ASME Online Unit Roster
E-mail Messaging System
Questions & Answers
Are there any system/software
A: No. Any Internet browser will support
this system.
Q: Do I need an ASME alias email
address to use the system?
A: Yes, you must have an alias
email address to use this system to
prevent your email message from
appearing as “SPAM.” If you do not
presently have an email
alias, go to:
Questions & Answers
Who has access to the online
Division roster email messaging
One person per Unit ( Division)
may have access to the
messaging system. A second
person may be granted access to
the function at the approval of the
Unit Chair and the Managing
Director of K&C.
Questions & Answers
Who am I reaching when I send my
email message?
All of your Unit members who have
valid email addresses and anyone who
has not chosen the “unsubscribe” option
in each of the email messages you
send. Every email message will offer the
members the opportunity to
unsubscribe so they no longer receive
email messages from you. They will
then receive an email message from us
telling them that they have been
Questions & Answers
What happens to the email
addresses that are undeliverable?
All undeliverable email messages
are sent to ASME’s Information
Central department for follow-up
with the member. The Unit
chair will not receive these
Questions & Answers
Can I send attachments with
this system?
We have found that many
members would rather not
receive attachments. It is
preferable to include a hyperlink
in your email message.
When you sign on to your online Unit roster site,
click on the “Send an E-Mail Message to Your
Unit” link under Tools & Services.
Enter your full ASME email address (your ASME
“alias”) and then enter your membership ID
number (do not include the extra zeros) as your
password. Click on “Login.”
To send an email message to your Unit, click on
the “Post Message” button.
Your Section Name
Enter the subject of your email message in the
“Subject” box and type your message in the
“Body” field. (You may cut and paste from
another electronic document.)
Once you have finished typing your message,
you may wish to use the spell check option in
the lower right hand corner of the screen.
Once you have completed your spell check (if
you choose to use it) you may click on the “Post
Now” button to send your email message.
You will then see a screen that confirms that
your message was successfully sent. It has also
been saved on the List Server so you can access
prior messages sent.
Shortly thereafter you will receive the message
and a message confirmation in your email in
box. Your confirmation will also appear on the
main screen. Click on “Back to List.”
The main List Server screen will show that your
message has been sent.
Your Section Name
You can send a mass email just to
your Primary, or Secondary, or
“Other” (choices 3, 4 and 5).
If you want to send a mass email to
ALL your Division members, you
have to send it out in 3 parts: once
for Primary Members, then for
Secondary Members, and then once
for "Other” Members
Questions or concerns?
Please contact ASME Unit Support
Staff via