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Clarification 1) Livestock 1111. Almost four of four 悴 Mike Tsukachi j j j j j j k j j j j j k j j 1 2 1 l
(1) curve 1 self d f: r mystery 欽 ツ 助 力 3 槽 槽 鵠 槽 槽 鵠 鵠 鵠 鵠 鵠 マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク
マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク m: microphone, focus ring or zoom 1) I miss the ring 1. j: j 1 j 1 j 1 j j j j
j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j r j j j j j j j j j j j m j j m j j m j j m j j m j j m j j m j j m j j m j 1 Raw A regular
director. +2) + * Outgoing sheet directly using flight 1 1 anti-fee f; ; Mia Tsukusho 回 ・ 洩 調 直
貝 貝 貝 II II 面 面 面 面 面 予 予. tJJ Aki Fushida 4-support d key 予 and use f: 倚 漱 倚 漱 イ 81
81 81a a 1 6 第 己 4 4 h '' ai flight straight. 3333, 蛤 明 蛤 、, 説明 明説 明明 始 明 マ イ ク に 関
し 1 1 に 関 し に 関 し に 関 し に 関 し に 関 し d, cine camera 4 Reno と Mela · · 鼾 イ 鼾 ノ ノ
同 同 同 同 同 フ フ 1 1 The zoom zoom is performed on the first grade of the eyebrows and the
average size of the letter D is 1 *. Qi 7 recorder '4 α no mike V used for cine メ ラ mera or videy
mera and + ff, generally dull directional to make a sound on the open surface 楽 音 1) ing. In
order to squeeze the bottom sound pressure f of the sound 廓 θ, et al. To make a selection in
which the target in the return distance works in the similar shape L 1 and in the selection
distance ・ In every issue, the film thickness of the V yo film d Cost / Nomera Jigura, a young
man 音 メ ラ Mera Corps of the sound gallery ツ ツ 比 比 比 一 マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク? ! : メ
ラ θ θ す 分 分 Ataf; ・ ら ら ら ツ 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 対 対 対 対 対 対 対 対
対 対 レ 対 レ レ 対 対 レ 対 対 対JrQL is able to support sound sources that are quietly sounded,
and it's not too long. + 蛤 明 is made with a focus on these 6 fish; f, with a focus ring, and with a
focus ring ズ リ ン グ 幼 幼 i f り f f i i i i i i A f%%%%%%%%% に よ っ て4 罐 1 1 1 similar figure
272 47 272 辺 C Nimike and a self-even film ツ replacement neck, etc. 通 ジ ジ ジ マ ス ク マ ス
ク マ ス ク ° ° ° 7 7 か ら か ら 7 from the source No 16 back pressure sound f! : 艮 艮
EndPage: 1: 1 f f:: 0 0 以 ゞ ゞ ゞ 杢 姶 杢 姶 杢 姶 1 1 祝 祝. 弔 1 is a sentence of the cine camera
which is an example of + 明明 1 0 笑 、 、 2 め 安 2 安 斯 斯 斯 斯 斯 斯 斯 斯 レ ン ズ レ ン ズ
説, 説 camera lens conception (1) The focus ring (2) and the zoom ring (3) are & 4.
Then, on the 14th surface of the lens buttocks (1), η d, the corps seat (4) is 'Jr', and the guides 1
and 5) and the electric paths (6) are arranged like a bowl, 10,000, in the circumferential drawing
of the focus ring (2) H1 1 抗 (B5) and 4 俸 (6) squeezing in I * to be squeezed out, B7) is placed, ,
An annulus (6) and a slide-out (7). Fig. 3 taJq Go first plan No. No disfading to the front of the
moon Zhi Mic Z Zu front view, Fig. 3 (O) is the same Tsuku Moshi Tsuno S facing figure, the
microphone is a hemispherical ice plate (9) Placed on the ice plate (9, 1) with respect to the ball
axis (Ivi) in a circle-like shape, and in the shape of a elbow in the figure ノ, f; circular film of
pressure film (A1) ˜ (8.), (B1) ˜ (B36), (Ul) ˜ (C6) s, and that one (1) nci Morishi) material (# not
Δ) is 1 # f; c. FIG. 3 (C) is a drawing of a finger loom and a face J of a plane V1 of the main axis
of the m11l microphone, and in the same figure, a curve (P,) fj: the above-mentioned circular
vibrating member (A1) to (A6) θ 才 成 成 1 生 パ ー 、 ン 、 曲 、 尿 (B2) 円 形 形 子 (A,) 〜 (A6)
、 (B) 〜 (B6) v,> s 成 祐 1 庄 Pattern The curve (B3) is a circular daughter (8,) to (A6), (B3. ) ˜
(B6), (CI) ˜ ((, 6)) θ noko or 41 times, 1 庄 bore each. 41 は is マ イ ク I ijl 1 1 調 生 生 生 ツ プ
ロ 11 11 線 マ イ ク 肘 I 畦 畦 I 肘 畦 1 3 3 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形
円 形 円 形 円 形 円 形A,)-(8,)% (Ijl)-(B36), (Ul)-(C6) Tsuno output, respectively, the same port T
Jade · bowl (陥) ˜ (le,), (le,)律 (El 2) N ('13) B (B 18) 役 f 役 役 域 届 届 届 届 l (l F) F F F. And in the
history, it is examined in the output column of 檜 ・ 1 notification (ilI'1)-(1'6). "I" "擢 擢 ・ 陥 (El)
〜 (B6) s (A,) 〜 (E1 □), (False) 〜 <m,】] to 〇 f, by benefit 41) a) Mother is summerized, and the
output 11ilB of the A-D converter uO1 is I'HJ level 1) throws 1 degree at the wave height, and
the output surface is out. The size is m level 吋 4 侍 0 (辻 状)) 'J:') o '' + hs valley Jl + so he
'W' l '= i (al) ˜ (E, B) 9) 3) The same is true for 3). A-D branch J Q is the output column of the dad
and fixture (8) and converts it to the dinosaur pressure level and the dif ififf, focus ring (2) dino
lEJ for private use θ 0 0 σ σ If the pressure V is 0 ≦ V ≦ V, then both A, B and cvi 1 ) lJ
level If the rotation angle θ is θ, v v 02 02 sono ψ B-The variable resistance (8) v 屯 output 屯
pressure V is in the range of Vl <V v v2 B, O are rHJ, rHJJL, 6 levels respectively, and further, the
rotation angle θ is within the range of θ2 and σ ≦ θ3, and the output low voltage V of the
height guarding antitheft (8) is V2吋 J in the range of V ≦ V6 A, B, 0 Ll −) (J, LJ, L level).
The system is composed on the swimming system f: michigino circulation t-J pressure adjustment
bell-p, -D output of the U-supporter Uψ p high reserve A, 1), U at the ri-IJ level in the bowl So
that $ T variable pitcher (E,) ˜ (B6) sCk! = 7) to (R + 2) s ('i', 5) to (B 18), IIt high-silent J-like 69;
(0) Ui J 71 C 瑳 (B 6) to sloppy dull pan bread! Protect. 促 丙 レ IL レ 丁 丁 d 敢 V よ ツ 副 辺 で
き る 果. If you have a private eye shooting a medium-distance Z-no object, I-I et al.'S focus ring
(2) 's-private θ between σ, 〈σ 2 θ2C7) "Because they meet at k5.rHJ, FJ-, J level
respectively," JRE IJ + "J4 · r% & 、 (El) to (B6), (B7) to (upper row, 2) af, 1 'J to the proposition,'
(support 擢 擢 · # # (El 3) ˜ (E, 8) 利 ケ ケ ケ ケ 昌 昌 司 司 生 生 1 (C) curve Ck in the figure (c),
which is not suitable for the area S, the side of a large f / 1 or 6 pure n town A small area of f or
pameen is smaller than the dungei, and the main directionマ イ ク レ レ レ 1 主 1 f or f f. The
elbow is similar to the end of the huge one, Pa IJ et al. Feeder sling (2) No)-If the rotation angle
θ is in the range of θ2 and θ ≦ σ6, then A-1) Quality rape uQ Reno Field power grace A, 8. U
is ptl-d, rLJ, and rf-J levels, so i. + 栃, <m,> to Ca: 6) v Dare face 1 h in a square shape, 4 ′
change size t ll 1 FA gain (m 7) to (El 2) s (41 !: 13) to C m IB) As Iri is o, and Mike's score
r5J is described in Fig. 3 (OJ curve (Pl) as EndPage: 2P7), the distance between f and f * is more
pronounced compared to the resemblance. , V against the sound corridor of the king 万 可 可?
Figure α5 (The slope of the lens is G ス ス ジ sling din f mf mfR out sheet d reno other 夾 柁 夾
柁 シ シ cine camera Stand l! This is a plan view, and the insulating sheet (4) of the lens having a
dielectric loss ratio of 1 to 1 on the lens surface of the lens 1 (1) I 'is in the form of a J4α two
dino isomorph (61 , +6) are arranged in a machine-like manner, out of a 10,000-fee ス sling (2),
on the ii1 side, a film of 1 Δ 4 beards F 1's, a film of an emollient rate of 1 ing. Fig. 101 shows
the outline of the 8) $ (5), (6) and (7) unrepresented by θ, in the 4 ・ 1 flat 16) the size of one
revolution is circular. (J) and the conductor (the cutting direction llll 禎 of the force is changed to
the groove so as to change continuously corresponding to lEJ rotation of the focus ring (2).
(41) (6) and 辱 俸 (辱 俸 力 力 司 司 司 フ ィ ー フ ィ ー フ ィ ー フ ィ ー フ ィ ー フ ィ ー カ ス
フ ィ ー フ ィ ー ず ず ず 用 (7) I I-I 'J ′ gt 予 (C1) and solid solution t [. 9 JP 56-6994 (35 yarns
(C 2) and 1)] f 15'7 'D 線 、 2 2 2 カ ス カ ス j U ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル ス パ ル スThe
both-wave pulse I'j that is output θ 斐 j gt 宸 (C7) and m 1 foot dJIJ: Gold, nail-carriage beats 1
sprint over Kiko (C 2), direct mud spouting Is detected as Then, at the same time, the At-path @
straight, the nail pressure level A, D, A, D, and C are supplied together. かく(て、フィーカスリン
グ(2)レノI! l! The level of J パ 1 L 1 L L 1 回路 1 回路 nail circuit b ノ が が η 続 level
changes continuously to 4 with J pine, so the output 出 of A-JJ length change duc +> is 7 η The
dimension of the sling (2) is changed to the angle of change in FIG. It is Japan-US-Japan that this
1 volcano placement combination is used as a 11 g side and 1 蛾 σ 1 庄 1 直 tone of 1 蛾 σ
microphone. More than Reno in +-According to Imei, in the short-distance N-like-like shape, the
axis of the microphone is a lno that becomes a dull 'That' in the conventional and + iJ 1 、 14i 22
i # f, itching with a thread V, affls road distance Nonome water-like shape with a feeder sling p,
10 g of a half a michle) 4m I Ei 碗 I-Il-4 Even if it is IJ, I will be masked to the sound of the film,
such as the sound of the film, etc. 6 Good sounding sound of the sound source The sound of the
bottom sound pressure sound It can. By using a microphone on the camera (one foot scale (. · By
placing the salt of the melola more メ ラ (吠 は 急 激 方向 方向 方向 方向 方向 方向 謎 応 じ 応 じ
応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じSound source can be changed, and the effect is a headwear. In the case of
prompting 1 laugh 柁 example, movement of the focus ring f: detection and adjustment of the
microphone control key f l f; but detection of the scratch tb of the zoom ring detection the
adjustment of the microphone ring (l) · 1 庄Even u5Jtik is that it is accompanied by young fruits.
Q お Oh, 夾. In βυ, 櫂 · 1 最 1 Reno IJ 1 size and 8-i, l Support? : Ip Reno output っ て ツ 状 0 0
0 慝 慝;;; 、 イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ))))) ヒ ヒ t t 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ し て も-1 even if
you choose It is a pity that Shii Osamu's merits and demerits are side by side.
4444, rhymein fJ in the drawing: explanation Fig. 1 V. l imprisonment of the cine camera which
is an example of indifference "Fig. 2 is the σ σ pd diagram of the cine camera, Fig. 5 IA) is Fig. 5
1J: [m1, Fig. 3 (D) is one board of the cine camera shown in Fig. 1 (D), and Fig. 3 fc) is the main Il!
Of the same microphone. If the circulation of the face circle to examine lfl 呵) is 丁 バ メ ー v, Fig.
4 v; IL 4 T f 第 Fig. 1 to Fig. 3 の の の の 1 Block No. V block diagram, FIG. 5 (gradient% (0), (c) is
L4J- related to 夾 陀 β り of Akira Aoi. (1) Lens speculation (2) Ficacus ring (3) Zoom ring (4)
Disciplinary sheet (5) Discretionary v (俸) 1 (14 2 (Kai d, 子 child t 8 J gl J J 机 (( 9) 恭 畝 μL l,
lA-D stool gain () (one (... (A6), (Ij1)... (B6), (Ul) · Φ (C6) circular copy End Page: 3P11 CE ··· (E18)
Variable 1 J Field · 1 · Fixture (F)) ··· (1 ′ ′ 6) 擢 6 Jun Gumida! Le 7 Su sinu ° C body type
company Ministry of Foreign Affairs Katya Katsuta part JP JP 56-8994 (4) Fig. 1-叱 EndPage: 4
Fig. 4 C) EndPage: 5