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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
voice control method for a pachinko gaming machine for controlling the sound quality of the
voice output from the speaker of the pachinko gaming machine.
2. Description of the Related Art The circuit configuration of a voice control circuit of a
conventional pachinko gaming machine is shown in FIG. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 10 denotes
a sound source IC which generates a speech signal for synthesized speech and sound effects. The
sound source IC 10 generates an audio signal of the content instructed from the control circuit of
the gaming machine (not shown). Reference numerals 20 and 40 denote filters (A and B) for
removing direct current components of the audio signal. An amplifier 30 amplifies an audio
signal. Reference numeral 50 denotes a speaker for reproducing and outputting an audio signal.
Usually, a capacitor is used for the filter A 20 and the filter B 40, and a capacitor having a
capacitor capacity satisfying the following equation is used. f0 <= f1C = 1 / (2πRZC1) f0 <= f2C =
1 / (2πRZC1)
Here, f0 is the lowest resonance frequency of the speaker 50. f1C and f1C are cutoff frequencies.
Zはアンプ30のインピーダンスである。 R is the input impedance of the speaker 50. Since the
electronic circuit of the pachinko gaming machine can not be enlarged due to the relationship of
the installation space of the game arcade, it is required to use a small speaker 50 as well. For this
reason, the minimum resonance frequency f0 tends to increase as the speaker becomes smaller.
For this reason, many speakers used in pachinko machines have a high minimum resonance
frequency f0. For this reason, the frequency band in which the reproduction output is distorted is
increased, and the sound pressure of the speaker 50 has to be lowered to suppress the distortion.
In the installation environment of the pachinko gaming machine, the sound generated by the
game ball and the sounds generated from other pachinko gaming machines are mixed, and the
larger the sound pressure, the better.
Therefore, conventionally, there is a problem that distortion occurs when the sound pressure of
the reproduced sound is increased, and the sound pressure has to be reduced to eliminate the
Therefore, in view of the above-mentioned point, an object of the present invention is to provide
a voice control method for a pachinko gaming machine in which the balance between sound
pressure and distortion is suitable.
In order to achieve the above object, according to the invention of claim 1, an audio signal
generated by a sound source IC is amplified by an amplifier and reproduced and output from a
speaker. In an audio control method of a pachinko machine provided with two filters for
removing a direct current component of an audio signal between the amplifier and the amplifier
and the speaker, a cutoff frequency of at least one of the two filters Is significantly larger than
the lowest resonance frequency of the speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Embodiments of the present invention will be
described in detail below with reference to the drawings.
The circuit configuration of this embodiment can be the same as that of the conventional
example shown in FIG.
A difference from the conventional method is that at least one of the filter A 20 and the filter B
40 uses a cutoff frequency that is equal to or much higher than the lowest resonance frequency
of the speaker 50.
By using such a cutoff frequency, it has been confirmed by experiments that the output sound is
not distorted even if the sound pressure of the speaker 50 is increased.
As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to increase the sound
pressure of a small speaker used in a pachinko gaming machine as compared to the conventional
case, and moreover, the reproduced output sound is not distorted.