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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of a magnetic
circuit of a speaker, wherein 1 is a plate, 2 is a yoke, 3 is a magnet, 4 is a pole, 5 is a voice coil, 6
is a porous ceramic sound absorption Each represents a material. FIG. 2 shows a frequency
characteristic diagram, in which A1 represents a speaker to which no sound absorbing material is
attached, and A2 represents a frequency characteristic of a speaker to which the sound
absorbing material of the present invention is attached.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is to provide a speaker intended to
improve the frequency characteristics by attaching a ceramic porous body having high vibration
absorption and sound absorption efficiency to the bottom of the yoke of the speaker. A foam
concrete material is attached to the bottom of the yoke of the speaker as a sound absorbing
material with an adhesive or the like, and a speaker with improved frequency characteristics in
the middle and high tone range is known. However, due to moisture absorption as it changes
over time. There is a defect such as surface deterioration and deterioration, and the sound
absorption efficiency also decreases by 1 to 9 g, L weight and the like due to aging. The present
invention is a speaker in which the above-mentioned drawbacks are improved and the sound
absorbing performance is equal to or higher than that of the foamed concrete, and the porous
ceramic sound absorbing material attached to the bottom of the speaker yoke does not absorb
any moisture with time. To provide The speaker is roughly divided into three parts: the
diaphragm, the vibration system of the edge and the magnetic circuit system such as the magnet,
yoke, and pole, and the frame, and the voice coil fixed to the diaphragm is energized. In this case,
the voice coil vibrates due to the interaction with the magnetic circuit having the magnet, and
this vibration propagates to the diaphragm and the edge to generate sound, but not only the
sound generation system is emitted from the front of the diaphragm, Unnecessary sound
emission from the back of the diaphragm In addition, reflection and diffraction of these sound
waves cause complex peaks and valleys in the frequency characteristics, and also cause
resonance at a specific frequency in the yoke of the magnetic circuit to deteriorate the sound
quality Sound absorbing material 2 that absorbs unnecessary sound on the back of the
diaphragm, such as glass wool lighter than the mass of the vibration system Or disposed, but the
aim of improvement, such as the speaker cabinet by arranging the sound-absorbing 2-wood to
absorb unwanted sound does not reach the necessarily of the new year purposes. The present
invention can significantly improve the frequency characteristics of middle to high frequency
range by sticking a ceramic sound absorbing material to the bottom of the yoke of the speaker.
This will be described below with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 shows a cross-sectional view
of a magnetic circuit in which the porous ceramic sound absorbing material 6 is attached to the
yoke 2 of the Skoker-speaker, annex 1 is a plate, 3 is a magnet, 4 is a pole, 5 is a voice coil. Show.
Fig. 2 is a frequency characteristic diagram, A is the frequency characteristic of the speaker
without the sound absorbing material attached, AI is a porous characteristic used in the present
invention showing the frequency characteristic of the porous ceramic sound absorbing material
of the present invention attached to the same speaker Ceramic body absorbs innumerable pores
obtained by high-temperature sintering of highly rigid ceramic particles and a porous body
having a porosity of 4011+ or more, and absorbs unnecessary sound waves propagated by the
high rigidity and innumerable pores of the ceramic, It is also possible to prevent the resonance of
the yoke which constitutes a part of the magnetic circuit, and it has high sound absorption and
vibration absorption effect).