DEPARTMENT: Amnesty International in Ukraine
JOB PURPOSE: The Human Rights Education Officer will be responsible for the leading and facilitating
AI UA’s Human Rights Education (HRE) projects and programs as integrated part of AI UA’s campaigning
and growth/activism projects.
DEPARTMENT PURPOSE: Amnesty International in Ukraine campaigns at domestic and international
level, advocating human rights change, mobilising and empowering individuals and civil society and
gathering supporters to take action, informing and educating them through a broad range of ways
about human rights abuses and proposed solutions to achieve human rights positive changes.
AIIS PURPOSE: The International Secretariat, which operates from a number of sites around the world,
gathers and communicates accurate and action-oriented human rights information globally. We
campaign for meaningful human rights change; enable effective human rights activism and work to
persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide
strategic leadership, support and advice to the Amnesty International movement globally, fostering
Amnesty International’s contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.
Reporting to: Director of Amnesty International in Ukraine.
Posts that this job manages: AI UA volunteers and interns
Other key relationships:
o Staff members, supporters, activists, volunteers and other Amnesty International Ukraine
o Partner NGOs;
o Relevant governmental institutions;
o HRE program and departments (other relevant departments) at the International Secretariat
and/or other regional AI’s offices;
o Colleagues from other AI entities.
o Relevant service providers.
 Content work:
o Develop and manage HRE programs and projects for AI Ukraine in consultation with other team
members to ensure that HRE work in integrated in campaigning plans and contributes to the
achievement of growth and activism objectives of AI Ukraine. This includes: projects initiation,
planning, monitoring and evaluation, projects budget management;
o Develop the concept of and manage the web site dedicated to AI Ukraine HRE
o Develop the content for the online HRE courses and adjust it depending on the category of the
consumers/target groups;
o Liaise with PR agencies and/or other relevant service providers in order to translate legal
information about HR (content of the courses) into users friendly and creative audio/video
o Liaise with PR agencies and/or other relevant service providers in order to promote created
courses/website in the social networks/online space;
o Develop the program of the HRE events for AI Ukraine supporters; organize such events, conduct
o Assist Director of AI Ukraine in the fundraising for the HRE projects including search of the
potential donors, project proposal writing etc.;
o Lobby or/and assist relevant government institutions to introduce the international standards of
human rights education and training in the curricula of the secondary and higher educational
institutions. Share AI HRE materials and methodology, experience of the other countries in this
regards with relevant stake holders;
o Consider other HRE issues, e.g. training on human rights standards for specific groups or stake
o Promote the site in other Russian speaking countries and liaise with the sections/regional
office/International Secretariat in this regards.
 Administration and coordination
o Manage and coordinate the work of volunteers engaged with media/communication and
translation work, including:
o Define and delegate tasks, and oversee and support its execution;
o Recruit and train new volunteers;
o Create a welcoming and supporting environment for volunteers and ensure recognition
of work and efforts.
o To perform all necessary administrative tasks to ensure effective self-servicing, participate in the
recruitment and induction of new staff and consultants and perform other corporate tasks as
o To participate in the coordination of the work of the team and contribute to the overall flexibility
of resource use, including through setting priorities, preparing work plans and report, monitoring
their progress and maintain budget.
WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE IN THIS JOB? A successful Human Right Education Officer will have
developed and effectively managed HRE programs which are integrated in the AI UA’s campaigns; HRE
materials are easily accessed, systematized and, hence, consumed by significant and growing number
of people. AI Ukraine is known as organization which is providing high quality and comprehensive
information about human rights standards. HRE based on AI information and methodology is part of
the education program in the secondary schools based on the AI information.
S/he will have contributed to the effective functioning of the AI UA, and to the implementation of AI
UA’s mission, upholding AI’s values at all times.
1. Deep knowledge of the human rights standards, relevant education (legal department,
international law department, department of the international relations etc.);
2. Substantial experience of the project management including budget management;
3. Experience of the training on human rights program development;
4. Experience of the trainings on human rights conduct;
5. Experience in establishing and maintaining constructive relationships with individuals and
groups across a wide range of backgrounds and interests, incl. experience in working with
volunteers and knowledge of Ukrainian civil society.
6. Excellent analytical and organizational skills, including the ability to identify problems, evaluate
options and take prompt and appropriate decisions.
7. Experience in the use of social media.
8. Strong communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills.
9. Ability to work in high pressured environments while managing competing priorities and
10. Experience of working in a team and understanding the importance of efficient
communications for the coordination and effective functioning of teams.
11. Knowledge of Amnesty International and interest in, and personal commitment to, the full
range of human rights.
12. Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian and Russian, ability to understand and express ideas in
English in a fluent, clear and concise way, both orally and in writing.
[Information to complete this section can be drawn from the “AIIS Behaviours – managers’ guide”,
which is available on ISIS managers’ community page. Competencies focus on how we work rather than
what our job is designed to do. They articulate the behaviours that are expected from a group of
professionals who are working effectively together. Describe here the competencies that will be needed
for the job holder to be effective and successful in this post]
Level: (B or C)
Delivering Results:
Working with others:
Developing oneself and others:
Contributing to a Dynamic and Effective International Secretariat:
Making decisions:
Taking the initiative:
Communicating and influencing:
Equality and diversity is at the core of our values and staff are expected to
work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a
variety of backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected.
Public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organization, personal association or
other factor which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with Amnesty International’s
principles (specifically independence and impartiality), or raise a security concern, or otherwise prevent
the candidate from carrying out key functions of the specific post and would therefore disqualify the
candidate from being appointed.
Written by:
AI UA Director
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