Gender Studies

Peace Corps/Ukraine
Youth Development Project
Summer Camps 2005
Starter Kit
Thanks to the Volunteers and Staff who contributed
lesson plans, helpful information, and translation
expertise to this Starter Kit:
Lenny Bankester, TEFL 25
Pat Coyle, TEFL 25
Melanie Harrison, TEFL 25
Lena Nastenko, PC language staff
Christina O’Keefe, BD 24
Dear Volunteer and Coordinator,
Congratulations! If you have a copy of this “starter kit,” you have decided to plan a
community-based summer camp for your students and the other children in your community. While
planning a camp is challenging (and can sometimes be quite frustrating!), you will definitely find it an
exciting and worthwhile experience. In fact, many Volunteers say planning and working at summer
camps is the most rewarding thing they have done during their service. By working together with
your Coordinator, the two of you have the opportunity to make this an annual, and sustainable, event
in your community.
This starter kit was designed to provide you with a general structure for a five-day camp using
minimal resources and funds. The material in this kit was complied from a variety of sources: the
Youth Development Resource Binder, the Camp Big Bang Manual, the Lviv Youth Employment
Center’s Youth Leadership Program training manual, and Peace Corps Volunteers’ own lesson plans.
Each lesson plan is designed for 45-60 minutes of class time with students who have an intermediate
level of English—feel free to modify the activities if your campers have higher or lower English
levels. Additionally, you will find some general information about the planning process: important
points to remember; schedules and materials lists; permission slips, flyers, and parental consent forms;
and ideas for group activities and teambuilding.
We hope this starter kit will help you in preparing your day camp, and as always, if you have
any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Good luck!
Helen Petrozzola, Deputy Director/Program and Training Officer, [email protected]
Anatoliy Sakhno, Youth Development Lead Specialist, [email protected]
Bonnie Robinson, Youth Development Volunteer Project Leader, [email protected]