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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
highly efficient, particularly long and compact speaker that has a long sound reach.
2. Description of the Related Art In the conventional horn speaker shown in FIG. 1, the sound
path 2 is lengthened linearly from the sound source unit 1 to enlarge the sound coming out of
the opening 3. However, the whole is long and bulky, and carried It was extremely inconvenient
to use and store, and its performance also reached a distance of at most 800 meters for Sound 4.
Therefore, in order to make the whole compact, as shown in FIG. 2, a trumpet in which the
cylindrical bodies 5 are concentrically overlapped, and the sound path 2 is made between them,
and the sound path is folded back 6 at the end. Although the speaker is known, its efficiency is
reduced due to the sharp folding of its end, distortion of the sound is also generated, and
accordingly, the reach of the sound does not exceed 800 meters, and the sound quality is also
deteriorated. .
The object of the present invention is to make the sound path particularly long, good in sound
quality, easy to process and machine, inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to handle in bulk
without bulk.
According to the present invention, there is provided a partition wall between two planes, which
forms a spiral sound path extending from the sound source section to the opening.
rectangular, and a long sound path which is spirally or arc-shaped is formed by partition walls.
3 to 6 show an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a perspective view, FIG. 4 is a
cross sectional view, 7 is an upper plate, 8 is a lower plate, 3 is an opening from which sound is
produced, 1 Reference numeral 9 denotes a known sound source unit having a magnet, a
diaphragm and a coil, and an exponential partition wall, which has a flat outer shape and is
provided between a rectangular upper plate and a lower plate, and has a spiral sound path 10
As a result, the sound of the sound source part passes through the sound path 10 which spreads
exponentially or hyperbolicly in a sequential manner, and is expanded and emitted from the
aperture 3.
The example shown in FIG. 5 is a method in which the diaphragm of the sound source unit 1 is
vertical and the sound is horizontally emitted into the sound path.
In the example of FIG. 6, the diaphragm of the sound source unit 1 is directed downward, and the
sound is sent into the horizontal sound path as the horizontal direction by the 45 degree
reflecting plate 11.
In FIGS. 7 and 8, the roof plate 13 is mounted on the roof of the light van 12 and one of the
speakers 14 according to the present invention or two as shown in the drawing is mounted
thereon. With two units, if the opening 3 is turned to the left and right so that the radiation of the
sound is in both directions, the roof of the light van can be fully utilized to allow maximum sound
to flow from side to side, which is essential for elections and advertising It will be In addition, the
square side of the speaker main body 14 becomes a tall and wide advertising surface, and the
election candidate name 15 is entered, and the election car which conventionally required both
the speaker and the signboard by the present invention speaker is speech only As it can also be
used, costs will be reduced and the utilization of the roof space of the car will be expanded. FIG. 9
shows an embodiment of the present invention in which the speaker according to the present
invention and the display object for advertisement 16 are placed on the roof of the light van 12
and an election candidate speaker table 17 is provided. The dimensions of the speaker 14 of the
present invention manufactured by the present inventor are 1200 mm in length, 1200 mm in
width, 710 mm in height of the surface of the opening 3, 1000 mm in length, 2000 mm in width
and the like. FIG. 10 shows an embodiment of the present invention in which the length and
width are approximately 1 to 2, and the sound path is made longer in the width and length of the
FIG. 12 of the longitudinal sectional view of FIG. 11 and its plan view is also an embodiment of
the present invention, in which the sound path 10 is bent and overlapped in the vertical surface
direction, and the overlapping surfaces 18, 19 and 20 are partition walls. The more you play, the
longer the sound path. All variations and combinations of the above-described embodiments of
the present invention are included in the present invention.
Industrial Applicability The present invention is extremely advantageous for transportation, use,
storage and the like because a very long sound path emitting a large volume can be
accommodated in a small volume. In addition, since a large volume is generated without
degrading the sound quality, as shown in FIG. 13, the sound can be transmitted up to 1500
meters which is twice as large as that of the conventional product. Alternatively, if the volume is
the same as that of the conventional product, the whole can be extremely reduced. Furthermore,
since it is the structure which can be used as a display and a signboard part for elections and
advertising, a separate signboard becomes unnecessary, and the roof space of the vehicle can be
saved. The present invention is a large invention having remarkable effects on social activities
such as election, advertisement, evacuation notice, and emergency.