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Cliq Cases – Additional Information
London, UK, May 21, 2014
Android First
Cliq is proud to be Android first. The openness of the platform and adoption of NFC has
allowed us creative freedom. Everyone who wants to take Cliq to the next level deserves the
same flexibility. Cliq will be reprogrammable so it can be used with Tasker, Automateit, and
many other great IFTTT style apps. We hope people will make contextual buttons and find
exciting ways to integrate the case into their lives.
NFC is a fantastic technology which just needs a few creative applications that consumers
will love. We believe the best way to achieve NFC adoption in the general population is to
integrate it into products that improve lives. NFC is a great way to enhance the capabilities of
smartphone cases, and fortunately the list of NFC-enabled phones is constantly growing.
Developing Cliq
Cliq is the brainchild of two recent graduates, Carson and Bobur. Our history of collaboration
began with leading athletics teams at an international school. But, the idea and goal of
building a company together was always there.
Bootstrapping a startup with just two people was challenging. Learning new skills quickly
was essential to get Cliq to its current form. Our garage and kitchen table have become our
headquarters. To make Cliq a reality, we have collaborated with extremely talented
technology companies in the UK, U.S., and Far East.
David vs. Goliath
NPD research valued the case market at $1B USD in 2013. Some of our competitors
valuations are 100s of million of dollars, and still it's the little startups bringing the best
innovations to cases in half a decade.
Why Kickstarter
We chose to launch Cliq on Kickstarter because it allows us to build a global community of
people who love our product. But, just as importantly the funds raised will be crucial for our
first production run, software testing and fulfillment.
The campaign can be found here:
For further questions or requests email [email protected]