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Abstract: A microphone cover for using a microphone cleanly. A clean and designed microphone
cover for use in disposables, in which photographs, advertising content, numbers, symbols,
nicknames, initials, etc. are described for advertising activities and can be understood as one's
own even for many uses. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Use the microphone cleanly.
Technology background
The advertisement cost is applied to the disposable of the microphone cover by making it
disposable to deliver sound while keeping the microphone clean and protected from noise.
The cost for making a disposable microphone cover does not affect the karaoke cost by getting it
from a record company, a sponsor such as a recommended advertisement, or a client.
Means to try to solve the invention
By making the advertisement, the recommended menu, the commemorative photo, and the
design original, you can enjoy singing, talking, playing games etc while keeping the microphone
Effect of invention
The effects of cleaning up by disposables, expressions and advertising in design, and effective
impressions and sales effects that can be enjoyed as original products are also promoted.
Make the microphones clean, noiseless, no chemicals, and use a disposable effect to keep each
microphone and user clean.
By applying an image that fits the microphone as an impression to obtain the original design
from the advertisement, the burden of the expense paid by the user can be reduced, and the cost
of sterilization spray and the like can be reduced by light sterilization.
If it is a disposable microphone cover that is sophisticated by design, keep the user and the
microphone clean while giving the impression as shown in FIG.
And, the disposable microphone cover makes good use of the impression of sponsors as the
advertisement specification for each sales promotion effect, and also enhances the good effect
from those who use the dynamic effect and cleanliness.
You can choose from various layers of net, waterproof effect, aroma and various aroma and
negative ion effects.
By reducing the user's payment by applying a function that does not put noise on the
microphone and noise, advertisement effects can be achieved.
Industrial Applicability
Maintain cleanness with disposable effects, regardless of the need to change and enchant each
expression and impression with a design effect.
And after use, when mixed with waste, it exerts a deodorizing effect, and the ventilation effect of
medicines and safe herbs etc. also improves ventilation in the room.
If you pay for the back-up cost to continue your own clean life from the advertising effectiveness
effect cost, you can equally study the bright and fun industry study and the clean design of good
food source.
The drawing of the detachable part of the present invention The drawing of the advertising part
of the present invention The surface reference drawing of the present invention The reference
design of the present invention The reference surface drawing of the present invention The back
side of the design reference part of the present invention Reference drawing Reference drawing
of expansion and contraction part
Explanation of sign
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 waterproof net part 2 advertisement 3 expansion-contraction part
4 reference part of the picture which smells 5 opening 6 design outer surface 7 inner surface
part 8 reference of the picture which overlapped the opening 9 photo