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Chapter 12
Offenses Against Public Order and
This category of offenses includes breaches
of the peace like unlawful assembly, riot,
and disorderly conduct. It also includes
vagrancy and loitering, which are designed
to control people whose conduct society
considers threatening or undesirable.
Breaches of the Peace
Unlawful assembly – an assembly of
five or more people whose common
objective is to commit an unlawful act, or
a lawful act by unlawful means.
Tumultuous conduct – conduct that
results in serious bodily injury to a person
or substantial damage to property.
Breaches of the Peace Continued:
Disorderly Conduct – a person who
recklessly, knowingly or intentionally
engages in fighting conduct, makes
unreasonable noise and continues after
being asked to stop, and disrupts a lawful
assembly of people.
Constitutional Limitations on
Defining Breaches of the Peace
Fighting Words – not protected by the
Hate Crimes – crimes in which the victim
is selected on the basis of race, religion,
or ethnicity.
Vagrancy and Loitering
Vagrancy – offense of going about
without any visible means of support.
Loitering – Standing around idly, just
“hanging around”.