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Kwai Chee Low
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Publisher: - The World's Poetry Archive
Kwai Chee Low(24 Oct 1948)
Kwai Chee Low studied to HSC level. He started writing poems in May 2010, and
posted some at an international website in May 2013. His thoughts are influenced
by novels written by British as well as American authors, where the source of the
novels were from the British Council and the U.S.I.S. (United States Information
Services) . He was fortunate to be able to read Chinese, and he is also
passionate in Chinese culture, poetry, paintings and calligraphy. He also enjoys
writing Haiku which allows him to express his love of nature and the emotions
and frailties of human nature. - The World's Poetry Archive
A Mother's Love
She knelt in the cold of the night
Outside the House of God, praying till the morrow
Forlorn, in tattered clothes, with no one in sight
Solitary and frail from years of neglect and sorrow
Trembling, again she clasped her hands in prayer
'Dear God, pray bless them, my children
Again I ask of thee, please lest thou waver'
Tears, unconditional love, lightens life's burden
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
An Ode to Coffee
Coffee makes me bright
My love sees me in a better light
I see her better when the aroma's right
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Cheer for the Rain
Hooray! Cheers for the falling rain
Lifting a veil of haze, even the sight of a distant train
A parade of colorful umbrellas bobbing, like music in refrain
Their owners gingerly navigating the puddles of rain
A cooling mist on the face, blown by a breeze
Happy for a chance at mischief
Lovers sharing umbrellas, hearts beating as one
Blissful for a chance at togetherness and fun
A train comes in wet, unloading its grateful humanity
Now the rain is just a pitter patter, it has been such fun and glee
A delightful tune to the ears
Will you patter me again tomorrow?
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
City Lights
City lights so bright
Alluring, fascinating sight
Like earthly stars from afar
A far away kingdom beyond par
City buildings so tall
Their peaks cannot be seen at all
Grand cold concrete structures
Stand aloof as if part of nature
City people so many
At night, too many to tally
Pursuing every which way
A release from the stress of the day
City streets so deserted
Even as the last couple departed
Now not a soul in sight
Only neon lights like shining souls burn bright
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Cold Winter, Warm Heart
The north wind blows cold and dreary
Shrouding trees like snow white bridal gowns
Streams once murmuring and gurgling
Now mute in deep ice till spring's meltdown
The night sky shimmers in the steely glints of distant stars
Below an owl stares wide-eyed and bleary
An eerie silence free of cicadas love calls
Still the wind blows cold and dreary
i wait beneath the old elm tree
My boots and hat heavy with snow
Again i looked at the bleak desolate road
Yearning for her, my heart's aglow
Still the wind blows dreary and cold
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Marvelous Melbourne, city of trams
Overhead cables, the familiar ticking at pedestrian crossings
Be greeted by the rush of humanity at Flinders Station
And a pyramid of squares at Federation Square
People striding along Burke Street and most other Streets
Fighting against Father Time
Ladies of fashion, men in suits and horses leading their carriages
Street performers show their skills, some immovable, a pain to watch
Suddenly a change in the breeze brought an aroma of long blacks and strong
Drawing one to the sidewalk cafes where bacon, toast and poached eggs await
A much deserved rest from the visual scenes and a warm welcome to my
groaning back
Autumn to me is the best time to be in Melbourne
Cooling breezes and 5 degrees mornings of crisp, bracing air
Viva Melbourne!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Dreamcatcher, give me a dream
Of lavender fields as far as the eyes can see
Cheery Marigolds with Sunflowers by the stream
And meandering brooks murmuring their glee
Dreamcatcher bring her a dream
Of our fun on the swing
And dreams of crossing the rainbow bridge
Right after the rain
Dreamcatcher send her a song
When she is lonely and sad
Lift her up, turn her on
To joy and be always glad
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Dusk has fallen
Quietness tempered by the soft rustling of leaves
Whispering and nodding in sweet conversation
Helped by the gentle breeze
Birds singing soft lullabies
Happy with their young
Trees majestic, multiple limbs extended
Protectors day and night
Below I lay beholding the early stars
Twinkling trying to open a conversation
Time stands still
Night has descended
Will the morrow come?
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Eagle Dream
Soaring on eagle wings
Gliding the sun's golden rays
Free as the clouds
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Endearing Love
When I gaze at her eyes
A softness fills my heart
When my lips touch hers
A sense of wonderment
We have kissed before
Through many lifetimes
Her hands in mine
Exquisite, so femininely divine
Her cheeks blushed rosily
Her lips a gentle smile
Silent in words, our hearts beat as one
Beneath the silvery glow of the stars
And the distant love calls of the cicadas
Her head gently cradled in my arms
We become part of the night
Serene and like a veil
Enclosing us in our world
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
First Love
Our eyes met
Time stands still
Moment in eternity
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Roar of rolling thunder
Brilliant flashes burn across the night sky
Dark clouds tear asunder
His heart heavy, if only he could fly
Be at her side
Console, hug her, in her grief
For no one can fight the tide
Life can be devastatingly brief
If only to have someone by your side
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku A Child's Eyes
The eyes of a child
So wondrous and luminous
Lighten life's burdens
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Call of Love
Love a yearning joy
Heart calling out in silence
Cicadas night songs
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Christmas is Here
Christmas joy abound
Glorious lights and love surround
Hark the carols sound!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Consolation
A grieving child's cry
Rain, a tune on cobbled stones
Nature's soothing sigh
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Dewdrops
Dewdrops on flower
Softly quiver in the breeze
My heart following
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Dream of Music
I dream of music
Songs of sadness, love and joy
Cloistered in my world
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Elusive Love
Love so elusive
Doses of sweet and bitter
Divine and hellish
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Fireflies
Firefly oh firefly
You light up my heart
Like stars on a moonlit night
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Golden Sacrifice
Sun never wavers
Never-ending sacrifice
Giving warmth and cheer
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Hope
Sound of temple bell
The Seventh Heaven vibrates
Earthly dreams and hope
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Lullaby
Distant music
Raindrops falling
Gentle lullaby
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Lust for Life
Crack in the pavement
Flower struggles for the light
Life's eternal strife
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Misty
Misty when you're near
Moonbeams caress your shadow
Our hearts beat as one
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku My Windy Friend
Wind, mysterious wind
So many tales tucked away
In your windy trail
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Night Owl
Yonder moon glows bright
Stars shimmer in the dark night
Owl, wide-eyed, in sight
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Ominous
Distant thunder
Fearful heart
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Poetic Friends
Friends across the seas
Sharing heartfelt inspirations
Poems on ether wings
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Rain of Joy
Rain god is happy
Tears from heaven, a rainbow
Bliss and joy below
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Samurai Statue
Samurai motionless
Moonlight twinkling on drawn steel
Statue in the night
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Snowflakes
Frosty pines reflect
Twinkling, starry Christmas lights
Snowflakes taking flight
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Spirit of the Samurai
Sake, dancing girls
Samurai expressionless
Spirit on sword
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Strangers
Strangers in a train
Eyes meet momentarily
Hearts in harmony
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku The Awakening
Monk in saffron robe
Distant stupa
Word unspoken 'Awaken'
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Haiku Wild Blue Yonder
Misty mountain
Green winding trail
Joyful heart
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Happy Memories
Grief unspoken
Memories linger
Rainbow sky
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Heralding Christmas
Here comes the early snow
Dreams of snowman and Santa
And the Silent Night
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
If Trees Can Talk
If trees can talk
Even a mindless rumble
Everyone will gawk
But they remain stiff and sombre
Supposing they are under a spell
Imprisoned in their present demeanour
Standing erect and motionless
Like the guards at Buckingham Palace
When it rains, their only umbrella
The canopy of leaves where every night
Starlight beckons through
And proudly they stand, as formidable as knights
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Killer Drought
Waves of heat shimmer above the dry cracked earth
A merciless sun, a tyrannical orb of dazzling fire
An angry dragon breathing fire in the azure sky above
Relentlessly casting rays of death, they never tire
Trees stand starkly against the horizon
Devoid of their shady canopy of green
And the breeze blows through without direction
Eerily free of the sound of fluttering leaves now never seen
Lonely birds sit forlornly on dry wizened boughs
Left behind by their brethren so long ago
Remains of incense once offered to the rain god
For the breath of life that never came
Now skeletons litter the desolate landscape
A reminder that life has come and gone
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Lady on a Bicycle
He met her
Lady on a bicycle
She flashed her sweet smile
Her lovely hair
Flowing with the wind
Surprised and captivated
He managed only a half smile
And she was gone
Ringing bell dying in the distance
Lady on a bicycle
She was on his mind
Day and night
Her smile vivid in his dreams
Longing to meet again
Lady on a bicycle
Today he waited
Face flushed and
Heart pounding
For the ringing of her bell
Lady on a bicycle
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Life's Sweet Moments
What can sound better than birds
Chirping on a bright sunny morning
And clouds dancing without a care
In the hazy sky above
What can look better than flowers
Blooming in all their glory and fragrance
And bees hovering above their colorful attire
What can move the heart more than a rainbow
A bridge across the sky after a storm
And to ride over it, and slide over it, such a romp
What can be more joyous than waterfalls
Shouts and shrieks of glee braving the cold cascading falls
Amid cool mists and the scent of trees
What can feel better than be with friends
On a day such as this
Aroma of hot coffee and chocolates, sweet and tasty
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Magical Rain
Rain in cooling swathes of water
Drenches the grass in a wet shine
Canopies of leaves dripping at every corner
A parade of umbrellas waiting in the bus line
Sweet respite from endless hot days
Without a whiff of a breeze
Vapor from heated roads leaves one in a daze
Only a cool dip in the pool puts one at ease
Rain brings out the emotions
Romance, poetry, sound of violins
While sipping hot coffee like a love potion
As the song of pattering raindrops begins
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
The doorman stands outside the grand building
Immaculately dressed, red tie to his shining shoes and his ring
Solitary, just like the building, not noticed by the daily passers-by
A lonely old man trying to earn his keep, he really tries
Buskers are colorful people, vibrant and free
A chirpy old soul danced and sang his Waltzing Matilda around a tree
Whistling and skipping, with his puppet on a string in tow
Children gleefully clapped and danced to the show
Further down, a lady in boots and jeans, a violin snuggled to her neck
Sweet, lilting melodies float down the street, with nary a note out of whack
Folks, some standing and others sitting, enjoyed this respite from their daily
Gave generously in appreciation for her trouble
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Memories of you
I call your name
A thousand times
I picture your face
Memories hauntingly linger
Of dusk, a falling veil, masking the harshness of the day
The golden hue of a beautiful sunrise
Lazily awakening, like the opening strokes of a painting
I hear your voice
Musical as the sound of a meandering stream
I hear your laughter
A pealing of wind chimes in the gentle breeze
I feel your touch
Warm as the fingers of the evening sun
I can never forget you
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
This moment I shall treasure
Laughing children
Innocent and free
Playing cops and bandits
Amidst the trees
This moment I shall cherish
A mother hungry and cold
In tattered clothes
Tenderly lullabying
Her baby to sleep
This moment I am humbled
A leukemia child
Suffering and in pain
Softly saying a prayer
For another
This moment I shall hold dear
A glorious sunset
A coming nightfall
Of twinkling starlight above
Serenading humanity below
This moment I shall remember
Cooling rain
Snuggling under an umbrella
You and I
Music of the raindrops
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Mother Teresa
Teresa, mother of mothers, angel of angels
Tending the poor, the sick and the destitute
Her life, pure and devoted, her mission never wavers
Day in and day out, giving soft words of love and comfort
Even when dark clouds loom across the sky
And prayers seem unanswered
Her perseverance always wins, by and by
Tears and unconditional love she unendingly showers
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
My Friend, the Wind
I sit under a tree on a hillock of soft dewy grass
My face caressed by the gentle breeze
My windy friend, whence came you, whither are you headed?
In times of sadness, it sighs consolingly in my ears
Even moving the leaves to nod in sympathy
In joyful times, it dances its tune, bringing to life fallen leaves
I never cease to wonder the tales it carries
From lands afar and places without season
Of voices of love in mystifying languages
My windy friend you make me ponder
How I wish to grasp your windy tail
And follow you on your windy adventures!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
My Sanctuary
Slowly I walked into the coolness of the woods
Serene quietness puctuated by the calls of the birds
Scampering of squirrels amidst the moving shadows
Cast by the leafy canopy of boughs and leaves
As clouds play hide and seek with the sun above
Against the woody trunk of my old friend I lay
Beneath me a layer of leaves brown and scarlet
Relaxing in mind and body, a sweet surrender
To the fragrant scent of green, brown and yellow
Smell and sight merging into a delightful mix
A breeze, coming in from the north, blew its morning greeting
In reply, the boughs creaked, and leaves stirred from the night's slumber
I succumb joyfully to the early warmth of the sun
And the soft caress of the falling leaves
My sanctuary till the evening comes
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Nepalese in Chinatown
Tables laden with stones and gems
Shimmering in oriental colors
Mystical dark objects
Matched by inscrutable, smiling Nepalisians
Eager to please and masters in negotiation
Beware, lest you take home an unwanted companion
So happily ensconced for ages unknown
In that object you clutch with glee
Thinking what a bargain good was made
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Nightfall over the temple grounds
A full moon expressionless without a sound
Grudgingly grants its pale luminance
Obviously tired of its nightly performance
A starry canopy of quietness and tranquility
Punctuated by harmonious chanting of such gentility
Silhouettes of monks their minds at peace
Yellow robes gently rippling in the cool night breeze
A nearby stream murmurs, seemingly in refrain
Even when full with yesterday's rain
While cicadas proudly lend their chorus
And bullfrogs' bellow reach the bamboo forest
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
No Longer Strangers
Today our eyes meet
A feeling, cozy and warm
Have we met before?
In lives past, perhaps?
You were my lover, daughter
Mother, a good friend?
Now you light up my path
Solace when I trip and fall
Happy when you see me laugh
We are not strangers at all
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Only Memories
The wind blows, but I feel not the breeze
The moon and stars on parade above
Have lost their glow and magic
The campfire crackles with its wavering flames
But I feel not its warmth
Friends singing, a blur of faces
Drifting as with the flow of the waves
Dashing towards the shore
I am numb and cold, with yesterday's memories
Your endearing eyes and lips, they still call to me
I feel your presence even though you are gone
If only for a moment, even for a fleeting moment
I may feel your embrace once more
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Our Dream Place
Golden sand, sun-drenched by day
Moonlit by night
Soft and warm, her cheeks against mine
Barefoot we walk, hand in hand
A Picasso, our footprints in the sand
Disappear with each incoming tide
A salty mist from the sea breeze
A repertoire of shaking boughs and dancing leaves
Corals and seashells a necklace I made
My first gift of love never to fade
White froth as waves break against the shore
Sea and beach, an endless horizon, never a bore
Unchanged by time, forever in our memories
A part of our dreams, a place in our fantasies
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Padi Fields
Padi fields as far as the eyes can see
Stretches of green touching the horizon
Farmers in straw hats busy as bees
And buffaloes, such loyal workers at every turn
Cycling into the breeze, along a well-worn path
Greeting 'How are you, sudah makan? ' evoking many a laugh
As kampong folks stared blankly, then chuckled
At my attempt at English and the native language unfurled
Soon I stopped at my favorite coffee shop of yesteryears
Tasting again my nasi lemak and kopi, and memories that brought back tears
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Petaling Street Chinatown
Chinatown, such a kaleidoscope of rich colors and ear-splitting sounds
Amid shouts of 'Cheap, cheap, murah, murah! ' abound
A human wave of heat hits you
As you push through the barrier of flesh
And avoid colliding with all manners of clothes and handbags
Hanging at head level without price tags
Confused by the myriad colors and endless wares
Pushed from the front and pressed at the sides
Tourists here and backpackers there and everywhere
You reciprocate and join in with glee
Stopping at last to strike a good deal
And end up loaded with 'Nike' shoes and 'Gucci' bags
Satisfied with nary a care for authenticity
You push against the last of the crowd
Finally out into the cool fresh night
It is a moonlit Chinatown night, a beautiful sight!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
I dream of roses
By a lake of cool splendour
Soft grass as my bed
Whistling in my dream
Pretty maiden do I meet
Cheeks of soft roses
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Lonely snowman, forlorn sight
In the cold silent night
Whistling wind, memories linger
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
So this is Love
Why does my heart feel heavy the moment you walk away
Longing with every step you take
The warmth is gone only your scent lingers
Why does my heart glow when you smile at me
The sun seems brighter and I hear birds sing
While fallen leaves dance with the playful breeze
Why does my heart race when you snuggle close to me
Drunk with love as time stands still
Madly cherishing this moment
Why does my heart cry when tears are in your eyes
Give me your sadness and sorrow
Be joyful all your life
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Songs and Music
Songs and music thrill
Stir the soul in the quiet night
Raindrops dancing on the window sill
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Spring is here
Spring, its earthy smell is everywhere
Shouts of children, gleefully at play
Free from the cold, dazzling snow
Lakes, once frozen, now awake
Reflecting glimmering shards of golden light
Streams gurgle with joy to resume their endless travels
Flowers, a burst of colors, flutter in the early breeze
Distant maples flaunt their reddish mantle
Birds flying a dance and woodpeckers drumming their romance
We walk with a spring, across meadows and vales
In celebration of Spring
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Sunset coloring the sky
Amber, gold and red
Adios, hola coming night
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Sweet Dreams
Another day till the sunset bids it goodbye
Hour on the hour, time ticks by
Alone as always since you are gone
Wandering in the sweet memories and our song
You sang so liltingly, my heart captured in Cupid's arrow
Now I see your face in every full moon's glow
And your smile in the sunset reflection of our favorite stream
Your warm softness as we cuddled under an umbrella
Our hearts beating, the rain seems afar
Dusk, soft grass and stars, sweet prelude to my dream
My eyes grow heavy, your voice from afar, a melodious breath
As fireflies dance, their never-ending dance of death
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Sweet Healer Man
O' Sweet Healer Man
You crossed dales and valleys
You traipsed through towns and villages
And left footprints too many to tally
You touch lives and light up the darkness
Consoling, healing the rich, the poor
You open your heart to their suffering and pain
A happy result is a joy in your wandering
From lifetime to lifetime
To fulfill your promise
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Sweet Invasion
Quietly you wandered into my thoughts
Your silhouette in repose
Like a painting
A fishing boat stationery in the sunset
Silently you crept into my dreams
Nestled softly in my arms
Wisps of your hair
Caressing your face
Surely you stole my mind
My thoughts, my dreams
Are all of you
Is my heart with you too?
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
The E.R.
E.R. where lives are lost and saved
Where emotions run from panic to grief
And one needs to be brave
Life can be tragically brief
Blood and antiseptic
Doctors and nurses in hurried haste
Nothing can be more hectic
Than the E.R. place
Shouts of 'hurry, quick! '
Amid the din
As patients, injured and the sick
Like a wave pushed in
The dying and the dead
And last minute confessions
For this is the E.R. and that is your death bed
Your life is no longer your possesion
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
The Rickshawman's Sacrifice
Hot, unyielding sun, his weariness and pain laying bare
Yet, relentlessly he worked the pedals, carrying his fare
'A few dollars more, will make a difference' his daily mantra
Barely eating or sleeping, day and night, for that little extra
Happy, his daily collection, given to the school
Now, slowly he lay himself down, above the sky so blue
Today, his dying day, tomorrow a new beginning
Tears, unconditional love, it makes you cry, it makes you sing
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
The Swing
Come swing with me
Up to the blue yonder
We sit on the clouds by day
Hangout with the stars by night
Come swing with me
Up to the rainbow bridge
Of glorious colors
And slide from one end to the other
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
The Warmest Place
The warmest place is where the heart stays
Where sweet memories abide
This house of old, creaking timber and leaking roof
Where in the courtyard stands my trusty friend
Its boughs swaying in the path of the north wind
And its falling leaves surrender and dance to the gentle breeze
Birds in free flight, carefree, singing their songs
We whisper, holding hands, not to break this reverie
As we bask in the sun's warm rays
Till nightfall we laze below the stars' canopied glow
Happily lost in the search for our favorite star
This house of old, creaking timber and leaking roof
A warm place where sweet memories abide
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Tomorrow, Tonight
Tomorrow will the sun shine bright
Its warm finger-like breath streaming through my windows
Awakening into song birds nestled 'neath the rafters
Tonight will the moon glow as before
Sharing its beauty and radiance
A shy princess amidst starry glittering knights
By day's end will the sunset be as colorful
Resplendent in its striking tranquility
A time for romance and Cupid's arrow
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Under the Mistletoe
Christmas lights aglow, she
Excitedly awaits under the mistletoe
Prince charming's early kiss
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
My mind a blank canvas
The road ahead a dwindling silver thread
From city to city I roamed, making friends
Never taking roots, the urge to move
In my blood and in my soul
A fire that burns, never letting go
How I yearn to finally stop
Make peace with my restless soul
Perhaps till time takes its toll
When white haired, shaky knees, tell me so!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Standing beneath the waterfall
Feelings of childhood joy
No fetters, free as a bird
As cool waters in unending cascades
Threw itself over humans and boulders
Its origin a mysterious trail of mountainous terrain
Surely an adventure, visited by nocturnal and daylight loving creatures
I am in awe of the waterfall
Such strength and complete abandonment
Letting go utterly, it gives its all!
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Weather and Emotions
Rain, pesky and unrelenting
Sun, hot and dazzling
Makes one dream of misty, cool rain and warm, cozy sun
Skylines of harsh, cold concrete
Valleys of lush, green meadows
We thrive in opposites, love and hate
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
What is Life
Life is a riddle and to some a game
And yet some say it is a timeless train
We cry at birth, as if we know the pain
That we ain't got anything to gain
Only sickness, old age and death await
Along the way we meet those who will be a part of our lives
And also many who will just pass us by
We get off at different stops, without knowing why
But somehow we get on board again, just for fun
Some are clueless, 'Just enjoy life, we have only this one'
Some are fortunate, they know what they see
Happy it is ending and so is the journey
Others prefer to stay and enjoy the ups and downs; the pain and the joy
So, may I ask 'what is your choice? '
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Year of the Horse
Galloping horse rides the wind
Flowing mane, billowing dust
Sprinting into the new year
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive
Yearning for the Sun
December snow, fluffy and cold
Shrouding the ground a frosty white
Like falling autumn leaves, dancing even in lingering death
Orchestrated by the capricious breeze
Oh, grant me the warmth of the tropical sky
And clouds, a hide and seeking in the blue yonder
Below, basking in the rays of the golden sun
By a stream of clear, cool waters
Fishes swim carefree and peeping for food
Bougainvillea and Morning Glory competing in their colorful attire
Suddenly a coldness broke my reverie
'twas a snowdrop in the midst of winter's wonderland
Kwai Chee Low - The World's Poetry Archive