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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Although bone vibration and throat vibration microphones
exist, it is considered good if messages can be obtained even if the sound quality is not good, and
the quality improvement until the speaker is identified is left unchanged However, since the high
frequency range does not extend in the closed case, the sound vibration is transmitted while the
overtone of the piezoelectric ceramic is suppressed too much to adjust the sound quality, and
input to the dynamic speaker unit or amplification electronic circuit. It can convey the highpitched range, become clearer, and it can distinguish the speaker by the distinctive feature of the
voice, and it can be used even during noise and vibration (when wearing a neck)
2. Description of the Related Art In a closed type vibration microphone, the speaker's voice
becomes low or echo enters or muffles, and sometimes it is difficult to determine who is
speaking, and the sound is transmitted in noise or vibration. It was only use
[The problem to be solved by the invention] Although the closed type vibration microphone can
keep the noise and the vibration transmitted to the body low by putting it on the neck, the sound
quality becomes low and it is difficult to determine who is talking, The voice quality is such that it
is possible to determine who is speaking with the characteristics of the speaker's voice and clear
voice like ordinary microphones in the air, as it is difficult to hear echoes in the speaking voice,
or to become trapped. I want to make a closed type vibrating microphone
[Means for Solving the Problems] The flawed sound of the closed microphone has become bass,
and it has become muffled voice and echoed voice, and there is a gap from the speaker's sound
quality, but the piezoelectric ceramic If it is used as it is, the high frequency range will come out
as it is, so the sound quality is improved by narrowing the internal air room or suppressing
vibration of the piezoelectric ceramic with parts for transmission and control of vibration,
dynamic speaker unit or amplified electron It was connected to a circuit and put in a closed
microphone case, and it was made a microphone that senses voice vibration from a part of the
face or head such as the neck or temple near the throat and makes it into voice
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION A vibration is uttered by voice is attached to
light of a neck, a temple, a jaw or the like skin near the throat, and converted into voice of a
[Fig. 2] As in the case of using the external appearance of the microphone, touch the inside of the
microphone to the face or head such as the neck or chin near the temples or vocal cords and
lightly wear it
[Effect of the invention] By sensing the voice vibration with the closed microphone case and
making a microphone voice, it makes it difficult for the external noise and especially the vibration
to enter by wearing the neck, and further the voice quality of the speaker is similar to that of the
conventional air transmission microphone Can convey the talk to the listener without strange
discomfort, and it is a convenient microphone when used on a motorcycle or helicopter