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Essay 1
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22. Objectivity could mean objections. Something you oppose or have a problem with with.
Journalistic neutrality can be good but sometimes you may want to hear two different sides of a
story from 2 separate people.
Objectivity: refers to fairness, disinterestedness, factuality, nonpartisanship.
23. Fairness could mean being reasonable with 2 sides. I feel neutrality may mean that you are
in the middle when it comes to both sides. This could be what the watchdog Journalism does. It
probably looks at both sides for the people’s sake. They could all potentially mean the same
24. Because there are always two or more people who could feel different about a situation. It
could also have to do with the perception. This is like watch dog journalism and patriotic
journalism. They both had 2 different views on what happened with 9/11.
25. Patriotic journalism means that it steers more towards the direction of your country. You
support your country no matter what and always look at them as the victim. Watchdog
journalism may look at both sides of a story. They look out for the people of their country and
they always have the constitution in mind. They want the truth even if it means looking at your
country as the starters of the trouble.
26. News reports are mainly based on the area in which they are in. Some of the facts may be
stretched to make the area/ situation look or sound better than it actually was. News reports tend
to stretch the story when there country is involved. They do not want the country knowing
anything that could make them angry. They always want the people to feel bad and think that
they were attacked for no reason at all. Were the good guys.
27/28. They show that the storyteller is always going to want the story to fit their needs and
wants. There will always be some sort of bias in the story telling. The press wants to stir up
controversy. The president wants no trouble at all and wants to look like the good guy whereas
the people just want answers and the truth.
29/30/31/. Because we demand answers and the truth. Watchdog journalism is meant to deliver
this to us. They want to look out for the people. They love their country but will not lie about the
situation. There are always two sides to a story as said before … that’s how we know that there is
some sort of journalism that generally wants the truth known.
Patriotic: defending their country. Wearing red, white and blue; Support the troops, I love
America, God Bless America, Bring home the troops; Our nation is number one; My country
Brianna Limbaugh
Essay 1
right or wrong, loyal, intense feelings and strong beliefs: fear, anger, sadness, vengeful, sends
loud strong messages to attackers
I feel like the overall purpose of chapter ten was to let people know that the news today generally
wants to wow people and give them a story that will engage them. By doing this the news tends
to change the facts around.
3 conditions that journalists instinctively and willingly abandon the effort to report from a neutral
In moments of tragedy, journalists assume a priestly role.
In moments of public danger, journalists replace professional objectivity with neighborly
reassurance, whether danger comes from terrorists, or hurricanes.
Journalists reject neutrality during threats to national security. They willingly withhold or temper
with their reports.
Schudson page 182
When journalists are in the “zone of ‘legitimate controversy’, recognition of a culturally
sanctioned conflict guarantees a professionnalism dedicated to presenting both sides.
Schudson page 181
When Schudson says that 9/11 was the perfect storm for journalism, he meant that it was going
to give them a lot to talk about, report, and argue about. Battle between watchdog and patriotic