План – конспект відкритого уроку в 10 класі

План – конспект відкритого уроку в 10 класі
Тема: Навколишнє середовище.
Підтема: Планета під загрозою.
Тип уроку: Мовленнєво-комбінований (дискусія).
Мета уроку:сприяти формуванню цілісної уяви про світ, переконати учнів в тому, що
проблеми навколишнього середовища стосуються кожного.
Навчальні: Формувати лексико – граматичні навички. Навчати вмінню вести дискусію на
основі вивченої лексики.
Розвиваючи: Розвивати навички усної монологічної та діалогічної мови, здібності робити
висновки, комунікабельність, вміння виражати своє відношення до теми, розвивати
аналітичне, критичне і образне мислення через використання проблемних ситуацій.
Виховні: формувати поважне і відповідальне ставлення до природи усвідомлювати роль
людини у взаємодії людини з природою, здібності усвідомлювати екологічні проблеми через
бажання допомогти природі.
Соціокультурна задача: залучення уваги до проблем навколишнього середовища.
- мультимедійний комплект ( комп’ютер, колонки, проектор)
- плакати з висловами відомих людей про природу.
Хід уроку
1. Привітання.
T: Hello, everybody! Nice to see you. Sit down, please. How are you?
Ps: Hello, teacher. Nice to see you too. We are fine, thank you,
2. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.
T: “Walk lightly on the earth. See but don’t be seen. Hear but don’t be heard. What you carry
in, carry out. Take only memories; leave only footprints.” What is your opinion about it?
P1: I think these words mean that people shouldn’t interfere with nature and wildlife. We must be
very careful and not destroy our world just enjoy it.
P2: And I don’t agree with these words. I consider that everyone has the right to be seen and heard.
People should leave something that would remind about them. I mean something good.
P3: Yes, but to my mind people mostly leave damaged nature, polluted air and water and extincting
animals. And we must care of our planet!
T: You are absolutely right. So the theme of our today’s lesson is “The planet is in danger”. Today we
are going to discuss environmental problems of our planet and our town. And your next home task
will be to write an essay with your conclusions from this lesson. And now look at the blackboard and
let’s repeat the words and word combinations from our topic. Read them and translate into Ukrainian.
3. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.
T: We live in the world where there are a lot of ecological problems. Nowadays the global situation in
ecology is serous you see. Many people all over the world are worried about it and discuss it in
Russian, English, French and other languages. Some celebrities are also concerned about
environmental situation. I propose you to watch and listen to the «Earth Song» by Michael Jackson.
And after that you should fill the cards with the environmental problems you’ll hear in the song.
Are you ready? Read only one problem from your list but don’t repeat them.
T: How do you think what the meaning of this song is? Discuss it in groups. (учні в групах
обговорюють зміст пісні і висказують свою думку)
G1: To our mind M.J. wanted to prevent us from ruing our planet. He shows what terrible things we
are doing with the world. Droughts, floods, famine, killing fields, dying people and animals are all the
results of human’s activity. People forgot that Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the Earth.
G2: We agree with you but we also think he wanted to show us how beautiful our planet is. It is really
full of wonders! It is worth to be saved. But it is clear that we are running out of time. We must realize
that our actions bring us to a waste world instead of a wonder world. All of us must understand how
serious the situation is and then we must act.
G1: We’d like to add that in this song also said that we must preserve this world for our future
children. We are responded for saving our planet. We have a duty to look after it and keep it safe and
clean for future generations.
P: And if we all tried our planet wouldn’t be in such a danger!
T: Oh, you’ve remembered a good conditional sentence! Let’s repeat them. Open your books, please, p.
108, ex 1. Sveta, read the task, please. Does everyone understand the task? So, do the exercise in your
copy books. Now look at the screen and check yourselves. (учні виконують вправу і перевіряють
I have one more task for you. You have a test in your notebooks. There are 10 questions connecting
with the topic “Environment”. Work in groups choose the right answer. (учні працюють в групах
виконують комп’ютерний тест)
T: All around the world, people first started thinking seriously about environmental problems in the
1970s. Since that time many governments have made lows to protect the environment. But still
problems have grown worse in most parts of the world. And our country is not an exception,
especially our town. So we’ll continue our discussion. We haven’t enough time to speak about all
ecological problems that faced our country, so let’s discuss only the environmental situation of
I gave you the problems for discussing. Your task was to find the information and make reports. The
task for the first group was to tell about the main pollutants of Dneprodzerzhinsk. The second group
had to tell about the profit and good points of the plants. It’s high time to tell us about the given topics
in brief and give suggestions how we can solve these problems. Start, please!
Кожна група представляє свою презентацію, інша група слухає, а після виступу групи
обговорюють проблему. (Air pollution in Dnepr.)
G1: We all know that the most important problem of our town is environmental pollution.
During the first half of this year 445 000 of ton of polluting substances got into the air. And the volume
of emissions on one person made up 134 kl. Half of ton of harmful substances settles on every resident
every year.
Dneprodzerzhinsk pollutes the territory of Dnepropetrovsk region on 14%. Emissions were concealed
repeatedly from the people not to make panic. Enterprises save on ecological safeness that badly
influences people’s health.
A town whit quarter of million population is on the verge of ecological disaster. Dneprodzerzhinsk is a
town with the biggest technogenic load in Europe. There are seven radioactive waste depositories, 47
large industrial metallurgical and chemical enterprises and 1188 enterprises of small and medium
Radioactive wastes reached such a size that international expert verdicted: although they don’t threat
with explosion they get into international conception of “a dirty bomb” by their degree of
The most harmful air is in the centre of the town on Pellina Street. As the Metallurgical Plant the most
powerful polluter of Dneprodzerzhinsk is situated not far from here. The air is so dirty here that
people dry their washed clothes in the flats with closed windows.
All these cause a lot of diseases! Such as increasing of blood coagulation, blood clots in the circulatory
system, pressure increase. The environmental pollution leads to changing of nervous system, that
controls the blood pressure.
The environmental pollution influences children’s organism. It leads to lowing immunity, appearing
of chronicle respiratory and other diseases.
Finally we want to say that only in Dneprodzerzhinsk you can see grey snow, not with the grey bloom
as near a boiler plant, but really grey for all thickness. And we can’t understand how people can live
here and we are even afraid to imagine from what diseases and in what age they die.
G2: And what do you propose, to close the plants?
G1: Exactly!
G2: And what about industry?
G1: Who cares about it! We want to be healthy and to have healthy children in future!
G2: So we do. But you can’t deny the fact that plants bring profit to our town and country.
T: Well, I think it’s high time to listen and watch the presentation of the second group.
G2: We agree that plants are the main pollutant of the air. Due to them the clouds of black smoke
constantly stand above the town, the houses in the centre are covered with soot and the asphalt
shines from graphite.
But if to speak about DMK, it is the main town-forming enterprise of Dneprodzerzhinsk.
Dneprodzerzhinsk appeared due to the plant. The town Komyanske appeared in 1980s in 19 century
with the beginning of plant’s building. Today it is the most powerful of metallurgical enterprises in
Ukraine on the volume of production from metal. More then 20 000 people work here and get a good
Almost everything in Dneprodzerzhinsk is connected with the plant: houses, roads, transport,
communications, shops, sports complexes, as the enterprise allocates money to the town’s budget and
pays big sums for the ground.
If the enterprise is closed thousands of people will stay without work, the town will lose the main
earnings and the country will lose the main producer of metallurgical products.
G1: It is clear, but we can’t leave it in such way!
G2: Of course not. We heard that Dneprodzerzhinsk insists on getting a special status. Special status
for Dneprodzerzhinsk is like safeness. It will allow to dispose the town’s budget itself and to allocate
more money on the environmental protection.
T: And what measures, on your opinion, can authorities take to improve the situation? Please, write
your thoughts on the sheets of paper and glue them on our decision tree.
P: In my opinion first of all authorities should find out all resources of dangerous emissions and work
out a complex of measures to reduce them to standard level.
P: I consider that new technologies should not be used unless they are proved to be ecologically safe.
P:To my mind plants must use highly purifying filters.
P: I think authorities must relocate residents from ”sanitary zone” of industrial enterprises. I heard
that today 4200 families live in the territory of sanitary zone.
P: And of cause they should, at last, create the sources of alternative (green) energy.
P: As far as I know the government of Dneprodzerzhinsk is going to install special system which will
control the concentration of smoke in the air and the level of radiation.
P: In my view the plants should be built behind the town boundaries.
P: I am sure that we should plant more trees and green areas, to produce more oxygen.
P: To my mind authorities must improve public transport that people wouldn’t use so many cars.
P: I consider environmental awareness should be increased everywhere.
P: In my opinion plants shouldn’t dump chemical wastes into atmosphere and river.
P: I think it would be good to use electro mobiles to reduce the emissions in the atmosphere.
P: We need to design, build and use solar, wave, wind, geo-thermal power plants.
T: Thank you, well done! It is clear that it is much easier just to talk about problems then to do
something to solve them. It is necessary to make our students environmentally aware and help them
to be loyal friends of our planet, country, place where we live.
I’d like to pay your attention to the words of J. Galsworthy, an English writer, he said: «If you don’t
think about the future, you will not have it». And you are the future of our country and town. And it is
up to you to make the world better. Now I want you to write a shot essay on the theme “What would
you do if you were a head of the town?”