10 are peripheral devices.
The switch operation of the switch 1 of the microphone A is encoded by the encoder circuit 2,
converted to a serial signal by the serial conversion circuit 3, and connected to the external
device controller B by the dedicated line of the composite cable F.
It is converted into a binary signal by the binary conversion circuit 6 of the external device
controller B, and is output by the external device control circuit 7 as a signal for operating the
external device 8 and the peripheral device 10 or the audio device C. The external device control
circuit 7 is basically a collective device of dedicated control remote controllers of the respective
devices used and is a signal conversion interface.
The external device control circuit 7 outputs an operation signal set in advance based on the
binary signal output from the binary conversion circuit 6. In order to operate a plurality of
functions with a limited number of switches 1, it is possible to operate while changing the
attributes of the switch 1 on the external device controller B side at any time, and whether or not
the switch operation is accepted by the device The external device control circuit 7 returns the
signal to the microphone A to display and notify by the response LED 14.
In addition, the expansion circuit 9 is an expansion I / O corresponding to audio and video, and
the menu screen is displayed on a small-sized liquid crystal TV for hand using a video interface,
and switch operation is displayed by an arrow or image inversion. It is possible to operate while
directly confirming the screen, and it is possible to use an audio monitoring mechanism as
The external device 8 and the peripheral device 10 are various audio devices, computers,
karaoke devices, video devices, lighting devices, air conditioners, etc., and the volume, start /
stop, music selection, light control operation, temperature setting, air volume, etc. of each device.
The various functions can be operated while using the microphone by the switch 1 incorporated
in the microphone A.
FIG. 2 is a view of a wired microphone with a switch operation function, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are
views showing variations of the switch and the microphone.
FIG. 7 shows a microphone with a liquid crystal screen in which a small liquid crystal screen 49
is incorporated in the microphone.
It becomes possible to use a small liquid crystal display as a hand monitor and display image
information and character information by a two-way communication function.
Furthermore, as shown in FIG. 8, by incorporating the small liquid crystal screen 54 with a touch
panel function, the operability can be improved, and the mobility can be increased, and the MC of
the exhibition and the chairperson of the event can directly proceed with the device operation. It
is possible.
FIG. 5 shows another embodiment of the present invention, which is a system in which a
computer with a mouse function microphone D can be operated directly.
Operation signals from the mouse function microphone D are sent by the distributor 23 to the 32
computers a and 24 computers b.
The computer a 32 displays a remote control menu screen on the screen of the monitor
television 31 with dedicated application software, and the user of the microphone D with a
mouse function can operate the device while looking at the remote control menu screen.
The twenty-four computer b incorporates image and sound media, and outputs images and
sounds in response to the operation of the mouse function microphone D.
At the same time, it is possible to output operation signals of various external devices by the
converters 26 and 27 and adjust the volume and the indoor lighting.
In addition, by using multiple microphones with mouse functions and giving each mouse
microphone with a unique address, the device operation can be performed by expanding or
limiting the function of a specific mouse operation microphone. Multiple operators can perform
at the same time, and can cope with large-scale equipment.
Furthermore, the 32 computer a and the 24 computer b and the microphone D with a mouse
function mutually communicate with each other, and by the dedicated application software, the
microphone D with a mouse function simultaneously or alternates the 32 computer a and 24
computers b. It is also possible to provide various information from the 32 computers a and 24
computers b to the microphone D with a mouse function while operating.
This makes it possible for the presenter or user at the amusement facility etc. to directly operate
the computer by mouse operation incorporated in the microphone, and various external devices
such as video equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment etc. via the computer Can be
interactively controlled.
The use of computers also expands the field of air conditioners, door opening / closing, and
operable devices such as BGM devices, and enables the operation of the presentation to be
performed by a small number of staff by enabling more complex device operations. It is possible
for a person to proceed freely, and to improve the effect while reducing the operation cost to the
scale of the facility.
In addition, it is possible to correspond to various devices by changing the switch attribute of the
switch menu by the application program of the computer, and in addition to the remote control
operation menu screen on the screen of the television monitor 31, progression of effects, clock,
script, etc. Can be simultaneously displayed, and it is possible to reduce costs such as preparation
and rehearsal time reduction since it is possible to respond by changing the contents of
production or changing the contents of the program or replacing the CD-ROM or changing the
application software.
FIG. 6 is an implementation diagram of a karaoke system using a microphone E with a trackball
36 is a monitor TV, 37 is a karaoke system, 38 is a distributor, 39 is a main amplifier, 40 is a
speaker, 41 is a computer c, 42, 43 is a converter, 44 is a light control panel, 45 is a large
projector, 46 is Reference numeral 47 denotes a television camera with an external control
A dedicated operation menu software is incorporated in the computer c of 41 and the menu and
the list of songs are displayed on the monitor TV 36 and the large projector 45, and the user
watches the screen while watching the screen and the karaoke system by the microphone E with
trackball function. 37 can be operated to perform operations such as music selection, sound
effects, BGM, BGV, light control, etc. Similarly, music reservation and sound effects, adjustment of
lighting equipment 26 can be performed by the microphone E ′ with track ball function not
used. Light operation etc. can be performed.
Furthermore, it is also possible to operate the television camera 46 with remote control function
in real time and project the singing figure on the large projector 45, using each device using one
or two microphones E with trackball function, It can be operated.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a system diagram illustrating the switch attached to the microphone.
(Implementation figure)
Figure 2 is an illustration of a microphone
FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of a microphone.
FIG. 4 is an explanatory view of a microphone.
FIG. 5 is a system diagram using a microphone with a mouse operation function.
(Implementation figure)
FIG. 6 is a system diagram using a microphone with a trackball function.
(Implementation figure)
FIG. 7 is an explanatory view of a microphone with a liquid crystal screen.
FIG. 8 is an explanatory view of a microphone with a touch panel function.
Explanation of sign
1, 16, 19, 21, 50, 53 switch 2 encoder circuit 3 serial conversion circuit 4, 15, 18, 20, 48, 52
microphone unit 5 transformer 6 binary conversion 7 external device control circuit 8 external
device 9 extension circuit 10 peripheral Equipment 11 Head amplifier 12, 34, 39 Main amplifier
13, 35, 40 Speaker 14, 17 Responding LED 22, 51 Track ball 23, 38 Distributor 24 Computer
b25, 45 Large projector 26, 27, 42, 43 Converter 28 Adjustment Light controller 29 Power
control device 30 Lighting equipment 31, 36 Monitor TV 32 Computer a33 Preamplifier 37 with
external device control function Karaoke system 41 Computer c44 Dimmer 46 TV camera with
remote control function 47 Lighting device 49 LCD screen 54 Touch panel function liquid
product screen A microphone B external device controller C audio equipment D mouse function
microphone E trackball function microphone E 'trackball function Microphone F composite cable